I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


10. Almost a kiss.

JUSTIN'S POV: She was crying till she felt asleep and i did too. I was tierd from my flight and I needed to rest. I woked up and it was 7pm It was getting dark out side and it was a bit cold. She was still sleeping in my arms. Awwww she looks like an angel when she sleeps. I was happy because i was back home it felt good. In a couple of minutes she started to wake up and when she was finaly up I kissed her cheeks. Me:Jayane! U can always tell me when u feel sad. I'll always be there for you my bunny. Jayane:Thank you Juju ur the best my teddy bear. She kissed my cheek and I held her tight between my arms.She was sitting between my legs and my arms where arround her I never wanna let her go I just love her for real. Jayane:U know justin ? Me:what my bunny ? Jayane:when i'm in ur arms i feel safe with you is the only place i do feel that i'm safe and no one can hurt me. Me:And when ur with me i feel happy. I smiled to her. It feld good to know she's safe when she's with me. Like idk maybe it's a good thing one more chance that she may have some feelings for me and this time i'm not kidding. Me:Juji When do u want me to go pay the money for Kristy. Jayane:Justin i'm really ashamed that i'm asking you all that money but tomorow morning is the last day. Me:Don't be i love to pay for children cancer so they can fight it and get healed So i'll be even happier to do it for ur sis. Jayane:Thank you Justin Really!! Me:No need to thank me. We sat in a complet silent for about 10 mns. Me:Jayane do u wanna go to the park ? Jayane:The park ??!! It's cold out there and it will be empty. Me:I know but common it will be fun. Jayane:Okay lets go. We stood up and went to tge door she tooked her coat and i tooked mine and we went out of the hous. It was kind of dark and the stars were filling the sky. We walked in that cold and fresh air till we aarived to the park we used to go to back when we were kids. The park was empty and so were the streets. Me:Do u remember when we were kids and we came here almost everyday after school. Jayane sat on the swing and i started pushing her. Jayane:I do It was sooo much fun We used to play for hours and we had soo much fun building sand castles and goofing arround it was the time of our lifes. Me:I know the best part was that it was with you. JAYANE'S POV: Justin: I know the best part was that it was with you. When he said that I felt butterflies in my tummy. Me:i had fun being with you too. He was pushing me really fast and then i just felt on the ground. Instead of crying and getting hurted I just layed there. And then justin came runing towards me. Justin:Are u okay ? Omg i'm soo sorry. He leaned closer to me to check on me. Me:I'm fine justin It's okay. He was soo close to me I felt his breath on my face's skin and i was staring in his eyes Omg those sparkeling eyes that drive me crazy. He was gettomg closer to me and his lips where about to touch mine He closed his eyes and so did I. We were about to kiss when suddently we heard someone saying. "Look at the comera bieber say cheez" it was a papparazi. Justin:Oh shit !! I hate them. Me:Justin i'm sorry. Justin:It's not your fault It'd okay lets go back home it will be better. Me:okay. He helped me up and then we walked home silently. OMG i was about to kiss these lips. My dream. JUSTIN'S POV: I was about to kiss her.I was about to kiss her omg i was about to kiss her. I can't believe it. She didn't push me or try to get out of that kiss she closed her eyes and got closer to me. It was soo close. Fuck that papp i hate him sooo much. When we got home we went straightly to bed. Her bed.
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