Dying love

When Gabbie's little sister Ellie is diagnosed with terminal brain tumour her bucket list becomes top priority. Every day becomes more important as the wishes on her bucket list get completed. When the final bucket list wish is completed will it just be Ellie that's in love with the four one direction boys? or will gabbie fall huck line and sinker for a curtain Harry Styles? But when a fun night out turns to pure devastation will one direction be her shoulders to cry on? in the end this boy band will become more than a little girls wish ....

i know the discription isn't amazing BUT PLEASE READ THE STORY :-)



Eventually Ellie began to grow tired so we walked back to the ward, harry and niall walk in front with ellie and mum. Then Louis and liam are hanging behind giving each other piggy backs. Then right at the back me and zayn lag. It’s completely silent but it’s perfect. Every time i look to him he’s already looking down. My cheeks flush a little every time out eyes meet, i’m secretly dying inside. Every now and again out swinging hands meet causing little fireworks to explode.

“you really didn’t have to invite me, it’s okay.” My eyes wonder up meeting his.

“No i want you to come, i like you .... come.” My cheeks flush a dark shade of red. In what way does he mean like?

“oh... i’ll come if your sure!” i die inside at the thought of been seen with one direction.

“good i can’t wait!” he beams down to me.

We resume our silence as we carry on walking through the wards till we meet the others in Ellie’s private room. Taking a seat around the bed the boys say there goodbye’s.

“it was good meeting you ellie!” niall gives her a hug the others do shortly after.

“yeah i really enjoyed it!” harry says as he pulls away.

“but we need to get going ..... are you still coming?” zayn looks directly at me.

“yeah if it’s okay with mum?” i look over at my mum, giving her a look.

“ yeye as long as you behave!”

“okay. We’ll drop her off when we’re ready?”

“yeah that’s okay she has her key!”

“okay thanks mum!” we all stand up and wave goodbye, i bend down and give Ellie a hug. Then walk out of the room following the boys.

“so were we going?” i look over to Louis

“back to ours if that’s okay?”

“yeyeye!” we walk into the lift pressing the underground car park level, completely cramped in the elevator. By the time we reach the car park i’m gagging for air. We carry on walking through the car park round to two black range rovers parked next to each other. I stand for a few seconds wondering were i should go, suddenly a larger hand grasps mine. I look down to see zayns intertwined with mine.

“you’ll come in mine if that’s okay with you?” he smiles down on me.

“yeah okay.” My face turning crimson. Taking my pace in the passanger seat as zany takes the driving seat. We drive through security then out through to the outskirts of town. Right through to the posh side of town, every time we drive through the large estates i press my nose against causing my breath to cloud on the cloud on the window. Although the drives silent it’s comfy. I press my forehead against the window gazing out to the city lights, we turn into a large street full of high security fences and large gates. Every house we pass grows in size until we reach the largest house at the end of the street. Zayn winds his window down to talk into the intercom, pretty much as he speaks the large gate swings open, revealing the largest house i have probably ever seen. I glance around the court yard seeing the large outdoor pool covered over by the plastic sheet. Little did i know the car had stopped.

“we’re here!” Zayn jabs me in the arm.

I pull open the passenger door and jump down onto the gravel drive. I follow the boys in slipping my blazers of at the door, placing my coat on the hooks. I never thought five boys could live in a house this big a games room and living room go off to the right. The down stairs bathroom goes ahead in front, then the dining room and kitchen go to the right. We all walk into the living room the boys muttering under their breath, something about swimming pools? They leave me stood awkwardly for awhile until niall turns to talk to me.

“we’re on about going into the swimming pool! Wanna come?”

“ermmmm yeah ..... but i don’t have anything to wear.” I glance down at the clothes i’m wearing.

“wait!” liam runs off upstairs returning with a bikini. I look at him puzzled.

“it’s danielle’s spare, i’m sure she won’t mind you borrowing it!” i smile up at him.

“thanks, i’ll go to the bathroom to get changed?”

“yeah okay! It’s through there ....” Louis point’s down the corridor.

