I love you

A 16 yrs old girl (Jayane) lives in canada with her single mom and her little sister. Her bff is Justin bieber the famous pop star. What will happen when he will know that Jayane have a crush on him ? And how will it end ? G


6. after school, slumber party with Kristyyy !!!

JAYANE'S POV: It was monday,and i had school as usual. I loved to go to school cz i was able to see my friends But i hated studying i wasn't that good at it but i had to pay attention to it since big exams are coming next monday and if i pass them i'm out of summer school And i'm going to spend my vacation with justin on tour Yaayyy !! It will be an amazing chance to get close to him. Since we have exams next week our school is giving us all week off, exept for today, to study and Justin is coming in 3 days. OMG i can't be happier I miss him sooo much. School bell rang and I went to my first period math. Hope this day will end up good. JUSTIN'S POV: It was 7 am in the morning and I woked up early cz I had some work at the studio to do and then at night i had a show for my believe tour. I love tours it's a way to meet beliebers all arround the world making their dreams come true and drawing smiles on their faces. My fans r my everything and i just love them. My thoughts were interupted when my bedroom boor opened. It was scooter he came i to hand me the schedule of today. I wanted to call the love of my life Jayane but I remembered she was at school. Only 3 morr days Justin !! U can take it. To be honest i was thinking to admit to Jayane that i loved her but idk maybe she just won't accept the fact that i'm in love with her. My eyes started to water and i just let my tears out. I just have to keep my feelings for myself cz i don't wanna lose her as my bff She's the only thing i can't live without and my beliebers of course. JAYANE'S POV: Finaly the last period was over. I went to my locker and packed my books for the exams i had on monday. I started thinking of Justin and his smile that i haven't seen for about 1 month, his perfect eyes that sparkel when I look at them and his lips that I just wanna kiss everytime I see them. SNAP OUT OF IT !! I told myself. He will never feel like you do. Youre just his "sis" and u will never be more. Stop day dreaming that ur with him and stop imagining he's yours. KUST STOOOP !!! I went out of school and the thought that justin will never be mine got me crying I tried to hide my tears and when i got home i ran upstairs to my room amd closed the door shut behind me And cried on my pellow i cried and till i felt asleep. I woked up cz the door was ringing it was 6 pm and i remembered that I had to pick up Kristy from tge cancer center @ 5 how did i forget her OMG i'm sooo selfish.i went down stairs on a hurry and opened the door And i saw Sasha holding Kristy's hand. "OMG kristy i'm sooo sorry i forgot U plzzz forgive me" i said holding her up and hugging her and kissing her cheeks over and over again. "It's ok juji" she said kissing my cheek. "Were you crying juji ?" Kristy asked wiping a tear off my cheek "yes baby! But i'm better now". I thanked Sasha before she go and i closed the door and lifted Kristy and told her "You wanna do a make over and then we can have a slymber party together baby?" I asked my little sister "YEAH" she said with her cute voice that's soo sweet and chearfull. We got to my room and we started wearing cute dresses and make up. I opened my ipad to take some pics and then I had a skype call It was Justin. "It's juju" i told kristy that jumped for happiness i accepted the call and we sat on my bed to talk to him. Justin: omg did i call primcess land by mistake ? LoL u guys look like real princess. Kristy:Thank u juju We have a slumber party. Me: yes we do. *hugged kristy and putted her on my lap* Justin:well can i be the prince? Kristy: sorry but no girls only. Me:Haha yes Justin:Oh well then i won't enoy u princess more Byeee Me: bye juju *doing a kissy face* Kristy and I played games and danced on justin's songs and we talked and then we went to bed. I promised her that i will take her to the park tomorow. I know that she don't realy understand what cancer means and since mom wasn't here to give her all the care and love i had to be her "little mommy" as they say so she won't feel left behind.
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