I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


36. Jayana's birthday

JUSTIN'S POV : *ON JAYANE'S BIRTHDAY* It was 12 noon already. I drove jayane to my mom's because I was planning a surprise for her. I invited bunch of people who are friends and crew some neighbors and I had some party designers over to finish the house and pool. The party was going to start at 9 so I told everyone to come at 8:45 and told jayane not to come before 9:10. I gave mom some money so she would take jayane to buy something for today. I want it to be a good day. I decided to call jayane. After 2 rings she answered. Me: juji baby happy bday Jayane : thank you sooooo much justin. Me : were are you ? Jayane : at the mall with pattie buying some cloth for tonight. Me: mmmm.... I'm here just decorating the house for you. Jayane : I said don't do anything fancy !! Me : it's okay it's not that fancy baby. Jayane : oh okay then baby. See you tonight. I miss you already. Me : I miss you too. Can't wait to see you. Jayane : baby I got to go now pattie got me some stuff to wear. Me : okay take care honey. Byee She hung up the phone. Well then lets go see the party designers. JAYANE'S POV : I hung up the phone and Pattie came. Pattie : here go see if these are good. She gave some cloth. Me: okay. I went to the fitting room and took the fist dress. It was a skin color dress with a white flower on it's shoulder. It was tall and I didn't really like it. The second was purple short dress, it was cute to be honest. It showed half of my thighs and it was strapless. I showed Pattie how I look like in it. Her eyes started tearing. Pattie: oh my god you growed up alot. I just can't believe that. Yesterday you weared my heels to act big and mature and today you're turning 17. I sooo proud of you. I hugged her tight. Me : I love you sooo much pattie. I then went back in the fitting room. *AFTER 2 HOURS OF SHOPPING* Me: ugh I'm soooo tierd. Pattie : you can sleep once we arrive to my place. And I'll wake you up at 8 so you can get ready. Me: I need that. I bought a mini black strapless dress and a pair of red high heels. We arrived at home and I went straight to bed I was exhausted. *AT 8PM* Pattie came in the room and waked me up. I tooked a shower and I dried my hair then Pattie helped me curl my straight light brown hair. She made my make up and even helped get in my dress it was about 9 when I finished and I was waiting for the driver to come and pick me up. JUSTIN'S POV : *AT 9PM * Almost everybody was here. They started getting drunk and twist bought some hot girls. I sat with them and I drank some shots and then more and more and more I got disy and girls were sitting arround me just playing with my hair and caressing my body. JAYANE'S POV : I arrived to justin's house and paparazzi were at the door. "Is it your birthday ?" "Look here please!!" They yelled I ignored and focused at the house it was all lighty and people were going in and sitting at the pool. Wooow I said I didn't want something fancy. I saw alfredo holding a camera and he was filming me. Me: fredo !! Fredo : jayane you're here finally !! Happy birthday. Me: thank you is justin there ? Fredo : yeah come in. I went in eith fredo who followed me with his cam and searched for justin everyone greeted me and said hello but I didn't find justin. I went to the living room and he was there with girls all over him cuddling and more than 5 bottles of wine and alcohol and vodka. He was definitely drunk. Me: baby stop drinking. Justin : I'm 19 I do what ever I wanna do. Me: justin you're drunk. Justin : so what I have a life unlike you ! Me: justin stop that!! For loves sake Justin : get the fuck out of my face you whore. I don't love you in fact I hate you. Get out of my house you bitch. Let me have fun loving these girls. He said that and kissed the cheek of a girl. Me: you know what justin ? I will go but don't you dare talk to me anymore. I hope the girl twist got you can love you good. I said and tears ran down my cheeks I ran out of the house ignoring everything and everyone around even the paparazzi and the cameras everything. I ran in these enoying heels followed by paparazzi and I just ran ignoring them. I arrived in a place where the streets were empty. And no one was arround exept one paparazzi with a filming camera but he then fide himself. I walked and walked then stoped because I saw a man standing in the middle of the road. I tried to step back but I was stoped because of something hard. I don't remember seeing a wall. I turned around and I was two men. Oh no !! I was still crying and seeing them made me shake of frightening. Man: well well well look who we have here. The other man: bieber's girlfriend heein ??!! Me: No. Y-you're w-wrong. Man : shut up. We know who you are. Me: please let me go. I have nothing to do with bieber Man: yeah right !! You're all over the news. Me: it's not me. Man: shut up. He slapped my face hard. I tried to run but I couldn't one of them catched me. Man: you're trying to run aren't you ? He hitted my tummy sooo hard I couldn't breath normally. I was going to fall on the floor if they weren't holding me. Man: take her. He said. They hitted me with something on my head and everything went black. I woked up and it was morning. I was crying all night thinking about what justin told me. I hate him sooo much. How could he say that ??!! The man came in the room where I was tied to a small bed. Man: you're finally awake ! I didn't answer him. Man: silent treatment ? I looked at him with my teary puffy eyes. Man: you're tapping me on my last nerve. He came to me and slapped me. Me: please don't hurt me I beg you. Man: it depends. If you're going to give us what we want you will be safe Me: what do you want from me anyway ? Man: your boyfriend's money you slut. Me: and how is kidnapping me a way to get money? Man: we'll get justin bieber to pay us money by telling him that we'll kill you if he don't. Me : he doesn't care. I'm just an other girl. He won't even notice I'm gone. Man: we'll see about that. Me: and how much are tou going to ask for me ? Man: 3 million dollars. Me: you're a criminal. Go find a job. Man: shut up. He slapped me again. He then untied me and got out of the room then locked the door. I was sitting on the floor holding knees close to my face and crying. My phone was gone it wasn't in the sides of my bra anymore. Then I heard some talking. "Can I see that girl dad ?" A voice said "go in" the man who was here said. The doorr was unlocking and a boy came in. He seemed 19 or 20 not more. Dark brown hair, green eyes and a muscaly body. The boy: oh jeez !! Look what we have here. I didn't bother look up. The boy: stand up. I didn't answer. The boy: I said stand up. He yelled at me. I got up because I was scared he'll hurt me. The boy: holly shit !! You're sexy. Turn arround. I didn't turn around. The boy: I said turn around. God if you're not going to obey me I'll beat the fuck out of you. I turned around. And he slapped my ass. The boy: be a good girl and get out of this dress. Me: no. Please no. The boy: if it's like that. He got closer and latterly ripped the dress. I was now half exposed to him.
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