I nodded and walked off through the large hall and over to the down stairs bathroom. I look around and lock the door. I grab the spare bobble from my pocket and tie my hair up into a messy bun, splash my face with water. Then slip off my clothes and into my bikini, glancing into the mirror i don’t actually look bad. The nice colours compliment my skin and it hugs my curves just right. I fold up my clothes and grab a towel rapping it round me, before walking out.

My bare feet pat against the cold tile floor as i make my way back to the living room. Nobody’s there so i sit on the large oak coloured sofa. I’m sat for a minute or so until the boys return, each one of them topless. I completely died, every single one has a six pack. In my day dream zayn walks over to me, snapping me out of it.

“you ready?”

“yeah.” I stand up grabbing his out stretched hand.

We walk out of the patio doors and over to the steaming pool that’s now uncovered. The four boys jump in straight away leaving me and zayn hanging back. I like the look of it but i’m not confident of the boys seeing my body. I stand there clutching my towel, biting my lip. Zayn see’s my face.

“what’s wrong?” his face concerned.

“i don’t want to drop my towel .... i’m fat.” The words escape my lips as a little mumble but he heard me loud and clear.

“no your not don’t say that! Come on once you’re in nobody will see you. I promise!” he smiles reassuringly back as he slips into the warm water. Holding out his hand, i gulp.

“you promise?”

“i promise,” his voice soft. I slowly let go of my towel and walk over to the pool edge, the waters warm and welcoming. I gently lower myself in dropping my body next to his.

“you look beautiful .....” how could he be any cuter?


Zayn’s POV- 

I couldn’t believe that she was so insecure about herself, she’s beautiful. We spent a whole hour talking about or past and family and personal things. I really like her, she’d different to anyone i’ve been with. Every now and again when our eyes meet some kind of reaction happens, i can tell she’s the one .... who am i kidding i’ve only just met her?! After an hour of bombing and splashing the other monkeys grew bored so we decided to go back in. I jumped out fist and picked up her towel and wrapped it round her as she came out. She’s really is perfect i wish she’d see that.....


Holly’s point of view –

By the time we got inside and dressed it was 12am.

“errrm guys what time am i going? It’s twelve ....”

“oh... where do you live?” liam is the first to answer.


“that’s over an hour away!” liams voice is shocked. “SLEEEEPPPPP OVEEEERRRRRRRRRR!” Louis screeches right in my ear.

“yeah you can sleep!” niall joins in.

“i’ll ring my mum ...” i stand up grabbing my phone from the couch and make my way into the hall. Swiping my mums number the phone begins to ring.


“hi mum ... sorry did i wake you?”

“yeah but i’m awake now,”

“good and can i sleep at the boys?”

“yeah i don’t see why not, will they drop you off in the morning?”

“yeah they will i don’t know what time though.”

“yeah okay that’s fine JUST BE CAREFUL.”

“bye mum love you!”

“love you too!” and then she hung up.

I slip my phone into my pocket and make my way into the living room, all the boys are talking about fifa, apart from zany who’s day dreaming.

“my mum says it’s okay if it’s oaky with you!” i smile to them.

“ YEY SLEEP OVER!” Louis runs and jumps on me, causing me to fall onto couch.

For the next half an hour Louis me and niall have a tickle fight. I’m the first to stop leaving niall and Louis to fight it out. I can’t stop laughing i haven’t been this happy in ages.

“truth or dare TIMMEEEEEEE!” we all gather into a circle and pick a person to go first. They pick zany.

“truth or dare?” Louis asks.

 “DARE!!”  zayn yells. A large grin appears on  Louis face.

“KISS HOLLY!” My cheeks flush bright red. Before anyone can say anything or do anything i speak.

“i’m tired can you show me were i’m sleeping?” i stand up from were i was sat.

“you can sleep in my bed, i’ll sleep on the floor.” Zayn stands up and leads the way, the boys wolf whistle in the background making me blush harder.

We walked up the stair and round the hall into Zayns room, he passes me a large t-shirt and a pair of boxers to sleep in. Then opens the door to the attached bathroom so i can change. When i walk out zayns in his boxers making a bed out of cushions on the floor.

“you can sleep in the bed you know i don’t mind, it doesn’t mean anthing.” I blush slightly.

“if it’s okay with you?” i nod back.

He climbs into bed his skin brushing mine, with the sound of his breathing in the background i soon fall asleep. This is perfect ..... 

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