I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


30. I'm in L.A

JAYANE'S POV : We were finaly here. Justin went out of the van and I did as well. The crew went tovtheir places while me and justin went to visit pattie. The house was huge like I never seen for real. We went in from a big black door and we were in a beautiful garden with flowers and a pool. Wooow. Am I dreaming? We walked tocthe front door of the house and we knocked waiting for pattie to open it and when she did. She pulled me and hugged me. Pattie : oh my god juji. Look at you !! You growed up. Me: it has been two years. Pattie: you're taller and hotter. Woow no wonder justin is in love with you. Justin: moom stop it. Me: it's okay baby. Pattie: come in come in !! We went in and the inside was even bigger and fancier. Me: wooow this house is amazing. Pattie : wait till you see justin's house it's even better. Me: is that possible? Pattie: anyway how have you been? I was about to answer when justin came and said he's going to take a shower. We went to the kitchen and we sat on shairs drinking colf juice. Pattie: so what's new ? Me: oh nothing. I looked down thinking about kristy and mom and my eyes started to water. Pattie: what's wrong? Me: didn't justin tell you? Pattie: about what ? Me: mom and cristy are... Pattie: what ? What is it? Me: they died. I said and I ran out of the kitchen not knowing the house I just ran out and sat on the stairs. When pattie came. Pattie : jayane I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. Me: it's okay I get emotional. Pattie: well it is bad to lose your family. But you're not alone now. Me: I know I have justin and his family. And I'm thankful but I miss my little sister. Pattie: awwww It must feel bad. Me: it does. Pattie: baby it's okay. I promise you that I'll be like a mom for you and just treat me like I am your real mom. Me: thank you. We sat there in the fresh air on cold stairs in a complete silent. And then justin came. Justin: baby do you wanna swim now ? Me: Yeah baby sure wait I'll just put on my bikini. Where did you put my bags ? Justin: in my room I'm coming with you baby. We'll be back mom. Pattie: okay baby I'll be in the living room. Justin pulled me from my hand and pushed me up the stairs. Me: justin slow down, I just got the case off my leg. Justin: sorry baby !! Me: it's okay. We arrived to a room and I guess it was justin's room. Justin: your bags are over there. Me: okay baby. I opened my bag and searched for my bikini and I found it. Me: justin get out I wanna change. Justin: common I'm your boyfriend. Me: justin please not when I have to wear a bikini. Justin: fine juji. I'll be near the pool. He went out and I weared my white stipped black bikini. And covered my body with a towel and went down to the pool were justin was laying on a beach shair shirtless with a blue beachwear. I went and sat on the edge of his beach shair. Me: babyyy lets go in the water. Justin: okay baby lets go. He stood up and we went and stood on the border of the pool. Me: ahhhh the water is cold. Justin: common go in. Me: you go first. Justin: or..... Before I knew justin held me up and jumped in the pool. It was deep water so i felt like I was drowning. We swam for about 1 hour and the we went out of the pool I tooked a shower and joined justin who was laying in the bed. Justin: do you wanna go take a walk around ? Me: sure but don't you have work today? Justin : no but tomorrow I do. Me: okay then lets go. I was wearing a pink short short and a white tee top that said " kiss me". And we went out .
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