I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


21. That's a fancy restaurant

JAYANE'S POV: I finished my exam and i went to give it to my math teacher. The bell rang and everybody got out of class. I was walking in the hall and i opened the main door of the school and started to search for justin. He was there sitting in the front seat of the car with the door opened and he was sitting half out of the car. I was walking toward him and then i heard someone calling my name. I turned and it was my math teacher. Shit what does she want now ??!! Teacher:Jayane Jayane Wait please. Me:Oh miss sorry i didn't hear you at first. Teacher:Oh it's okay honey. Honey ??!! What's wrong with her she never liked me. Me:Is there something about my test or anything you need to tell me ma'm. Teacher:Oh you passed the test 100/100 you made an amazing job but it's about something elss. Me:Did i do anything wrong or...?? Teacher:Not at all. You see ky daughter she's a huge belieber and she really love justin bieber. Ohhhh now i get it. That's getting interesting. Me:Awwww that's soo sweet of her. But why are you telling me ? Teacher:She really wanna meet him but i couldn't buy her a ticket before and i was wondering if you can get him to come and surprise her in our house this week. Me:Sure i'll see .. I stoped talking because i felt hands on my waist. I bet it was justin. I turned to check and he kissed me on my lips. Me:Justin not infront of my teacher. Justin:Sorry baby i just missed you sooo much. Hellooo miss. Teacher:OMG so it's nit a rumor Justin:No it's not Teacher:So jayane please can you help me ? Me:sure miss. But now we need to go. Byee.. Teacher:byed jayane Justin:Good bye ma'am. He kissed her hand and we went to his car. Justin:Whats with her ? Me:Well i know i hate her and anything but juju can you please do her a favor for me ?? Justin:Baby you don't ask just order and i'll do what ever. Me:No i just want you to go and surprise her daughter by going to her hous please. This teacher just told me that i passed math. Please juju please. Justin:Stop begging baby i'll do it only for you and my beliebers. Me:Thank you Thank you. Now lets go eat i'm starving. Justin:Okay baby go in the car We went to the car and we went to some restaurant that looked super fancy. Me:Wooww Justin this is super fancyyy. Justin:You deserve everything baby. Me:Thank you justin but you don't need to take me to these kind of restaurants for breakfast. Justin:Oh just shut up and don't worry baby. We went out of the car and into the restaurant. The inside was even fancier with waitress dressed in some uniforms. We sat on a table that justin reserved for us and the waitress came immediatly. We ate some eggs and bacon and drank some orange juice and justin paid with his credit card. Me:Justin can i pay for something too ? Justin:What kind of boyfriend would i be if i let you pay ? Me: A normal one. Justin:Jayane I have enought money to give you all your needs please just act like when i pay for you that it's your money. Me:I can't but thank you now can you take me to see Kristy ? Justin:Sure but on 2pm we both have an interview on ellen's. Me:OMG ellen i looove her soooo much !!!! Justin: and you are going to be on her show. Me:What should i wear ? Justin: well it's 11am so we can go to Kristy till 12 and then go shopping to buy you a cute dress okay ? Me:Okay justin. Justin:Lets go now !!
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