I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


29. Goodbye sasha!! You will be missed

JAYANE'S POV : *SUNDAY AT 12 NOON* I ate my breakfast early today and justin had something to do with the crew. The tour was going on and they had a rehearsal for tuesday in L.A. I was waiting for sasha to come to the mall so we can spend the day together. I told her that I'll wait for her in Starbucks and I did. She had to come in any minute. Oh here she is. I stood up and payed for ky dring then went to her and hugged her. Me: we're going to shop like never before. I'm going to buy everything I find and want. Sasha: woow did justin give you money ? Me: No my mom left about 2000 $ that I found so I tooked them. Sorry not sorry. Sasha:It's your right to get the it. Me: yeah I know now lets start. Sasha: yeah lets go. We went in H&M and I bought some skinny jeans and a purple tee top. After going in and out of the shops we arrived to Victoria's secret. Me: lets go in. Sasha : what for ? Me: I wanna buy some new undies. Sasha: haha yeah. We went in and I found some cute underwear. While I was paying sasha started joking. Sasha: mmmm... I bet justin will looooove to see you wearing these when he's going to steal you virginity. Me: shut up. I still need some bikinis. Sasha: okay lets go. I bought 3 bikinis and by the end of the shopping trip it was 4pm. Me: woow that was a long shopping trip. Sasha: I can't believe it's a goodbye. Me : me neither after all these years. But we're going to keep our special relationship. Right? Sasha: of course. We hugged and left out some tears. Sasha: it's going to be your first time in a plane. How do you feel ? Me : a bit scared. But well I have justin and his crew.Sasha: I know you better than you do. And I know you won't take it easy. She was right. Me: I know but I'll try to stay calm. I wish you're with me Sasha: I'll come and visit you sometimes when I can. What are you going to do for school ? Me: I don't know but I'll just have to quit or something. Inot coming back here. I have nothing but you now. Sasha: but you have to study. Or your going to end up on streets. Me: Nah I won't. I'll just have to find some way to study there. Maybe online. Sasha: jayane I only want the best for you and you know that. In a few hours you'll be at the airport waiting for your plane to arrive so you can go countries away from where you are. Just have fun there and try to make your life worth living. I'm going to miss you and of course I'll feel a bit lonely but be sure that I'm happy for you. Try to keep your relationship with justin strong not because he's famous but because you waited a long time for him and he's here. I'm going to come to the airport with you today to tell a few words to justin. And take this to remembed. She tooked out of her pocket a box with a braclet in it a braclet she bought a few months ago Me: I can't take it. That tooked you years to get enough money to buy it and you always wanted it more than anything. Sasha: I know but I want you to have it. All these years you were pushing me to do stuff that I never thought would he possible through my fears amd tears please take it. Me: thank you sasha. Really it means the world to me. We hugged. Me: sasha I want you to have something really expensive and precious to me too. Sasha: what is that ?. Me: my car. I want you to have it. I'm not going to take it with me and I won't need it there so please accept it please. Sasha: how can I say no ? Me: hahahaha We went to her place and we ate lunch then justin called amd tald me that we have to go to the airport now because the flight time has changed forvsome reason. Sasha drived me to the airport and she came in with me. Justin's bodyguard tooked my shopping bags to the rest of the luggage. And after a few minutes justin came. Sasha: justin I want you to take care of her. And I want you to make her the happiest girl on earth. She's a bit sensitive so don't hurt her feelings. She's my sister andbi want you to always be there for her because I'm not and celebrate her birthday with a small party and take her out on sunny days just everything to make her happy. Awwww she really cared about me. Justin: I will. Jayane I have something to give you in front of the crew and sasha. Me : Awwwwww what is it ? Justin got on his knee and tooked out of his jacket pocket a ring box. HE'S NOT GOING TO PROPOSE RIGHT ??!! Justin : jayane your the only person I need in my life. And I got you a promise ring. Promise me to let me pay for you in amything you need and promise me that someday you will be the one I'm going to share my life with..... my wife. I got on my knees too and I kissed his lips. Alfredo: so is that a yes ? Sasha: I guess. Me: it is a yes. Justin I won't be klingy when it comes to you paying for me but as long os it's useful and I will give back the good I'm okay. He putted the ring in my finger amd stood up and kissed my lips Justin: just stay with me and it will be enough. We said our goodbyes and we went in the waiting place to wait for the plane to be ready. Me and justin started singing with all the crew. Scooter braun was here and all of us were singing. Alfredo lil twist allison dan everyone. It was fun we sang some of justin's sonhs and some others and we had a good time waiting for the plane. Even though I was NERVOUS.
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