I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


34. Jazzy and jaxo are here

JAYANE'S POV : I woked up and I had a headache. Justin was sleeping next to me and I was in different cloth wow even undies. I can't remember what really happened yesterday all I do is that I drank for the first time in my life. I hugged justin and he woked up. Me : I am sooooo sorry baby I didn't wanna wake you up. Justin : baby it's okay I'm happy that I woked up next to you. Me : awwwww baby. What are we going to do today ? Justin : well dad Eiren and the littles are going to come so we are going to mom's house. That's it. Me : awwww I miss Jazmyn and jaxon it's been a while. Last time I saw them jaxan couldn't walk yet. Justin : they growed up alot. Me: I know. So when should I get ready ? Justin : not before 2pm since they are going to arrive at 2:30. Me: oh soo we have time. Justin : yeah we do. Come here let me embrace you. I went closer to justin and we cuddled in bed all friendly and nicely. After staying im bed all day just talking and cuddling it was 2pm and we had to go get ready. Justin : what do you think I should wear ? Me: I don't know it's your problem. Justin : is it?! Is it? He started tickling me. Me: justin stop it. Please. Justin: why should I ? I was laughing soo hard and then he finally stopped. Me: I hate you. Justin : do you ? Me: yes. Of course I was lying. Justin: then get out of this. He kissed my lips and well I kissed back. Justin : I thought you hated me. Me: haha yeah right. I loooove you. Justin: I lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love you. Me: me too baby. I hugged him. I chose a pink skinny jeans and a white shirt with a purple and pink butte fly and a pair of flat shoes. I got my purse and went to the garden to wait for justin who came after me in a few minutes. Justin: you look cute. Me: thank you. And you do too. We arrived to pattie's and jeremy and the family were already there. When I saw Jazmyn and jaxon I ran to them sat on my knees and hugged them. Me: do you remember me ? Jazmyn: I do. Jaxon: but I don't. Juju who is this ? Justin: she knows yoi ever since you were just born jaxo. She's my girlfriend. Jazmyn : can we play with my dolls juji ? Me: of course baby. Jaxon: but I don't like dolls. I wanna play spiderman. Me: we can play whatever you want sweety. Barbie dolls spiderman anything. Jazmyn : yayy. Me: but not now okay after we eat lunch. I went to see justin who was with his dad mom and step-mom. Me: jeremy I missed you. I hugged him. Jeremy: me too juji. Long time no see. Me: I know amd eiren you too. Eiren: me too jayane. Pattie: lets start eating simce everyone is here. Justin : jazzy jaxo come eat. They came and we started eating the kids sat with their parents and I sat next to justin. We were eating our food and talking. Me: Justin jazy and jaxo are even cuter then I remember. Justin : awww thank you baby. How many kids are we going ti have ? Me: ummm.... I want 3. Justin : oh yeah ? Me too. Me: I love baby girls and I also love baby boys but girls art cuter. Justin : yeah and you're the cutest girl I have ever seen. Me : thank you baby. And you're the most handsome boy I ever saw. Justin : thanx babe. We finished our lunch and I went to play hide and seek with Jazmyn and jaxon and of course justin. Me : ready or not here I come. It was my turn to seek. I found Jazmyn hiding behind jeremy and jaxon under the table. Mmm... I still have justin. Pattie : justin went in the house. Don't tell him I told you. Me : thank you. I went in the house to find justin he was nowhere to find. JUSTIN'S POV : I was hiding myself in the bathroom of my room. I guess she won't find me here. I was waiting for her to show up but she didn't so I opened the bathroom's door slowly and she was in nt my room looking out from the window she was thinking I suppose. I went out of the bathroom and I stood behind her and putted my head on her shoulder and rapped my arms around her waist. Me : it's a nice view isn't it ? Jayane : yeah baby it is. Me : what are you thinking of ? Jayane : of us. Me you Me : what's wrong with us ? Jayane : I don't wanna lose you justin I can't. I know my love for you will never leave my heart and you're the only one I have right now and I can't lose you. Justin : baby I'm here to stay. I will never leave you ever. Remember that juji. Jayane : justin I love you more than anything. More than myself baby Me : me too baby. And even more.
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