Dying love

When Gabbie's little sister Ellie is diagnosed with terminal brain tumour her bucket list becomes top priority. Every day becomes more important as the wishes on her bucket list get completed. When the final bucket list wish is completed will it just be Ellie that's in love with the four one direction boys? or will gabbie fall huck line and sinker for a curtain Harry Styles? But when a fun night out turns to pure devastation will one direction be her shoulders to cry on? in the end this boy band will become more than a little girls wish ....

i know the discription isn't amazing BUT PLEASE READ THE STORY :-)


3. excuse

Bright light streams through the curtains as I open my eyes, glancing at my clock it turns out to be around eight. I slip my feet out of bed then grab for my dressing gown. Yawning as I make my way across my room into the bathroom, clattering comes from down stairs signaling that mums awake. I flick on the shower letting it heat up a little before I jump in. The warm water pats my body as I wash myself. Today I'll be meeting the biggest boy band in the world. When I'm out I pull on a warm towel. I pad over to the wardrobes and pull out my outfit, my best top, jack wills leggings and blazers. My cameras fully charged and my phones charged. When Ellie meets the boys I'm going to record every second if it! I curl my hair and add a light layer of make up. Before applying my perfume mum shouts from down stairs. "Be ready to go in ten minutes!" I grab my Chanel then slip on my army jacket. Then spring down the stairs meeting mum in the lounge. "I'm ready, are we going now!?" To say I actually don't like one direction I'm really excited! Mum quickly nods and opens the door, locking it as we step outside. I pull out my phone and click to updated my Facebook status.

What on your mind ...

"Off to meet one direction! Sister's gonna love it! EXCITED."

I spend the next twenty minutes scrolling down my news feed. I need to pass time quicker than this I don't think I can cope much longer! Before I do anything else mum starts talking. "Are you still seeing Dani tonight?" Her concentration still on the road.

"Yeah! I'm looking forward to seeing her, haven't seen her in ages." My face lights up when I think about seeing her again. I carry on scrolling down my news feed until we reach the hospital, my breaths multiply as we walk towards Ellie's ward. Waiting doesn't go quickly.




Ellie's talking away to us about how she's worked up a plan on how to meet one direction. I'm secretly dying inside. My single is at half ten I get up and go to the toilet, then when I come back from the toilet say I met a group of people on the corridor. It's twenty five past and I'm wriggling in my seat, I'm beaming with joy. Minutes tick by as I sit and listen to Ellie's plan until the clock strikes half ten. My cues come. "Excuse me for a second, I need to go to the toilet."

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