I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


9. he's finaly here :D

JAYANE'S POV: *thursday morning* I woked up soooo exited because justin was going to come in 2 hours. I searched in my closet to see what I can wear. I wanted to wear something sexy ;) U know so i can get justin's attention. I weared some short shorts and a t-shirt that said "I ♥ U" it was nice. I puted on some lip stick and a pit of eye liner so i look pretty. I curled my tall and brown hair. I looked well perfect. I tooked my car and went to the airport. In 20 mns I got there. There were screaming fans and lots of people it was hard to go in but after pushing some people and then i was in. It was kinda noisy inside too. I waited for about 30 mns and then i heard some girls screaming "omg he's here he's here." I knew it was justin. In some minutes i saw him and i actualy wanted to screamg. GOSH he only gets sexier time by time. He saw me and smiled. He throwed his bagage and he started runing toward me and before i knew it he was holding me tight i almost wasn't able to breath but I like it and i hugged him back. He kissed my cheeks and i blushed. Justin:JUJIII!! woow ur soooo pretty. Me:Not bad yourself Bieber. He pulled me for an other hug. We were talking about missing each other and fighting cz each of us said it was him who missed the other one more when justin's bodyguard came with justin's stuff "justin we r going to the hotel common" he told justin. "Well i guess i'm coming too" justin answered. I felt sad i wanted him to stay at my place. "Well justin ur on vacation soo can u come and sleep at my place i'm alone and Kristy won't be back till the day aftdr tomorow. Plzzz i don't wanna be alone u know o hate it" i begged. Justin looked at me with a smile on his face. "Okay I will love to go to ur place." He told me as he tooked his bags and followed me to my car. We went out from a special private door and when we arrived home i tooked his bags to my room (where he was going to sleep) i had a king sized bed so i'll share it with justin and that makes me even happied ;P. "Where am I going to sleep?" Justin asked me. "Well i know u hate sleeping on the couch soo i thought we can share my bed. U know like we used to do wjen we were kids" i answered "won't i be enoying you ?" "Not at all justin It's okay" JUSTIN'S POV: When she told me i was going to sleep in her bed i felt like i was going to jump of happiness. I will be able to be with her and close to her even when i'm sleeping dreaming about us together. "Justin do u need anything?" I heard her sweet voice saying as she came in the living room where i was sitting on the couch. "No thank you juji. Come and sit here next to me i missed you and ur little talks my bunny"i told her. Jayane:I'm almost 17 stop calling me that. Me: but ur always going to be ky bunny. Jayane:and ur my teddu bear. She was now sitting on the couch next to me. Me:tell about ur "bf". Jayane:well he's flurty and a playboy. He doesn't treat me good and he sometimes ignores me. To be honest i have no feelings for him but i have to be with him. Me:Oh u don't like him ? In my heart i was soooo relived when she said it. I have a chance. Jayane:Not even a bit. U can say he's even less than my friend. Me:can i know these reasons that make u stay with a boy like him ? JAYANE'S POV: Justin:can i know these reasons that make u stay with a boy like him ? Me:Well it's personal. Justin:Oh ok if u don't wanna tell me it's okay U will later i know it. Me:yeah maybe !! What was I suppose to say "the reasons i'm with him is because i'm in love with you and i thought meeting other people would make me forget you but i didn't work cz my feelings are sooo strong" ???? He will think i'm crazy. Tears started runing down my cheeks and then i felt two strong arms holding me. Justin got his arms arround my shoulders and he pulled me close to him so my head was on his chest . "It's okay juji ! Cry it all out.I'm here for you" i heard him saying. I cried in his arms till i felt asleep and i guess he did too.
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