Dying love

When Gabbie's little sister Ellie is diagnosed with terminal brain tumour her bucket list becomes top priority. Every day becomes more important as the wishes on her bucket list get completed. When the final bucket list wish is completed will it just be Ellie that's in love with the four one direction boys? or will gabbie fall huck line and sinker for a curtain Harry Styles? But when a fun night out turns to pure devastation will one direction be her shoulders to cry on? in the end this boy band will become more than a little girls wish ....

i know the discription isn't amazing BUT PLEASE READ THE STORY :-)


4. cancelled

I didn't see the boys at first, I walked past the room twice. Until I finally saw the sign on the door. What do I do? I stood for a few seconds swaying from foot to foot until I finally knocked on the door.

"Hello?" A boy with curly brown hair answered.

"Hi I'm here to take you to Ellie!" I smile up at him. "Ohhh yeah your gabbie? " his dimples show.

"Come on boys time to go meet ellie!" Pretty much seconds later the other four boys are stood behind him.

"Hi guys my names gabbie! I'll show you to Ellie. She's totally unaware of our plan!" We all walk down the corridor smiling completely dying with excitement. When we reach Ellie's room I stop and tell the boys to walk in when I say I met some boys in the corridor. When I'm done I walk back into the room.

"Why did you take so long?" Ellie glares at me.

"Ohhh no where important." I give some sort if smirk back.

"I don't belive you." Ellie actually looks annoyed at me. My cue is finally here the moment she thinks will never come. "I just met some people." With that the boys opened the door and walked in. Ellie started screaming.

" IT'S ONE DIRECTION! ONE DIRECTION." Her face was completely shocked. Mum laughed so hard tears spilled from her eyes.

"Hi ellie it's nice to meet you! " Niall speaks first smiling from ear to ear.

"Can we sit down?" Zayn walks over to the end of the bed she lays in. All ellie can do is nod. Before I can say anything all five boys are piled on the end of Ellie's bed. Chatting away to her like they've known each other for ages. I hope my camera can fit this all in! I set up a spy camera this morning so I could video the whole event.



Forty minutes later after autographs and pictures, singing and crying. All eight of us head down to the hospital canteen to eat. I'm not surprised that every one calls Niall the group eater all he did was eat! Most people were staring at us when we sat down to eat, I think Ellie enjoyed the attention a little too much. I like all of them, but Zayn has to be my favorite  The way he messes with his hair his accent. Just him all together. Something about him attracks me. "So do you have any new singles or albums coming out?" I question Zayn. He smiles back at me.

"Not really we are doing the red nose day single, but nothing else."

"What ever ...." Before I can finish my phone buzzes in my pocket. "One second I've got to answer this!"



" Hi it's dani."

"Hi what's wrong? "

" I can't do tonight sorry."

"Omg why!?"

"I'M grounded. "

"Oh I've got to go bye!" .


I actually cannot belive she's cancelled on me. I walk back to the table frowning. Mum spots my expression

. "What's wrong! ?" Her face puzzled.

"Dani cancelled. "

"Oh so are you in tonight. "

"Yeah unfortunately." I sit down in a sulk.


"You can come out with us!" I pull my head up straight away. The see Zayn smiling at me. "If it's okay with you?" I look across the table to the other smiling boys. They nod.


"Yeah okay." I'm off out with one direction!

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