I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


38. Where is she ?

JAYANE'S POV : * THURSDAY MORNING* I woked up in that room I've been in for the last 4 days. I can't take this anymore. I have nothing to do and I'm bored and scared. They hit me when I don't answer and they hurt me. I was stabbed in my leg for defending myself two days ago. My face had some blue marks from all the hitting they did to me. I cried in my bed thinking about what justin told me. Maybe he really didn't love me but didn't wanna hurt me by rejecting me. No he loves me but he's bored of me he wanna try other girls. What I am saying is making me cry even more. I was just crying on the bed when a lady came. It's Nicole my kidnapper's wife. She's the nicest person to me around here and she's the only one who didn't hurt me. I told her how I got kidnapped but not why I left the house. Nicole: jayane do you wanna watch some TV ? Me : I'm fine here. Nicole: come. There is something you have to see on the TV comming up. Lets go before the show starts. She came to me and played with my hair for a while till I got out of bed and to the living room with her. We sat on the couch and I was uncomfortable it felt wrong. It was my first time out of the room. The show that was on was ellen I love her show. Me: who is on ? And before she answered ellen said "everyone please welcome. ....justin bieber" I was shocked but it was normal he's famous he goes on TV. He looked upset I can see it in his eyes and the way he's talking. They talked about the tour, his music, his fans. He was re-starting his tour in 30 days. Ellen : sooo justin how is your girlfriend? Your relationship? Justin didn't talk, and some tears where forming in his eyes. He ran out of the scene saying "I'm sorry". It hurts to see him crying.... my heart told me I still love him but my brain said move on. I ran to my room and cried again till I felt asleep. I woked up and it was 6pm. I slept more than 3 hours woow. I wanted to go to the bathroom I had a tiny one in the room. Not showering or changing my cloth all these days made me feel kinda in a mess. I finished from the bathroom and I went to sit on the bed there was a Window in the room it was closed with metal bars so I don't run. I looked out of it and the flash back of justin at my birthday party came. Drunk with girls touching him in a sexual way, alcohol and vodka on the table but more importantly what he yelled at me that night. I will never forget that. My worst birthday ever. I was getting hungry lately all I ate is what left when my kidnappers eat. I sat up and waited for them to come with my food. JUSTIN'S POV : It was almost 11 in the night and I was laying in my bed. It was a bad day, everything reminds me of her, her smile, her eyes,her everything. My closet contains her clothes and her stuff. The smell of her shirts made me cry remembering how she smells sooo distracting and sweet. My baby girl. What is she doing ? Is she good ? Are they hurying her ? Oh my god, what if they are ?? I tried to sleep and I did. *NEXT MORNING* It was already 12 noon and I was still waiting for a phone call from the kidnappers so I know where to find them. Then my phone started ringing. Me: helloo !! Man: meet us today im the street behind your house at 1 in the morning and bring the money. Don't tell the cops and come alone or else you won't have her. Understood ??? Me: I'll be there. Just don't hurt her. He hunged up the phone. I was thinking of a way to spend my day so it will pass fast but nothing came to my mind. And then the door knocked I went to open it it was Ryan Christian Chaz and Caitlin. Me: guys what are you doing here ?? I said and hugged them one by one. Ryan: we heard about jayane and thought it will help if we are around. Chaz: and we miss you bro. Caitlin: yeah we do. Me: and till when are you staying here ? Christian: me and the boys till your next believe tour concert and caitlin have to go today to France. But she'll be back next week. Me: okay then come in. We played some video games and card games and we went out to the mall and ate at McDonald's it was fun. But jayane was on my mind all the time. When we got home it was already 11pm and we decided to play more video games so we did. Caitlin: what are you going to do about jayane ? Me: tonight I have to go give them money to get her back. Caitlin: how much did they ask for ? Me: well 3 million dollars it's not that bad. I would pay everything for her. Caitlin: well I better go sleep my plane is tomorrow morning. Me: sure the guest room is upstairs the third door on your left. Caitlin: thank you. JAYANE'S POV: It was 12;30 midnight. And some boys came and tooked me to their van. Finally I'm going to leave here I'm sick of it. They gave me my phone but told me if I try to use it they will kill me. So I didn't.
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