I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


16. at the M&G

JUSTIN'S POV: "BABY please don't go girl. Nooo noooo" and with that i finished die in your arms and the show. "Good night !! I love y'all guys.Thank u" I went to my dressing room to get ready for the M&G. A couple of minutes after that jayane entered the room Jayane:Justin I have to go Kristy is tierd and she eants to sleep. Me:Please don't go. Fredo came in the room. Me:Alfredo are you going back to the hotel ? Fredo: yeah justin i'm tierd and i wanna sleep. Me:Can u please take Kristy with you just let ger sleep on the couch she's only 5 it will be good for her please. I said and the winked Fredo:Sure. I'll be happy to. He tooked Kristy from jayane's hand and he went out of my dressing room to go to the hotel. JAYANE'S POV: I was sitting in justin's dressing room and he was picking an outfit Justin: I releazed u are wearing my shirt and cap. Me:I know I'm sorry i just like them Justin:It's okay u can keep them You look georgous in them. Me:Awwww thank you I stood up and went to help him chose a shirt. Me:What about this one. It was a blue shirt with "Just do it" written on it Justin:I love that shirt He tooked off his shirt and he was shirtless in front of me I was staring with big eyes. Holly shit he's too sexy to handle. Justin:You like what you see. Hahahaha Me:LOL kind of Ur body has changed a lot. Justin:U gotta impress girls. Like i just did to you. Me:Then it works While he was changing his shirt a man came in and yelled "your fans are waiting chop chop" "alright i'll be right there" justin answered. Me: Can i join you in the M&G i won't enoy you i promise. Justin:Of course you common. Justin pushed me out of the door and then we were in a big room with lots of fans crying freaking out and some were cool. I stood there watching him taking pics with his beliebers and everytime a beautiful girl came i felt jealous. I really did. I was standing there watching fans come in and out. When one of them came to me. Fan:OMG Can i take a pic with you and justin ?? Pleeeeaaassseee . Me:Of course Justin:Then come here. Me and the fan went to justin and we took a pic where me and justin were kissing the fans cheeks. I was on the rigjt and he was on the left. Fan:Thank you. I just wanna say you two look amazing together. Your tooo cute. Me:Awww thank you. Wjats your name ? Fan: i am gabrielle but you can call me gaby. Me: Awwww and i'm jayane Since no one knows my name. We all laughed and i tooked the girls number and twitter accout. JUSTIN'S POV: Jayane was sooo happy meetibg fans and taking pics with them when they wanted to. They all loved her and she tooked lots of phone numbers to make friends. They were all sooo happy because they thought that me and jayane were in a relationship. I wish we were but we are not.We finished taking pics at the meets and greets and I got my stuff to go home with jayane. Me:Jayane lets go. Jayane:I'm ready to go. We went out to my car and we drived back home. Tomorow she had school. Her exams were starting and she had to pass to come with me in summer Me:Jayane did you study well for your exams ? Jayane:I did I'm 100% reasy for that test tomorow. Me:okay We arrived home and she went immediatly to bed not saying any workd and so did I. She didn't complaine when fans where on and on about me dating her She just smiled when they did and said thank you. So now in everybody's eyes we are dating but for real we are not.
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