I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


4. mall trip with sasha

I woked up the next morning and my little sis was still asleep. I went dowm to the kitchen and on the fridge i found a note that says "Jayane i'm going to NYC for 10 days be careful and take care of ur sis MOM" Well since she's not home breakfast is on me. I started doing pancakes cz i knew that Kristy loved them. When they were done i went to my bedroom where kristy was sleeping and woked her up. "Good morning baby" i told her and gave her a kiss on her cheek "Good morning juji" "common wake up and eat ur breakfast we r going shoppinh with sasha today!!""okay juji" she answerd and rubbed her eyes. We went down to the kitchen and ate and when we finished we got ready to go out. Sasha was going to come so we can go to the mall by my car. (Yes i have a car justin bought me a red porsh for my 16 th bday). We finished getting ready Sasha arrived and we went to the mall. *In The Mall* We went in and out of stores buying cloth but we found nothing to Kristy so i promised her to buy what ever she wants if we found something. While walking we went in a shoe shop and Kristy found a cute littlr supra that will fit her perfectly so she said "Juji can i get these.It's justin's favorite plzzzz plzzzz" she begged but i accepted immediatly. At the end of the shopping trip it was about 2 pm and kristy bought a bieber shirt and her purple supras and a bieber necklace She was kinda big belieber and she just loved justin. I asked sasha if she can take Kristy to her place cz i had a date and she accepted .We said our goodbyes and they left . I was suppose to meet Mike at Friday's @ 2:30 and it will take like 20 mns So i went the the parking place and drived out of the mall.
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