I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


20. Give her a chance !!

JUSTIN'S POV: i woked up the next morning and it was 5am i sleped realy good. Jayane had 30 more minutes to sleep. I got up slowly because i didn't wanna wake her up. I went down stairs and called my mom. I wanted to tell her about me and jayane. I don't think that mom was awake but she will when i call her. And i did. Me:Goodmorning mom Pattie:Good morning juju. What made you call me that early in the morning. Justin:I missed you and i wanted to tell you that i have a guest coming with me on my vacation with the family. Pattie:Awwww who is it? Me:My new girlfriend. Pattie:You have a girlfriend ??!! Who is she ? Me:Oh don't worry she's already family. Pattie:Oh baby !! Do you mean Jayane ? Me:Yes mom !! Turns out that she loves me ever since i did. Pattie:Oh my god justin !! I'm sooo happy for you. And i really miss spending time with her. It have been almost about 2 years i haven't seen her. She's more than welcome. Me:Thank you mom. Byee sorry that i woked you up. Pattie:No it's okay. Bye honey. It was raining out side and a bit snowing. That's canada. JAYANE'S POV: It was 5:35 when i woked up. Justin wasn't in bed. I dressed myself up and i got ready for school. I wored a blue and black top with a white skinny jeans and my beje boots and i packed my pencil case cz i didn't need my backpack and i tooked my purse and went down stairs. Justin was watching TV when I came in. Me:Good morning justy. Justin:Good morning baby He came abd hugged me from behind. Justin:Don't you wanna eat break fast ? Me:No i'll be back at 10 i can eat then. Justin:Okay i'll come pick you up and we can go eat in a restaurant. Me:No it's okay u don't need to come. Justin:I want to. I wanna take my girlfriend for breakfast. Me:Okay And after we finish eating can you take me to the cancer center to see Kristy i haven't seen her since sunday night at the concert. Justin:Of course. I'll go to visit some childrens there too. U know to entertain them and so. Me:Justin I wanna thank you again for paying money for my sister's treatment. I'll pay back i promise. Justin: You don't have to. What i own is yours. So consider that you payed that money. Me:No justin, i don't wanna use you like that. Then everybody will think that i loved you for your money. Justin:But i know you're not. Now let me drive you to school come. We went to justin's car amd he tooked me to school. When we arrived I was about to open the door when justin grabbed ky hand. Justin:Can u wait for you here ? It's only 4 hours and i must come back. Me: no justin don't. You will get bored. Justin:No it's okay i have my phone i'll just tweet my fans and listen to music while yoir gone. Me:Okay baby. Bye. I went out of the car and started to walk to the schools door and i felt justin's hand arround my waist. Me:justin let goo Justin:Can i get a kiss please. Me:okay. I turned to face justin and I saw that some students were coming but i ignored them and kissed justin on his soft lips. I breaked that kiss and he kissed me again. After about 1 min we stoped kissing. Justin:I'll be over here in ky car when you finish baby Me:okay now byeee. I went in school to the exams class and started my exam. I looked at the watch it was 6:30. I had a chemisty test between my hands . JUSTIN'S POV: I logged in to twitter and twitter "Waiting for ky girlfried to finish school !! Helo me wast my time :P"in less than 1 minute i had over 1000 reply all saying "You can come over to my place and u'll have fun ;)" and other stuff. I tweeted beliebers and followed some. Then u started reading what was on my timeline. "Ugh she's ugly Why did he chose her as his gf??" And "Woowww look at her such a bitch" or "who is she anyway ? And how does he know her??" It's my fault that i didn't say that she was my bff. No one knew who she was. They obly knew ryan chazz and christian and of course caitlin. I had to tell the world that she's my bff too but why didn't I ?? I waited here and i was reading all the hate that jayane is getting from my own fans and then i knew what to do. I went into my gallery and i had some pics of me and jayane as kids i had taken them in picture from the albums i have at home. I posted oved 20 pics of me and her with a comment of when did this pic have place and stuff like these. And the last one was when i was 15 and she was 13. A pic where we were wearing almost the same thing and i commented saying (I felt in love with ever back when i was only 15 and today i'm 19. So plzz guyz give her a chance for me ?) I wanted them to know that she's amazing. And in some minutes all of them tweeted back saying that they will give her a chance and good stuff like she's beautiful i was just jealous. I looked at tge clock it was 9. 1 more hour left.
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