I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


18. FINALLY !!!

JUSTIN'S POV: I finished from ellen's show and I was soooo happy first because i knew that Jayane loved me And second because i made it official between us two even if it's not. I went to buy some flowers before i go to jayane's place. Iwas going to ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend. I hope she want tell me that she's affraid it's going to come between us and all these stuff that are usual said when 2 best friends are in love. Because if she said yes i promise i'm going to keep her with me till 4 ever. I bought flowers red roses and i went to jayane's place. When i arrived I knocked on the door and I waited for her to come and open it. She finaly did and she stood up there looking at me . She was wearing the cutest puffy short skirt and a tank top. Jayane: what was all the interview about? Me:Can you take these plz. She tooked the flowers of my hands and went out and sat on the bench that was out aide her door. Me:Listen Jayane .. She interupred me Jayane:What did you do that ? It's all just lies. I'm not your girlfriend. Tears started runing down her cheeks. Me:Jayane listen to me please. Ever since I was 15 I have a feeling inside my heart It burns and feel bad sometimes and sometimes it feels amazing. I was just stupie to figure out what it was for a while and then when i left to go to NYC i knew that the feelings i have for you... She interupted again. Jayane: the feelings you had for me were LOVE right ?? Me:Yes love and i'm proud to say it. I hided all these feelings in my heart for 4 years but i can't anymore I want you to know that i love you more than anyone and i see in you what i see in nobody elss. You are sooi special and you're all i want to have in my life. Jayane:Me too justin. When i was only 13 i felt for you too and i hided then as well and for me you're my eveything too. But i can do nothing about them. You are a famous pop star and i'm just a normal girl. Me:No you're not You're my love and juju please i beg you just be mine? She was crying and I was just standing there hoping she say yes. Jayane:I always was yours but you never releazed that.y Me:Just say that you're mine. She stood put and throw herself in my arms and i hugged her tight. Jayane:I'm all yours justin all yours. Me:Just mine. Jayane:I can't believe it after 4 years we shared these feelings and we didn't tell each other about them. Me:I guess. Jayane: you can let me go noe justin. Me:No i don't wanna let you go. NEVER. Jayane:as long as you want me to stay i'm never going to leave you.EVER. I let go on her and she was a bit cold. The air was blowing. Me:Here baby you can have my jacket. I gave her my jacket and i rubber her arms. She turned her head so she was facing me. We were staring in each other's eyes. And i knew it was my chance to get my kiss. Finaly my dream. I leaned and closed my eyes and then i felt her sweet lips on mine. Her cherry lip gloss tasted yummy XP. I pulled out of the kiss but she fliped and got her arms arround my nech and kissed me again. It was just perfect. JAYANE'S POV: I stoped kissing his lips. Me: It was a dream of mine to kiss you lips. Justin:It was mine too. We heard a camera's flash and when we turned we saw a papps running away. Justin:I'm sorry it ruind our moment. Me:It didn't. I don't care let the world know that I love you. I want then to know that i'm justin bieber's lover and he's mine. And i don't care what people say. Justin:Me neither. I never did. We laughed. Justin:What about your mom ? Me:what's wrong with her ? Justin:She doesn't want you to date me Me: I don't care She have to deal with it. And pattie ? Justin: mom knows about ky feelings to you ever since the started to get stronger and she was happy because my first love was you Me:awwww I love your mom sooo much and i missed her. I also missed Eren, jeremy jazzy and jaxo soooo much. Justin:They missed you too. And at the first of summer i'm taking 1 month of vacatiomcto go and spend some time with them and you're going to come with me. Me: if i pass my tests. Justin:you will because you going to study all the time. Now go study while i watch TV. He pushed me in the hous and went up stairs to finish my studies after i puted the flowers in water as he watched TV in the living room.
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