I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


24. My mom is back

JAYANE'S POV: The show was done and me and Justin went back home. It was 6 pm but I was tired so I went to bed without thinking and I felt asleep. *THE NEXT MORNING* I woked up and I was late for school. I got ready and without saying goodbye I left the house and went to school. When I arrived in class the students were doing the exam I sat in my desk and I started doing mine. I was happy but I felt like something bad is going to happen. I finished the test and I went out of my class. When I opened the main door of the school I saw someone I wasn't expecting to see. It was my mom. I tried to avoid her but she was in the front of the door. Me: what do you want from me ? Mom: you're Justin is now out of our house. And you are coming with me. You're grounded jayane. I went to the car and I saw a man in the driving seat. Me: who is he ? Mom: my boyfriend I've been dating him ever since your dad died and you're going to respect him like your own dad understood? Me: yes mom Omg I alread missed Justin. When we got home my mom pushed me to my room and she locked the door behind her. I sat in my bed and cried. As I was cryiny I heard my phone ringing I saw who is calling me and it was justin. Me:justin I need your help. Justin: what's wrong? Did your mom do anything to you? ? Me:she locked me in my room and a she's not letting me out of here. Justin: what to do ? Me: justin I have to escape from the Window it's our only hope. Justin: yeah I know. Me: can you come and help me in that ? Justin:how the hell am I going to come in ? Me: don't just wait for me down my room's window and I'll try to jump I just need support. By the way I missed you so much. Justin: me too baby I missed you too. I'll be right there. I opened the window and I stared at how high it was. Wooow it was really high. I sat on the window's border and I throwed myself out of it. I hit the ground so hard I couldn't move of pain. "Ahhhhh my leg" In a few minutes justin was here. JUSTIN'S POV: I arrived and I saw jayane on the floor crying. Me: omg baby are you okay ? Jayane: ahhhh my leg hurts so bad Me: lets go to the hospital to check on it. I picked her uo of the floor and I walked to my car. I layed her in the back seat and I got in mine. Me: it's gonna be okay honey you're safe with me. We arrive at the hospital and two guys from the emergency came and tooked her away. I sat in the waiting room. I was worried about her. What if something bad happens to her. After about 1 hour a doctor came to me and told me that she's okay but she has a small broke in he leg and that she have to rest. She was able to go out of the hospital. So after the putted her a case the leg. I tooked her to the hotel the crew was staying at for a while. We were leaving Canada on Monday and today was Wednesday. When we got the suite I am staying in. I layed her in the bed and she felt asleep. "It's okay baby your mom only wants your best but keeping you away from me isn't the best she can do" I whispered in her ear. Her exams were over so she's free to stay with me.
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