burn my heart to peices

a girl called libby finds herself in a scary situation when union j and 1d fight over her thats when her best friend bethany steps in


1. first kiss

As i walked down the corridor i saw him, my dream boy , Niall Horan, leaning against the lockers.

"Your doing it again, stairing at him," said my best mate beth

"SHUT UP HE MIGHT HEAR US!" I exclamed. Every one was stairing at me. Even Niall Horan. I ran to the bathrooms. People will spred rumors about me saying 'you fancy Niall'. I will be tormented for the rest of my school life. Will this torment ever end.  Suddenly, some one knocked on the door with a very familiar voice, " come out or i will have to come in."

I didn't want to go out so, I waited five minites the the door slowly creacked open. I unlocked my door and standing outside the cubical was Niall. I ran up to him and cryed on his shoulder.

" it will be alright baby ," he wispered in my ear

OMG did he relly just say that to me? Did he call me baby?

" I suppose you better get out before any girls see you in their toilet" I sighed

he kissed me goodbye. The soft touch of his walm lips made mine go tingly.



was this the start of the relationship ... 

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