Dying love

When Gabbie's little sister Ellie is diagnosed with terminal brain tumour her bucket list becomes top priority. Every day becomes more important as the wishes on her bucket list get completed. When the final bucket list wish is completed will it just be Ellie that's in love with the four one direction boys? or will gabbie fall huck line and sinker for a curtain Harry Styles? But when a fun night out turns to pure devastation will one direction be her shoulders to cry on? in the end this boy band will become more than a little girls wish ....

i know the discription isn't amazing BUT PLEASE READ THE STORY :-)


2. The list ...

From that day my life turned upside down. Ellie was diagnose with a terminal brain tumour and only a month to live. From that day every second I spent with her became even more valuable. We've been to Florida, Disney land, London zoo, water parks and other places we spend time together every day of the week. But now we don't do anything we don't get out of the hospital most days. Ellie's condition has become so critical she's expected not to make the next week. Every day we sit by her side and talk about memories dreams we had things we've experienced. Many days we don't say much at all. We made a bucket list of everything she wanted to do before she leaves us …


1- raise money for charity – she raised 100,000 for a cancer support group

2- go to Disney land – done

3 – have photo shoot with ll the family – done

4- write a book – done

5- to go to London zoo – done



Everything on the list was done apart from number six, meeting one direction. I don't get what she liked so much about them but what ever it was she loved it. About 3 weeks ago I took it upon myself to arrange this for her. I never took the chance of been a great sister, this is my time to show I care. I tweeted them and explained Ellie's story and what she wants to do, I explained how much she loved them and how she would be devastated to die without her list completed. I cried so much writing the tweet, I actually realized how little time I had left with her I sent the message hoping I’d at least get a reply but what happened really shocked me. Within an hour mum was on the phone to there manager discussing dates the boys would visit.  We haven't told Ellie yet but when the boys walk in to the hospital tomorrow she won't know a thing!

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