I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


39. Traveling

JUSTIN'S POV: It was already 1 and I was waiting for them. A mini van stopped in front of me and a man in black came out of it. Man: did you get the money ? Me: yes where is she ? The man knocked on the window and they opened the door letting jayane out. Man: throw the money here. I did as I was told and they let go jayane and then they went away. I ran to her to hug her and tell her that I miss her but she pushed me away. Me: I'm sorry jayane I was drunk !! Jayane: you're sorry !! Well it's too late bieber. You could've been a little bit more careful with your words justin. But no you didn't. You hate me well okay I do too and I hope that the girls can love you good because I won't. She throwed he promise ring at me and she ran in the other way and I just stood there. And then I went back home. JAYANE'S POV: I ran to pattie's it was the only place I can ho right now. When I arrived I knocked on the door and she immediately opened it. Me: why are you still awake ? Pattie: oh my god jayane you're here !!I was waiting for you sweety. Me: thank you. It is really sweet from you. Can I sleep here tonight. Pattie: come in baby of course you can. You have cloth in justin's room go and wear them. Me: can you not tell justin that I'm here ? Pattie: of course go and rest now we'll talk tomorrow. The next morning once I woled up I called a traveling air and reserved a ticket to France I need some time alone to rest and just relax a bit. I packed everything I had here in a bag and I found some money that belongs to me. I tooked them and went down my plane was at 2 and it was 11. Pattie: what's in the bag ? Me: my cloth. Pattie I'm goimh to travel for a while just to clear my mind I need some space. Pattie: travel ?!!?! Where ??!! Me: I'm not going to tell you sorry. I just need to go alone and just secretly. Pattie: honey take care. Me: I will but now I have to go. Bye pattie. I left the house and tooked the cab. I arrived to the airport --------》 I was in the plane and I had a girl sitting next to me. Me: heyy my name is jayane. She looked up and I realized it's caitlin. Caitlin: jayane ??!! What are you doing here ? Me: I need some time alone. Caitlin: I knew what happened with you and justin. Alfredo showed me what justin said in your birthday it must hurt. Me: it does. My heart is really broken I don't know what to do. I really love him and I know he do. At least he used to. Caitlin: he does. He loves you alot me christian Ryan and chaz came to him. He was broken, sad and really hurted. Me: I need some time. The words he said were really harsh. Caitlin: well now you're not alone I'm with you. I own a small apartment there you can stay with me. I'm only staying there for 3 days it's my friends wedding. Me: thank you it will really be useful if yoy let me sleep at your place for three days. Caitlin: anything. Me: can you keep it a secret ? Caitlin: what is it ? Me: that I'm in France. Please I beg you. Caitlin: if course no one will know trust. After what seemed like a day we arrived to France's airport. We went out and straight to caitlin's place it was really nice. But I had to sleep on the couch since she only had one bed. It was still 2am so I slept thinking of a way to get a job so I can stay here for as much as it takes to get my mind straight. *NEXT MORNING* I woked up at 6 and I dressed up into a jeans and justin's hoddie a bennie and a scarf to cover myself. I went out of the house and into the street of Paris. It was a beautiful city. I had to be undercover so no one will know me I didn't want to be recognized. The streets were all empty. I went and sat on a bench face to the "louvre" museum. And I stared at it. When suddenly someone came and sat next to me on the bench I looked up it was a girl she was about 17 years old and she seemed french. She was dressed in a skinny jeans and a top and she was wearing a jacket. She had blonde hair and green eyes. "Bonjour" she said (good morning)"bonjour madame" u said with a bad french "oh American I can see" she said "yes" I said. " my name is Claire" she said. I didn't look at her and kept myself covered. I didn't answer. The girl stared at me for a while. And then all of a sudden she screamed. Claire: oh my god !! Oh my god!! Oh my god !! Me: is something wrong ? What is it ?? Claire: you're Jayane delouis. Oh my god. I have to tell my friend. She said taking out her phone. Me: no please stop don't. Claire: is justin here ? Are you guys on a romantic trip ? Me: can you please calm down and let me explain. I'm here all alone without justin or anyone of them okay. Me and justin are on a break . Just stop fangirling for god's sake. Claire: oh I'm sorry. Me: it's okay. Just please don't tell anyone. Claire: I won't I swear. Can we hang out. Me: sure I'll be more than happy to see france around. Claire: can I at least tell my clise friends about it they are beliebers they won't tell anyone I promise. Me: okay sure. Claire: then lets go. Me: okay then.
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