I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


13. an other rumor

JAYANE'S POV: We got back home and i was tierd but i had to study cz i had an exams on monday morning and it was already frisday night. Justin wanted to sleep because when we came back home from the movies it was 11pm and he wanted to rest. I was studying on the desk in my bedroom and he was sleeping in the bed spreading his legs on both sides of the bed and just sleeping like a dead body. He looked so cute fliped on his tummy and just like a sleeping angel. Focus Jayane u have to study if u wanna pass and spend the summer with justin. I had only 3 days of exams before summer and i wanted to go with justin for the summer. I studied all night. I closed my books and it was 2am i was sleepy i puted my head on the desk and before i knew it I felt asleep. JUSTIN'S POV: I woked up at 3am and i saw that jayane's light desk was still on. I got out of bed and i saw her sleeping on the desk. Awwwww that girl sleeps like a little baby. I walk to her and i held her up bridal style and i tooked her to bed. She was sweating. So i tooked her shirt off and she was left in her purple strapped bra. Omg I only left her 1-2 months and she got that sexy. I sleped in the other side of the bed but i didn't get my eyes off her boobs. I know it's a little nit bad but omg that girl she's just driving me crazier everyday.I feld asleep. JAYANE'S POV: I woked up the next moring and i was shirtless . How did that happen ? Justin was still sleeping. I didn't mind being just in my bra and ny sweat pants in front of him But i got up and puted a shirt on. I went to the kitchen and started doing pancakes for breakfast justin loves pancakes. I finished doing pancakes and i went to my bed room to wake justin up. I opened the door and my phone was ringing from inside. It was mom. Me:Heyy mom Mom:Yeah what ever. Are you really dating that jerk justim ? Me:first of all he's not a jerk mom and second of all i'm not Mom:U better not if u do U are going to get grounded Me:Why ? Mom:i'm your mom and i want that so just shut up. I'm not coming back before next sunday. Now bye. Before i even said bye she hunged up the phone. My mom has been acting weird since my dad died she goes out alot for work and she gets drunk alot and she's just mean. I wanted to go out of the room when I felt someone's arm on my shoulder it was justin. Justin:Good morning juji Me:good morning. I made some pancakes lets go eat before they get cold. We went down and justin turned on the TV so we can watch while eating. There was the morning news. The host:Good morning Canada today we are going to start with the pop star justin bieber seen with the same girl with "the almost a kiss" out at the movies and the to mcdonalds i guess the young bieber has got himself a new girlfriend and who knows maybe it's true. Justin turned off the TV Justin:Jayane i'm sorry i didn't mean to. Me:Nah it's ok we both know it's a rumor. Plus i checked ny twitter today and everybody hates me so what ever. Justin:really ?! Me:yeah they think that we met 2 days ago and what ever i don't really care. Justin:okay juji We ate our breakfast and finished. Me:lets go somewhere not public! Justin:Like where ? Me: I don't know. Lets just go for a walk near the lake if u want of course. Justin:Okay today the weather is amazing so lets go there.
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