Dying love

When Gabbie's little sister Ellie is diagnosed with terminal brain tumour her bucket list becomes top priority. Every day becomes more important as the wishes on her bucket list get completed. When the final bucket list wish is completed will it just be Ellie that's in love with the four one direction boys? or will gabbie fall huck line and sinker for a curtain Harry Styles? But when a fun night out turns to pure devastation will one direction be her shoulders to cry on? in the end this boy band will become more than a little girls wish ....

i know the discription isn't amazing BUT PLEASE READ THE STORY :-)


1. Home alone ...

The day Ellie was diagnosed I’ll always remember, I slept in till around eleven ish then dragged myself out of bed about 12 . Ellie had gone to the hospital around 9 o'clock for a special test thing, I didn't really know what for I don't really pay attention to things like that. Most nights i spend my time in my room on my phone or the computer, studying for my next exams. I pulled open the fridge scanned for food. Not bothering to make myself some food I thought mum can make me something when she gets home. I slouched onto the couch flicking on the t.v by the remote. Nothing was interesting or dramatic just rubbish chat shows or quizzes. After watching pointless for an hour I could feel my eyes flicker before I new it I was asleep. 


It must have been hours since I started sleeping, when I finished, the room was completely dark nothing was visible. “Mum!” I called out to the darkness time after time until I realized nobody was there. I picked my body from the ground, padding over towards the table I glanced at the digital clock 7pm, where have they got to? I paced the kitchen several times until the door clicked open. Mum stood blochey eyed in the door way. “We need to talk it's Ellie.”

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