I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


26. R.I.P :'(

JAYANE'S POV: On the high way the cars were all going fast but mom was like super fast. I was looking out of the window crying when suddently my mom's bf stoped the car and i heard a noive as if two cars hitted each other. But it wasn't the car i am in. I looked in front of me to see my mom's car. And i saw smoke coming out of it i opened my door and ran to see if Kristy was okay. There was blood on the front window of the car and the back seat was empty i went to the front seat and Kristy was there all covered in blood. I started crying and crying. I tooked Kristy out of the car and before i knew it there was camera mans filming. I layed on my lap as i sat on the ground and I cryed hugging her. Why did she have to die???!!!. Oh god why me ???!!!! "kristy baby please don't leave me please" i yelled. Kristy was still between alive and dead "I'm sorry juji" she said before passing out "Kristy please don't die oh god please don't take her away from me please!!! Why do you hate me god what did i ever do ???" I couldn't stop crying. "Please kristy don't go baby please" I was crying when i saw my mom's bf holding mom in his arms and walking her to his car and he drived away. I was still crying wanting to die in this minute when an ambulance came and they tooked kristy to the car alowing me to come in as well. *IN THE HOSPITAL* At the door there was camera mans and some beliebers. The one that came over to my place and lots of others but why ? I hope justin is here. They tooked kristy away in the hospital and I waited in the waiting room. I felt cold hands resting in my back. I looked up and it was a belieber i guess because she had a bag with justin on it. "I'm lina"she told me. I was crying and barely able to talk. Me:I'm sorry i'm just no in the mood. Lina:No i came here with some friends belieber to stand next to you and to support you. Me: thank you were are they ? Lina: they are outside they aren't letting them in. Me:Lina can you come with me ourside there are some words i need to say there ? Lina:Sure. Tears were runing down my cheeks and I was barely taking a breath. I went out and lina'sshand were on my shoulders. The papps went crazy when i came out all screaming bad things i had enough. I yelled Me: enough is enough. I'm having a terrible time here. I lost my sister and I lost my mom and i'm all alone now with a stranger. Why don't you leave me alone I have nothing to do with you go away leave me and my own problemes please just go. My feets couldn't hold me anymore and i just was about to hit the floor when some strong arms held me from falling and beliebers went wild. It was justin. Justin:Baby i'm sooo sorry. Me:Justin she's deadbshe left me in this cruel world with no family. Justin i can't take it anymore i'm lonely. I huged justin and he huged me back "Cry baby cry it's gonna be okay. Everybody is going to die someday it will hurt i know but it's going to pass" i was crying when i heard all the beliebers screaming "we are your family jayane and we will support you" i turned to face them and i smiled to them. "I love you guys too" " and i love you guys more" justin said. It felt better but it still hurted. I lost my sister and my mom. I went in the hospital and in the room Kristy's dead body was. She was wrapped in a white fabric. Before they take her to the church I cried on her for the last time. Tomorow was the funeral even if no one is coming i'm doing a small one in reaspect to Kristy.
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