I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


28. Soon I'll be gone

JUSTIN'S POV : We were finaly at the hotel. Alfredo went to his room and jayane and I went to mine. Me:How are you feeling baby ? Jayane : I'm fine just tierd. Me: then lets go to bed. I gave her one of my sweat pants and my tank top so she can sleep comfortably. We went to bed and she slept away from me not even hugging me. I was half asleep when I heard her calling my name. Jayane: justin ? I turned and looked at her. Jayane: oh sorry I woked you up. I just wanted to talk to someone. Me: It's okay baby. Tell me what's wrong ? Jayane: I made a decision. Me: what is it ? Jayane: tomorrow I'm not going to do a funeral. I'm going to go to the cemetery to bury Kristy and well mom. I want to go alone to have my last moment with them. And after that I'm going to keep kristy in my heart and as my guardian Angel. Me: baby it's the best way to move on from the pain. Jayane: I know and this is what I'm going to do. Goodnight noe baby. Me: goodnight. Jayane: my leg hurt I shouldn't have walked all that because it's still broken. Me: I'm sorry because I didn't lift you up. Jayane: no teddy bear you shouldn't have. It's my fault. Me: it's not. Bunny boo I want you to know that I will never leave you. You have a family the bieber family including beliebers. My mom is yours my dad is yours too. Jazmyn is your sister and jaxon is your brother. And I am your boyfriend and I bet that I'll be your future husband. Jayane: I hope you will. Justin I know you're 19 and you have lots of needs just let me keep my virginity till I'm ready to give it to you please don't give me pressure about that thing. Me: I won't once you're ready we can do it not before. I can wait. Jayane: thank you. Teddy bear tomorrow I have to go get my stuff from my house I don't wanna go there anymore. Me: we can go in the morning. Now sleep baby. It's gonna be alright. *NEXT MORNING (SATURDAY)* I woked up and jayane was on top of me laying her head on my chest. Awwwww she looks soo cute with messy hair and my top. I kept looking at her till she woked up. It was 11am. Jayane : good morning baby. Me: good morning bummy boo. It's already 11. Jayane: we will go to my place in 1 hour if it's okay with you?. Me: of course. But what are you going to wear ?. Jayane : I don't know. Can you borrow me your shirt ? I have leggings on. Me: of course you can go see in my green suit case. That's where I keep my shirts. Jayane: okay thank you. JAYANE'S POV : I went to search for a shirt in justin's case. WOOOW he had lotsbof cloth no wonder why he have 4 suit cases. I just tooked a white one and weared one of his necklaces. One with a cross on it. It was kin of heavy and it was 100% gold. The diffrence between him todau and 4 years ago is huge. But he is still the same boy with an amazing and charming personality and the same dream. My leggings was black. And I had converses but they were wet oh fuck !!. Justin got out of the bathroom. Justin: Awwwwww you're wearing my favorite necklace. Me: oh I'm sorry I won't wear it if you don't want me to. Justin : no you can have it you look cute in it. Me: thank you juju. Justin can you borrow me a pair of shoes please mine are wet from yesterday's walk. Justin: sure baby I have some in that black box over there just choose the one you like. Me: thank you justin. I opened the huge black box and it was full of shoes. All of them were supra. I tooked a white stubbed one and went to show justin. Me: what do you think ? Justin: wow you look amazing. Even in my clothes. Me: thank you but this shirt is kind of baggy on me. Justin: and it makes you look adorable. Now lets go. Me:okay. We went to my place and packed all my clothes and shoes. I still have some cloth with their price tag on them from my last shopping trip. I got all my stuff out of my room. And then I went to the living room where we kept our albums. I tooked them all and didn't leave any picture in the house. I went to kristy's room and tooked a last look before I locked the house's door and throwed the keys somewhere behind me. Without caring wjere they felt. Justin: why did you do that ? Me: I don't wanna come back here anymore. I have you as my family now baby. And I'm going to stop that habit where I refuse the things you give me but don't give me a lot please. I have to find a job from now on. Justin: you can work as my assistant. Me: justin I meant a realy job not a fake one. Justin : yeah we will see about that. JUSTIN'S POV : Finally she's going to let me buy her stuff without saying "u didn't have to" I wanna buy her everything she wants. And I won't let her work. Me: Now lets go to the hospital to get Kristy's body. Jayane: okay baby. We went to the hospital and an ambulance tooked the dead bodies to the cemetery wjere the buried them. Jayane cried a little bit at first but then she stopped crying I was waiting in the car anyway so I barely saw her crying. After about 1 hour I went to her and prayed. And then we went to the hotel. Me: what do you want to do today ? Jayane: well I want to go to see sasha. Me: okay. I'll tell her to come here. Jayane:Thanks baby. *SASHA ARRIVED* Me: I'm going to leave you two alone. I went out of the room and into Alfredo's. JAYANE'S POV : Sasha came in and we went to sit on the balcony. Sasha: I'm sorry I didn't come to the hospital yesterday i was really busy. Me: it's okay sasha. Sasha: it's all over the news. Articles videos of kristy telling you " I'm sorry juji" and in lots of magazines pics of you and justin in front of the hospital and of you and a guy hugging infront of a lake amd it isn't justin. Me: I know and that guy is Alfredo justin's friend. It's a ling story I'll tell you about. I told her about the walk infront of the lake and about fredo and about my mom's bf and about today in the cemetery. Sasha: and what are you going to do now? Me:I'm going to leave canada and live with justin where ever he lives. Sasha: what about me ? Me: I'll get you a ticket so you can come and visit me sometimes and I'll come here we can call each other and text. I'll do what ever it takes to keep out sister hood safe. Sasha: I only want your best and I wish your life there will be better I know justin will take good care of you. And if I miss you you'll be in some magazine or on the TV. Me: hahahaha I know. Sasha: when you meet a celebrity and of course you will. Please get an autograph from him and send it to me. Me: I will I promise every time I meet a celebrity I'll get you autograph. Sasha: I'm going to miss your birthday this year. Because you'll be gone. Me: well we can skype on my bday. We will figure it out it's a month away. When you go get yout diploma please tell me if I passed or not please. Sasha: I will I promise. Me: thank you. After 3 hours sasha left me and I promised to spend the day tomorrow with her. Justin came back and we went to eat dinner in a restaurant. Some paparazzi were here and there sometimes we just ignored them and dinner was amazing. After that we went back to the hotel and we went to bed.
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