I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


17. The ellen show

JAYANE'S POV: I woked up and it was 5:30am. Justin was still sleeping. I had to be in school at 6:30 i didn't wake him up i got ready and went to school. When i came in everybody was pointing on me8 and saying "Is she his gf ?" "Ugh he can do better than that!!" And lots of stuff. I saw Sasha walking towards me. Sasha:What is going on with you and justin ?? Me:Nothing realy its a long story. Sasha:After school you are coming to my place. Okay ? Me:Sure. Sasha:ok then lets go to the exams room before we are late. * at 11:50pm* 10 more minutes and we are going home. I finished my exam and i was waiting for the bell to ring. After what seemed hours it finaly rung and i went to my locker to take my books. Sasha:Common lets go. We went to her car and she drove to her place. On the road justin called to check on ne i told him i was going to sasha's and he said he'll come and pick me up at 2:30 so we can go eat lunch. We arrived at sasha's place and we went to her room. We first started studying for the exam and then we talked. I told her about the rumors and how they happened Sasha:Oh poor you. The thing is that she don't know i love justin I only do but maybe it's time for her to know. JUSTIN'S POV: It was 2 and i couldn't wait anymore so i went to sasha's and her mom opened the door. Sasha's mom:OMG justin bieber is on my door Me:yes mam. Can i go and see jayane plz. Sasha's mom:of course they are in sasha's room. It's upstairs the last room on ur right. I went and stood i front of sasha's bedroom's door i didn't knock because they were talking. Jayane:Sasha ! I have something to tell you. Sasha:What is it jayane u know u can tell me anything. Jayane:I know but please don't get mad at me. Sasha:I won't i swear. Jayane:You see i told you that i don't love mike. Sasha:Yeah i know and u dated him for an unknown reason Jayane:Well the reason I dated him is because.... Sasha:Because what ? Tell me ? Jayane: the truth is that ever since i was only 13 I felt in love with justin. OMG did i hear right did she say that she loved me. OMG she did, She really really did. I ran downstairs and went out of sahsa's hous super happy and i called jayane. Me:Jayane i'm sorry i have to cancel on our lunch date. Jayane:Why ? Me:I have an interview that i have to atened Jayane:Oh ok justin it's alright have fun. I called ellen amd told her i had to be on her show today and she accepted. I told her there is a special anoucment i had to make. And she insisted that i come. I went to the studio and the show was about to start. JAYANE'S POV: After i told sasha we went to watch TV and the ellen show was about to start sasha made popcorn. And we sat to watch the show *THE ELLEN SHOW* Ellen:Today's first guest is JUSTIN BIEBER. Justin came in. Ellen:its nice to have you here again justin we missed you. Justin:Awwwww me 2 Ellen:So you came here because there is sonething u had to say. Justin: i did Ellen:well what is it ? Justin: u see lately lots of rumors have been out about me and a girl. Ellen:Yeah i know Justin:that girl is one of my bff we have been friends since we were born but i'm two years older than her The crowed: Awwwwwwww Justin: i know. But i wanted to say is that we are in a strobg relation ship and she's my girlfriend for real. *BACK TO JAYANE* When he said that i spitted the popcorn out of my mouth. Sasha:OMG !!!! Me:what was that ?? Sasha: i don't know Me:I have to go home I went back home and ran to my room to study and i did as i waited for justin to come home. It was still 4pm.
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