I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


19. Jayane&justin

JAYANE'S POV: I was studying when justin came in my room. Justin:You have been studying for almost 4 hours u musy stop now. Me:okay baby. He came and lifted me up from my shair. Justin:I was waiting for the word baby to come out of your mouth for soooo long. Me:then say it to me too. Justin: you're my baby. Me:Baby baby baby ohh like baby baby baby nooo like baby baby baby ohhh. Justin:I love the fact that u know all my songs. Me:Of course i do. Now put me down please. He tooked me to the bed and he layed me down and layed next to me. Justin:Tell me what you used to do with mike when you were alone. Me:well nothing special. Justin one night was.. Justin interupted me. Justin:Did you have "IT" with mike. I blushed. Me:No i didn't we kissed for the first and only time. Justin:Oh okay I thought he stole your virginity. Me:No he didn't don't worry. Justin:Juji i want to spend my life with you just holding you close and having you till for ever. I'd give you everything you need and I'll be the best guy you ever met. Me:You already are. Justin: by the way Do I have to sleep on the edge of the other side of the bed ? Me:No juju u can sleep where you want close to me. Justin:Yayyyy finaly. Me:Oh common. Hey u know a couple of days ago i waked up with no shirt on was that you ? Justin:Yeah u were sweating and i.... He blushed and stoped talking. Me:It's okay. I got closer to him and he got his hands arround my shoulders as i putted my hands on his chest. Oh these muscles are just sooooo sexy. JUSTIN'S POV: I was the happiest guy on earth and i didn't need more than i have. An amazing career, a supportive family, amazing fans, and a girlfriend that love me trust me and support me. Me:Jayane you're everything i need to be happy. Jayane: And you're everything i need to live. I kissed her forehead and the suddently her phone was ringing. JAYANE'S POV: My phone started ringing and i picked it up. It was mom. Me:hiiii Mom:What do you think you're doing ? Me: what am I doing ? Mom:You're dating that bieber aren't you Me:Yes mom I am and u should deal with it. My mother started yelling. Mom:You better leave him or elss ??. Me:Or elss what mom ? Or elss what ? Mom: trust me young missy u'll be in soo much trouble. Me:He's my love mom I don't care what you think of him. I'm happy with him and u should be happy for me. Mom:Jayane Delouis i said you better leave him!! Me:don't you "jayane delouis" me. And with that I hunged up the phone. Justin:What's wrong ? Me:It's mom she said i better leave you or elss. Justin:Don't worry i'm bit gonna let anybody break us appart even if it is your mom. Me:Awwwww i love you justin. Justin:I love you too. Now go to bed u must wake up early because u need to be in a good mood to do well in your exam. Me:Okay justin. Goodnight teddy bear. Justin:Good night my bunny. He turned off the lights and we felt asleep in each others arms.
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