I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


33. At the night club

JUSTIN'S POV : We arrived to my place. A maid came yesterday and cleaned it for me and it was empty. Me: here we are baby Jayane : your house is really bigger than pattie's. Me: hahahaha yeah I know baby. I did buy a bigger one because one day your kids will need a big house. Jayane : LOL that's sooo sweet. Me: lets go in. Jayane : sure. We went in and she really loved the house. We went and sat on the comfy couch I layed and layed next to me with half her body on mine and her head on my chest. Me: see now we are all alone we can sit and talk all day long just having you in my arms. Jayane : I love it baby Me: I knew you will. Jayane : If just lay heree with you till for ever I won't mind. Me: me neither. Jayane : baby tell me what's in you mind? Me: what do you mean? Jayane : well you said you wanna talk ? Me: oh yeah !! It's nothing... Jayane : tell me baby what's wrong ? Me: baby ? I know you're only 17 and I don't want to take things fast but when do you think you'll be ready to give me your virginity ? Jayane : well baby I don't know. I mean I know that someday it will happen maybe tomorrow and maybe next year. I'm just scared. Me: of what baby ? Jayane : I mean it will hurt.. Me: it sure will to you but pain won't last. I mean it will go. Jayane : justin when I'm ready I promise that we can do what ever you want ! Now tell me are you a virgin? Me: haha no I'm not. Jayane : oh then you know what to do ! Me: haha yeah baby I do. But it doesn't mean that you're nit going to be special. You won't be a one night stand. Jayane : I know baby. JAYANE'S POV : Justin seems like he have some sexual needs. I know he's 19 and he needs stuff like these but I'm just not ready for that not noa but later. Justin: what hour are we going to the club? Me: she said at 9:30 and that my name is on the vip list on the door. Justin: hmmm.m. vip I like thay. Me: you're always a vip. Justin : yeah I know haha. What are you going to wear? Me: well I got my red mini-dress and a pair of black high-heels. Justin: awww sexy. Me: stop it. *AT 9PM* I was in justin's room getting ready I weared my dress with some make on. A red lip stick some eye shadow mascara and eyes liner and I wored my high heels. I got my hair in a messy bun and added a black strip to my hair. Then I joined justin thatcwas waitint for me in the car. It was 9:15. Justin : you look amazing. Me: well thank you. It's my first time in a club Justin: I know. It will be fun as long as paparazzi stay out of it. Me: yeah. The ride was silent with some music we arrived to the club and the door was crowded with people trying to get in. We made our way to the door. Security: your name please. Me: jayane delouis. Security: oh !! Come in miss delouis. Mister bieber. Me: thank you. Justin: thanx man. We went in. It was full of people dancing getting drunk and sitting talking. Some couples here and there and then I saw ashley linda and tia. They were sitting on a sofa in the club. I went and sat next to them and justin followed. Me: heyy!! This is ky boyfriend of course you know him. Ashley : oh you didn't tell us your boyfriend was famous.!! Justin: yes I am. Me: I thought you knew Ashley : not realy. We talked and then justin ordered his drinks. He got a bit drunk and went to the bathroom. Tia: come lets get a drink. Me: umm... I'm not sure. Linda: ugh common it's okay if you're 17. Me: okay sure. Ashley are you coming ? Ashley: no thank you. Me: okay. We went to the bar and tia ordered something that I'm sure is full of alcohol. Some sort of a vodca mix. Our drinks were here and they started drinking so I did as well. ASHLEY'S POV : I was waiting for justin. I wanted to make my first move. He came back and sat on the sofa so I sat next to him. Me: hello. Justin : haha hiii. Me: you're drunk have you noticed. Justin: and you're sooo sexy. Come sit on my lap. I stood up and sat on his lap. He started rubbing my back with his hands. Me: I thought you have a girlfriend. Justin: I know but she ain't here. Me:mmmm.... you little bad boy. Justin: thank you baby. And here I was sitting on his lap just trying to make my move work. JAYANE'S POV : I was drinking my 4th drink and I started getting tisy. All these drinks full of alcohol made me drunk but I ordered an other one. My 5th cup was done so I went to find justin. JUSTIN'S POV : The alcohol effect was going from my mind and I was controling myself again. That girl Ashley got me but I have a girlfriend and I have to find her. Me: get off me. Ashley : why baby? Me: I have a girlfriend and it's not you. I pushed her away and stood up to find jayane. I saw her walking weirdly. She was drunk. I fought my way to her and when I got her she throwed herself in my arms. Jayane : justin!!! Hahaha Me: jayane we are going home now. Jayane : hahhaha !! I doon-on't wanna go home. Me: I said lets go you shouldn't be drunk. Jayane : okay lets go. I held her hand and walked out of the club. And when we arrived home and tooked her to the bathroom socshe can take a cold bath and snap out of it. It was her first time she drinks and she got drunk. I tooked her dress off. Me:go in the tub. Jayane: I don't want to. I wanna dance !! Me: juji stop it you're drunk. I throwed some cold water on her for about 5 mins and then I tooked her to my room to get her in some pajamas and new underwear. Me: take these and go change. Before she tooked them she felt on the floor. Me: jayane are you okay ? Jayane : is the world spinning ? Me: no your just drunk. I lifted her and puted her in my bed. I tooked her bra off and without a bra I just got her a shirt on. And I tooked her underpants off as well. Me: you're hot juji. But you're drunk and it's not gonna happen. I got her in some panties and a pj short. And she felt asleep. I just saw her all naked and she's more than just sexy but I guess she's going to get mad.
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