I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


22. Wooow you look stunning in that

JAYANE'S POV: We arrived at the cancer center and we went in. We walked towards Kristy's room and when we went in she was awake. I went there alone and justin stood out. Me:Kristy baby I bought a visitor you want him to come in ? Kristy:of course juji. She said smiling. Me:Baby you can come in. Justin came in and kristy just smiled even more. Kristy:Justiiiinnnn !!! Justin:Baby how are you my little worrior ? He huged her and kissed her cheeks and she huged him back. Justin:Kristy I wanna tell you that i have a girlfriend !! Kristy:Really ??!! Justin:Yeah someone you really love. Kristy:Who is it ? Justin:It's juji your amazing big sis. And i'm taking her on a interview today you can watch it !! Kristy:yayyy. I just stood there watching them talking and then we left kristy's room to go see other patient that are beliebers they all were sooo cute and strong. They all loved justin and i find it really nice that he actualy care enough to go see them. That makes him a real hero in their eyes. After about one hour we left the cancer center and drived to the mall. Me:Justin you're such an amazing sweet and caring young man !! Justin:Thank you baby !! Me:You're soooo nice with kids and i bet you'll be an amazing father. Justin: thank you baby ! So that means your kids are gonna have an amazing dad right ? Me: i wish for that teddy bear. Justin:So u will accept me as your husban someday in the futur. Me: yes and it will be my honor. We went out of the car and fans were there. Justin tried to hide himself but his beliebers were sooo addicted that they knew who he was. He signed posters shirts and even phone cases and tooked some pictures. A few were with me and when we finished we went in the mall. Justin:Baby there was something i wanted to do in the car but i forgot to. Me:what is it justy? Justin:This !! I suddently felt soft lips on mine and i smiled through the kiss. We were still kissing when we heard "awwwwwwwws" we didn't break the kiss though. When we did justin's fans all asked for an other kiss so the can take a pic of us kissing and when i wanted to refuse justin attaced my lips with his lips and they tooked their pictures. "We all love you jayane and we wish the best for both of you" they all said at once. Tears came out of my eyes and I opened my arms wide to have a group hug with them. They all came and hugged me and jusyin joined "I love you too all of you beliebers And i'm one of your so just treat me like anyother belieber you just met not like JUSTIN BIEBERS GIRLFRIEND !! So what do you say sleep over party at my place today ?" I offered them and they all said "yes" they were all about 17/18 and they were only 7 girls. I gave them my adress and told them to come over at 6 so we can mingle and meet each other they all said goodbyes and i went back to justin. And we started walking holding hands. Justin:What about me ?? Me:Oh you can just sleep with fredo at the hotel. Justin:But i can't sleep away from you baby. Me: just for the night. Justin:I love you for trying to get close to my beliebers. Me:I'm one of them and i'm the biggest one i guess. Justin:Yes you are my bunny. He huged me and we went in some shop. We were shopping for about 1 hour now and we found nothing just a pair of hit silver high heels. We were looking for a dress. I was searching whrn justin came to me holding a silver top and some purple really short shorts. They were an outfit together. Justin:what about this one it will match your bew shoes. Me:awwwwww it's amazing. I looked at the price tag and it said 2300$. Me:I can't buy it it's too expensive. Justin:let me see it on you and then if it fits you i'll buy it anyway. Me:NO. Justin:if you love me baby ?? Me:okay only because you said that. I went in a changing room and wored the top and shirt. The top was silver and it was shinny it was opened from the back and from the front it showed a part of my breast. And the shorts were cute but tooooo short. I bet if i bend over you can see my butt. I opened the rooms door and justin looked at me stunned. Justin:Woooow you look hot. Me:Thank you. Justin:we are buying it 100%. Me: hahahaha justin. If you like it because it shows my breast and booty well it's weird. Justin:lets go pay for it common go change. I got out of this outfit and in my cloth and went out. I handed it to justin who tooked out his Credit card and payed for it. And we went out of the store and back to my place. JUSTIN'S POV: She opened the door as i got the bags out if the car. We were on hurry so we went upstairs super fast. I tooked a purple man skinny jeans and a silver top to match jayane and i wored a silver shinny supra as shoes. Jayane didn't finish yet so i went to her room to see were she was. I opened the door slowly and she didn't notice. She was only in her underwear and MAN she looked soooooo sexy. I wanted to go hug her and kiss her. What i'm a 19 years old boy i have need !! She weared her outfit and putter on her heels. With a lite make up color and he straight hait left free ob her shoulders she looked amazing i opened the door. Me:Bunny boo !! Are you ready ?
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