I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


41. I will stay

JUSTIN'S POV: It was about 9 at night and I was thinking about McDonald's.Her purple dip died hair and these green eyes were strange. She said she misses me. I wish I focused on the voice but I didn't it was noisy in the restaurant. Well I better go to bed now. Tomorrow will be a full practice day. *NEXT DAY* I was getting ready for my practice. It was 12pm and I had practice till 3 then free time till 7 before the concert. I practiced and I finished at 3:30pm. I decided to go to my hotel to chill play some video games and relax. JAYANE'S POV: -----------》it was 6:30pm and we were done getting ready. I weared my high low skirt the black supra the shirt and the necklace and left my hair straight as it is with his purple ends. It was really nice. Her father drove us to the arena. It was 7:30 when we arrived. We went ti the gate. There was a security man. "Tickets please" Me: I need no tickets to see my baby preform. Man: miss go away if you have no ticket. Me: but I'm jayane delouis. Man: and I'm brad Pitt. Kenny came. Kenny: what's going on here ? Me: kenny it's me jayane. Kenny: jayane oh my god I'm soo glad to see you. Me: I wanna get in the concert. Kenny: you need no permission just go in. Me: okay. She's with me. Claire: yeah. Kenny: sure. I'll handle this security man later. We went in and beliebers were wild screaming justin's name and "ahhhhhhh" they are really excited and happy that they are here. We went to the first row and I put on some glasses so justin won't recognize me. The show was about to start. The screaming got louder and the crowd got wilder. I did the same as them and Claire screaming and waiting for justin to come in with his angel wings. He was slowly going down and when he was on the floor dancers unhooked him. "France are you ready ??? Lets make some noice !!!!" He yelled as he started singing all around the world. -------------》 justin sang all around the world, boyfriend, beauty and a beat, out if town girl, as long as you love me and more. Justin: so we sang lots of my the believe album. Lets sing never let you go. Okay ? The music started playing and he was singing when suddenly he started crying and stoped. Everybody was like "what's wrong?". Then justin talked with a shaking voice. Justin : this song reminds me of my baby girl jayane. She used to love singing this song with me, it was one of her favorite songs. I made a mistake and she got mad at me and I won't forgive myself about what I did to her. I was wrong and I know it but what happened happened. She was kidnapped and it was all my fault I am the reason why she did. I payed and they let her go but she was broken because of me and she left. She traveled somewhere I don't know where. But she's in my heart. I can't live without her and I love her more than anything else in the world. I need her back without her I'm nothing. I just want to sing this song so she will know that I love her and I need nothing but her. And of course you guys" I need to go and forgive him right now I just have to. Kenny was standing in front of the backstage door I ran to him. Me: Kenny I need a microphone can you get me one ? Kenny: come with me. He tooked me back stage and he gave me a mic. JUSTIN'S POV: I'm standing in front of over 1000 people crying. I need jayane. I was about to continue singing but............ "I did leave you justin but I never stopped loving you. My love to you is unbreakable and unstoppable be sure. I always was yours and always be. You made a mistake but the words you said were all just words and not the truth. Being away of you made me realize I'm nothing without you justin. I'm all yours and there is no power in the whole world that can take me away from you. I was here in France ever since I left the usa. Justin I love you and I will always do" it was jayane. As she finished these words she came out to the stage. She got closer and then stopped. "I'm not ready to leave you justin and I'm never going to be. If you want me to stay with you I will stay" she continued. I was speechless I just ran to her hugged her and spinned her around kissing her cheek. "I'm sorry jayane take me back please" I said "I'm yours justin forever and only yours baby" we kissed for a long while. The fans were all like awwwwwwwww and clapping. "Now lets all sing together including you jayane" we all sang never let you go. It was time for the ollg. I wanted to choose jayane but she said I had to choose another one and she picked the girl. My jayane is finally mine again only mine.
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