I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


27. Can't take it anymore

JAYANE'S POV : I was tierd but I didn't wanna go home. I want to get awat of all my heartaches I already missed Kristy. My little baby, I just can't believe that she's gone. But now she's in a better place. Justin was in the toilet and I couldn't stay here in the hospital waiting for my mom's dead body too. I stood up and went out of the hospital. The front door was still crowded with paparazzi but I didn't care. I wanted to rest to go somewhere and clear my mind. I just walked out egnoring everybody around me. If the wanted pics of me or of justin they just have to take them later not in the most hard times. I walked and kept walking not caring where I'm going. I walked in this cold air and I was freezing but I didn't care. I think I was out of stratford. I arrived to some lake and it was empty no one was there. I sat on a bench and stared at the water for an hour and a maybe more. My phone was turned off. I wanted to be alone I just couldn't take it anymore. I stood up and walked by the water. I was still crying imagining the scene wti found kristy full of blood and when she told me "I'm sorry juji". I flet on my knees and cried. Why Kristy ? Why not me ??. JUSTIN'S POV : It have been more than one hour and I was searching for jayane. She was nowhere I was with Alfredo he volunteered to come with me. Me:She's not answering Alfredo:where can she be ? We are out of stratford and we didn't find her. The car is going out of gas. And befire I knew it the car stoped. Alfredo: shit !! Me:oh fuck !! We have to keep searching fredo please. Alfredo: we can keep searching by walking maybe she's somewhere close. You go this way and I'll go that way and if someone found her he'll call the other. Me:okay. ALFREDO'S POV: I went out of the car and locked it. Me:Lets hope we'll find her. Justin: lets search see you later. Me:okay bro. I walked in the middle of nowhere. And it was cold out here. On my side there was a lake so I went and walked next to it. While walking I saw something on the floor far from me. What can it be ?. I ran toward it and every time I get close to it a noice of crying kept getting stronger. I was finaly a few step away and I realized it's someone a girl. It's jayane. Me:Jayane !! Jayane !! Is it you !! Jayane: go away leave alone. I wanna die. Me: jayane it's me alfredo justin's friend. Jayane: go away. I sat on my knees in front of her and tried to turn her head to see her face. Me:Jayane please lets talk. Jayane: she's gone. She left me here with no family fredo. What can be worst. She stood on her knees and putted her head on my lap and cried. Me: justin and I have been looking for you everywhere and even though I barely know you I got worried. Jayane you're not alone. We are your family and you will never face something hard alone. Justin is here and we all are here for you please stand up and lets go sit there on the bench it's cold here. She stood up and I helped her up she couldn't stand on her feets good so I helped her in that too. We sat on the bench and she kept crying on my chest. Poor girl. JUSTIN'S POV : I searched for long but for nothing. She was nowhere. "BABY WHERE ARE YOU ?" I yelled. In a few minutes, my phone rang it was fredo. Me:hello. No one answered me. But then an angelical voice said :" justin !!" Me:jayane baby is it you ? Jayane: ye-es it's me-e. She couldn't take a breath. Me:give me fredo baby. Alfredo: justin we are by a lake. There's nothing arround. It's not far from the car come fast she needs you. Me:I'm on my way. I started running as fast as possible. And in 10 mns I was infront of a lake but no one was arround. I kept running and then I saw 2 persons sitting on a bench it was fredo and jayane. Me:Juji baby. I ran towards them. And it was really them. I sat next to jayane and I huged her and she huged me back. Me:Juji it's okay. Jayane: I lost her. She's gone. Me: I felt the same when I lost avalanna it hurted but then I thought that now she's an angel up there watching you. She will always be alive in your heart and she will never die in there. She's your guardian Angel now. Alfredo: he's right jayane. She's in a better place now. Jayane: okay. I will rry to move on now. But tomorrow I'm going to have a small funeral in the nearest church from home can you guys come. Me:We are coming we promise. Alfredo: yes we are coming. Me: jayane even if you didn't pass school you're coming with me. Understood ? Jayane: Okay. She looked at me and smiled. Alredo: now lets go. Because our walk back home is going to be long. I putted my coat arround jayane while I was still wearing it. Me:do you feel warmer baby ? Jayane: yes juju. Can I sleep in your hotel suite today ? Me: as if I'm letting you go to your house.
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