I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


40. Paris

JUSTIN'S POV: I needed jayane I needed to see her. I needed to be with her. To apologies to her. I can't live with her mad at me. I was sitting on the couch when mom came. Me: mom what are you doing here ? Mom: I came to tell you something important. Me: what is it ? Mom: jayane traveled. She said she needs some time alone. Me: what ? Where ? How ? When ? Mom: relax baby. Last morning and I don't know where. Me: mom I need to apologies to her. Mom: I know baby once I know something about her I'll tell you. Me: mom..... Mom: she will be okay baby. JAYANE'S POV: *AFTER 20 DAYS* I was now close friends with Claire and her friends lili and Miriam. They were nice and kept the secret. I'm working at McDonald's now. The manager is Claire's dad and he hired me but there I'm known as Claire. I now have dip died hair in purple and I put on some green eyes contact so no one will ever know me and it's going great. I promised Claire to go to the belieber club today after work. It was already 3pm and I was already done working for today. I went to Claire's place were I was sleeping for the past two weeks. She was waiting for me there. * AT THE BELIEBER CLUB* They were talking about justin's tour and that he's going back touring in 4 days. Claire: I can't believe that. The first show will be here and I couldn't get tickets. I felt bad for her. It must be really important for her to see him preform. After about 2 hours we went back home. We were sitting in the bedroom on her bed talking. Claire: I'm so stupid I should've bought tickets before they were seled out. Me: it's okay claire. Claire: no it's not I missed the my world tour and noe the believe tour. I hate it. She was about to cry. Me: no you're not going to miss the believe tour. Claire: I have no tickets. Me: you don't need them to go. Claire: no I do. And I have no one. Not even one. Me: no claire you're not understanding me. I'll be your ticket. Claire: what do you mean ? Me: I need no ticket to go in. And you'll come with me. They won't say anything about it they can't. Don't worry I'll get you backstage and front rows anything to make you happy. Claire: really ??!! Oh my god thank you thank you thank you. She throwed herself on me amd she hugged me. We started laughing. Claire: can I get a picture with him ? Me: of course you can. A pic a hug a kiss an autograph. Anything you want. Just to thank you for letting me stay at your place and giving me a job. Claire: thank you. Me: no thank you claire. Claire: jayane ? Me: yeah Claire ? Claire: you're going to forgive justin right ? Jayane your love for him is real. We can see it in pictures when you look at each other. The way you smile when you talk about him and you seem missing him. I know you do. When you talk about him you just seem happy and broken in the same time. Jayane he was drunk he didn't know what he did he said anything and he didn't mean it. My big sister had the same problem with her boyfriend he hurted her and she didn't forgive him and when he moved on with a new one she couldn't stand seeing it and she killed herself please forgive him so you won't regret it later. I know that it hurted hearing those words but they didn't come out of his heart they just came out. Jayane please you're his smile and his everything please don't take them away. And heal your heart. I was really crying every word she said we true I missed him and I love him more than before. Me: Claire I will forgive him. I can't stand being away from him and I can't see him hurted because of me. I will forgive him Claire. I'm his own property and I'm no one else's I'll always be bo matter what. I want him back. Claire: yayyyyy !!!!! JUSTIN'S POV: *NEXT DAY* I was packing my bags to go to France my next stop. I missed jayane. Where is she ? How is she doing ? I have to focus on the tour I have to for my fans, my beliebers. My concert was in two days but I wanted to spend time there it's a beautiful country.------------》 We were now in the plane and about to land it was about 6am in france on a Saturday morning. My concert was on Sunday. We went to the hotel and I slept so I would rest a bit. JAYANE'S POV: I woked up at 11am I had work at 12 today so I got ready for work. I just wored some usual cloth my pink skinny jeand a white sweatshirt. It was nice. I tooked my coat and started walking to work. It was about 30 mins of walking. And then I arrived. I was a cashier there. I just wered my apron and tooked clients orders. Me: one bigmac and an apple pie with a cola. I turned to give the order. When I turned my back to the cashier and then I saw someone that I wasn't planning on seeing. It was justin. I just started at him. Admiring his gorgeou s eyes. Justin: exuse me miss !! I shaked my head in a no amd I ran to the door he gave me a weird look and before I go out I screamed "I miss you juju. I still love you" I ran and made sure he didn't follow me. I didn't stop running till I arrived at Claire's house. I knocked on the door. Claire opened it. Claire: what are you doing here? Me: Justin he was at McDonald's. Claire: oh u see Me: I wanted to hug him. Kiss him. Embrace him. Juju my baby. Claire: lets go shopping so you clear your mind. Me: okay. We went shopping and I bought a purple high low skirt I wanted to wear tomorrow at the concert. And some black supras. I also bought a long necklace that said "never say never" and a "I love you justin Bieber" shirt it was going to be my outfit for tomorrow. We went back home and it was already 8pm. Woow. I went to bed and slept.
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