I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


35. Chapter 35

JUSTIN'S POV : We were back home after the family's lunch at my mom's it was arround 6 and we had nothing to do. Me : baby what about going out for dinner ? Jayane : I don't know. We can cook at home it will be better. Me: alright you cook Jayane : sure justin. What do you wanna eat ? Me: okay then I'll set the table and you cook and wear something pretty on you. Jayane : okay baby. JAYANE'S POV : I went to the kitchen to check what we have to cook dinner. We had some spaghetti and some tomato sauce so I am doing spaghetti bolonese with meat balls. I started cooking and in arround 45 minutes the food was done. I went upstairs to get ready. I thought I shouldn't dress up all fancy so I just wored purple bra and a mostly puffy black skirt and just some sandals. I wemt back to the kitchen served the food in main plat since justin was supposed to prepare the table and I went outside were I saw the table all set with candles and flowers from the garden . Justin wasn't there. I put the plate on the table and looked for justin. Me: justin baby? Were are you? He was nowhere to find. Me: juju baby common were are you ? And then justin's car arrived back home. Me: justin where were you ? Justin: went to buy something for the desert. Me: awww and what did you get ? Justin : you'll see. Me: okay now come I made some spaghetti for yoy. Justin : yummy. He tooked a bag out of the car and tooked it to the kitchen and then joined me on the table. I served the food and we were eating. Justin : what are you going to do for school ? Me: I don't know. I don't wanna go back there. Justin : you don't have to continue school. You ain't gonna work anyway. Me: I have to justin I want to graduate at least school. Justin : I know baby. It's that I don't want you to leave me to go to canada again. Me: I know justin me neither. But I wanna continue school. Justin : I'll get you teachers. Like home schooled and that way you'll stay with me and study. Me: it will be a great idea. I wanna go find a job justin. Justin : what ??!! No way !! You won't !! Me: baby I have to. I can't live my life making you pay for everything I need. I'm sorry baby I have too. Justin : you can't. Me: let me at least try one job and I'll see. If it turns out bad I'll stop working and if it tirns out good I'll continue. Justin : okay baby. We ate our dinner and we finished justin helped me with the dishes. He tooked that bag out of the kitchen and he went to sit by the pool. I followed him. Justin : baby come sit next to me. I went and sat next to him on the bench. Me: what do you have here ? Justin : strawberries and fondue. Me: yummy !! We started eating and there was only one strawberry left. Justin : here baby you can have it. He added some chocolate fondue on it and he fed half of it it to me. And then he ate the other half of it. Justin : you have some chocolate under you lips. Me: Really ?!?! Were ? Justin : let me take it off. Me: okay baby. He leaned and kissed my bottom lip. Justin : it is gone. Me: thank you baby. You have something on your own too. Justin: really ?! Me: no just wanna kiss you. I kissed him. Justin: your bday is in two days baby !! Me: I know finally !! I'm turning 17 Justin : Awwwwww what do you want to do on your bday ? Me: I don't know. Anything would be great. Justin : mmmmm..... then let me plan it. Me : okay but don't do something fancy just simple. Justin : sure now lets go to bed baby. Me: okay. We went to his bedroom and we laid on the bed after changing in pj's. Justin : you're still wearing the promise ring ? Me: of course I am I still am on the promises. Justin : awwww then I'm good. Me:justin turn the lights off. Justin : okay baby. He turned thh lights off and we slept. Justin wasn't touching me and I just wanted to feel his strong arms arround me while I sleep but I didn't want to ask him so I don't wake him up so I went closer to him and he was playing on his phone. That's weird I thought he's sleeping. He was texting someone, it was lil twist. I could read the texts.*from twist* (Justin she's hotter thab you're girlfriend dude !! Jayane doesn't have to know)*from justin* (I don't know man !) *from twist* (you're 19 you want sex and some sexual care. If your girlfriend doesn't serve it than go find it) *from justin* (but I love jayane and I can't do that ! But it's okay bro I'll see that chick) *from twist* ( that's what I wanted to hear from you bro!! When do you wanna meat her ?) *from justin * (well bring her with you to jayane's bday party on Saturday and I'll see her now good night) I can't believe it. Really ?! He wants to meet up with a girl ? But why ? I went out of bed and in the bathroom "jayane you're still awake ?" I heard justin saying " yeah I am still awake" I said as tears run down from my eyes. After crying in the bathroom I went back to bed hoping that it was a girl for some video or show that he had to choose.
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