I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


32. Can we go to a night club

JAYANE'S POV: *THIRD DAY IN L.A* I woked up after a good night of sleep. Justin had to go to his to the studio for the last day before his vacation. I decider to go for a walk. I weared my sport purple bra, a black sport short and a purple supra. It was sunny so I tooked one of justin's hats and told pattie that I'm going out and went for a walk. It was a nice day in L.A the sun was shinning and the wind was a bit blowing sweetly. I went for a walk around in L.A and while walking I saw Ashley linda and tia some girls I met yesterday on the beach. They are real barbie dolls Linda and tia are Ashley's "copies" they do everything she does and dress in the same color she does. Ashley's dad owns some night club in L.A she's 17 and can go in there and get drunk and stuff. She's weird. I tried to avoid them but they saw me. Ashley: Jayane !! Jayane!! Me: oh heyy I didn't see you there. Ashley: it's okay. I just wanted to ask you if you want to come to the night club tonight it will be fun. Me: I'm only 17 not more. Ashley: I know me too but we can in with noo problem. Me: ummm.... I'm not sure can I bring my boyfriend with me? he's 19 he can go in. Ashley: yeah sure. So see you tonight ? Me: yeah sure. Linda and tia: byee. They went and I continued my walk. ASHLEY'S POV : That girl thinks I don't know who her boyfriend is. Poor her I'm only using her to get her boyfriend to like me and then he will leave her and I will be bieber's girlfriend. I wanna be famous I love it and playing her is the only way. And trust me I will get him. I always get boys and he's just an other one. JAYANE'S POV : I went back home and Justin wasn't here yet so I tooked a nap. It was still 1pm and justin will be here at 2:30 so I can take my nap. *AFTER 2 HOURS * I woked up and justin was laying nect to me watching me sleeping. Me: heyy baby. I kissed him in his lips and he kissed back. Justin: heyyy juji what's up ? Me: I met a girl yesterday and I saw her again today. And she told me that she's inviting me to one of her dads night clubs tonight. And I told her I'm bringing you with me. Justin: a night club ?? You're almost 17 !! It's nit legal. Me: I know but she owns it and well rules are made to break! Justin : okay baby we'll go tonight. Me: yayyy. Now lets go eat lunch Justin: okay baby. We went to the eating room and food was already on the table. Me: it smells yummy Pattie : thank you I tried my best. Justin : did you do this mom ? Pattie: yeah justin for both of you. Me: thank you. Pattie: jayane are you wearing a promise ring ?? I just noticed. Me: yeah !! I said smiling and showing her my ring. Pattie: awww and what promises does it keep ? Me: that I will let justin pay for my living and that someday I'm going to be his wife. Justin: yups. Pattie : awwww that's so cute. Me: I know. Justin: baby do you wanna go out shopping maybe to buy some new cloth to wear. Me: before I left canada I bought lots of cloth. Justin: well dresses and stuff. Me: no justin thank you baby. Justin: okay but lets go out anyway. I told fredo that we'll meet him in the mall. Me: okay then maybe we can eat ice cream. Please juju. Justin: sure baby. Me: yayy now give me time to get ready. I went to the room to wear ny cloth. JUSTIN'S POV : I was still sitting with mom on the table. The truth is that I was going to take jayane to my place so we can spend some time together alone. Just me and her and nobody elss with us. Mom: justin how are you and jayane ? Me: We are going great why are you asking. Mom: don't break her heart justin please. She's really important for me and for you too. Me: I know mom I know. Mom: okay baby. Me: I'm going to check on her. I went upstairs to see if jayane was ready. I knocked on the door. Me: jayane it's me justin Jayane : come in baby. I opened the door and she was only in her underpants. But she wasn't facing me so I saw nothing. Me: woow baby ! Jayane : what ? She said turning and covering her breast. Me: you look sooo sexy. I walked toward her. I just couldn't control myself. I was now soo close to her. She tried to walk away but I held her hand that was still covering her body. Me: why are you soo shy baby ? Common let me see. Jayane : Justin I thought we already talked about this. Me: yeah about your virginity not me seeing you naked. Common just today. I putter my hands on her shoulders and pulled her closer to me. When the door opened. It was mom Mom/: I just wanted to see.... oh my god I'm sorry. Me: it's okay mom Mom closed the door. Me: did she thing that we... Jayane : yes baby she did now let me wear my cloth. She went and opened the closest's door and it hided her but my curiosity to see her body got me up and near her again. She covered herself again. Jayane : Gosh justin !! Me: common just today Jayane : fine but go and sit on the bed. Me: okay I'm going. I went and sat on the bed waiting for her to show herself. She got her hands awaycfrom her and I was able to see her uper part of her body all naked. She got her bra on and then wear a short flowery dress on. She then came and sat next ti me. Me: wooww.... Jayane : I know I have a horrible body. Me: no you don't it's the most beautiful body I have ever seen. JAYANE'S POV : He was the first boy to see me all naked with only my panties on. I blushed when he told me that my body is beautiful. I know do have a nice shaped body for a 17 years old. Me: you're the first boy to see me like that. Justin: I know and I will be the last. Me: what makes you so sure ? Justin : oh we all know that you're mine and only mine. Me: hmmm... yeah I know. Justin : you know we aren't actually going to the mall. Me: what ?? Where are we going then ? Justin : to my own house away from mom so we can have some time all alone. Me: okay baby !! Should I take a pijama ? Or are we sleeping here ? Justin : yeah take some cloth too maybe we can stay there for the weekend since it's friday and then we can come back here. Me: okay let me get my stuff. I tooked 2 shorts 2 tank tops one and a bikini maybe we can swim. I also tooked a hot red short dress for today to go in the club. And of course my make up bag. Me: juju I'm done. Justin : okay lets go. We went to his car and he drove it to his house.
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