I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


23. Jayane on the ellen show

JUSTIN'S POV: We arrived to the studio where they shoot the ellen show and we went in. Ellen welcomed us and then went to start the show. *THE ELLEN'S SHOW* Ellen:Our first guests today are a couple that has been on magazines TV news papper and all over the internet. Please welcome justin bieber and his girlfriend jayane. Me and jayane got in holding hands and we sat on the couch that was there for us. Ellen:Hello justin. I hasn't been a while. Justin:Hahahah i know but kissed you anyway. Crowed:awwwwww. Ellen:So tell us jayane... umm whats your last name ? Jayane:Delouis. I looked at her and smiled. Me:No it's bieber. Ellen:Well she's still on her real last name. Maybe later bieber. Jayane:lol yeah. I can see that she was a bit nervous she was holding my hand tight and pressing on it that's what she does when she's nervous always did. Ellen: justin tell us about your girlfriend. Me:She's sweet and funny. She loves snow and she's affraid of storms and lightning. Ellen:you sure know lots about her. Jayane you can leave justin's hand now. No one is going to steel him. Jayane:ummmm.... ehhh.... ooo-kay. Me: its her first time on air so she's nervous. Ellen:oh yeah i get it it's normal. I get nervous too. Jayane:Reallyy ??!! Ellen:No I lied. Jayane laughed. Ellen: tell us something about justin that makes you laugh. Jayane: the fact that he was affraid of cats. Me: and you were affraid if bunnies. And santa clause. Jayane: you were affraid of sharks so u used to hate a pool. And how the heck is a shark coming in a pool ??!! Me: you never know okay. Ellen: ok stop your fight. Jayane: we are not fighting. I can't fight with him. I know i'm going to lose by just looking in his eyes. She looked at me and stared in my eyes I couldn't handle it. So i leaned and kissed her lips. Oh those lips were the thing i wanna kiss all day long. We kissed for about 2 mns. Ellen: who elss wants to hear these love birds singing together ?? Everybody said meee and yeeeah. They got us a mic and jayane my hand "Its gonna be okay baby just sing with me" i whispered in her ear. Me: we are going to sing Never let you go. Jayane: yayyy i love this song. I stood up and went to the stage and jayane folowed me. She stood next to me and we both turned to face each other. "Ill never let you go......." We finished the song. Me: juji i never knew u could sing. Jayane: well now you do We kissed.
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