Gotta Be You

Kate isnt a fan of One Direction, but what happens when her best friends Lita and Gavin drag her cross the country to one of their concerts. After a lot of heart break and betrayal, she finds it hard to trust any of the guys and keeps herself from liking them. When Niall comes along and is nothing but sweet, how long can Kate keep from falling head over heels, truely madly deeply in love with him?
R&&R xx
(Yes, the story is written in script format)


5. Stormy Weather

*next day*

Kate: *making breakfast in their hotel room for her Gavin and Lita*

Lita: Kate your phone keeps vibrating!! *brings it to her*

Kate: *opens the messages*

**Jace**: *Hey. How was the concert?

**Kate**: Hey! It was awesome. But I kinda gtg. Makin breakfast. Talk to you soon!

Kate: *looks through the rest of her messages* Jace is soo weird sometimes.

Lita: I knooow.

**Niall**: Heeeey! I want to c if yu want 2 all come over again 2daaay!!!

**Kate**: Heck yes! Lemme just make some food for these little birds! Be over in a bit :)

**Niall**: Bitch wheres mine? Jk. C yu soon :) cant wait!!

Kate: *smiles and puts her phone down* eat fast. Niall wants us to come over.

Lita: ohhhh. You guys exchanged numbers?

Kate: Kinda.

*phone vibrates*

**Niall**: and hurry up!!!!

**Kate**: Working on it. I can only eat so fast.

**Niall**: I can eat fastrr than thiss cmooon!!!

**Kate**: Lucky you. I actually like to taste my food.

**Niall**: Hey thats mean :( Meanie butt!!

**Kate**: My butt is in no way mean.

**Niall**: it is big though! Niall likes him some big butts and he cannot lie!!

**Kate**: Wow ;P

**Niall**: Big booty bitches got them big booty bitches OHHH ;)

**Kate**: Oooookay then.

**Niall**: Bloody hell, sorry Harry took my phone. Stupid arse wanker!!!!!

**Kate**: haha, so you DONT think i have a nice butt then? :(

**Niall**: Its a nice arse :)

**Kate**: haha yaaaay. Okiee now shush it soooo i can eat! Be there soon with my big booty bitches(; luvs yuh!

**Niall**: Luvs yuh too:) hurry yoself!!

**Kate**: Okiees! :)

Kate: *puts down her phone smiling hugely*

Gavin: *already done* see that? That bitch has a smile on that reads "lost in his eyes and all ovaaaa"

Lita: No I think her ovaries died

Kate: Im fine and they are too. *stands and dumps her plate* lets just go!

Lita: *jumps up* Okay!

*they all walk to the guys' hotel room*

Gavin: *knocks* THE BIG BOOTY BITCHES ARE HERE!!! *random person walking by stares like WTF* hehe hi! *they walk away quickly and Lita and Kate laugh*

Zayn: *opens the door smiling brightly* Hey! Cmon in!

*they all go in*

Kate: *walks over and falls onto Niall's lap* Oops, hey didnt see you there *smirks down at him*

Niall: *goes to reply but Harry cuts him off*

Harry: You must be blind if you didnt see him, Kate! He only takes up the whole damn couch! *everyone stares at him* Flirting. Right. Sorry. *turns his attention to Lita*

Kate: *giggles and scoots off his lap and onto the couch beside him* Fast enough for you?

Niall: No!!

Liam: Guys look at this. *turns up the news*

Zayn: why are you watching the news?

Harry: Only nerds watch the news!

Liam: Shut up and watch!

*all gather around the tv*

Lady on TV: -and a massive hurricane has come across the west coast. Officials are claiming it will be the worst yet. Power outages have already started and are estimated to last somewhere around a week and cause much destruction. This tradgety will be known as Hurricane Zayn.

*everyone looks at Zayn*

Zayn: *holds up his hands* My powers are too weak to send that shit.

Gavin: hehe

Harry: *looks to Liam* So whats the chances that it will hit us?

*power goes out*

Liam: 100% chance with a large chance of destructive patterns...

*its silent and pitch black*

Niall: hehe... Thats what she said

Kate: Oh god *facepalms*

Zayn: Now what?

Gavin: I think I have some flashlights in our room.

Zayn: I'll come with you. *they both stand and make their way to the door down the small hallway*

Kate: We'll see if we can find any candles *takes Niall's hand and pulls him off the couch to go search*

Liam: Im going to see if I have flashlights or lanterns in my bag.

Louis: *follows* Here you can use my phone as a light

Liam: Thanks *they walk out*

Harry: Well then

Lita: *silent*

Harry: you okay?

Lita: Not really. I hate the dark.

Harry: why? Scary movies?

Lita: yeah Kate makes me watch them all the time.

Harry: *dissappears off couch* OH NO AH HELP SHES GOT ME ITS THE GRUDGE LADY!!

Lita: HARRY?! *feels around for him* Harry!! *its silent for a long time* Harry answer me! Harry?!? *starts crying* Harry this isnt funny! *someone grabs her and the grudge noise sounds loudly in her ear making her scream* NONONO!!!!

Harry: *laughs and falls on the couch* Gotcha!!

Zayn: *runs back in with Gavin* Whats going on?!

Lita: Hes a jerk thats what happened!! *beats him with a pillow*

Harry: *too busy laughing to care*

Zayn: *laughs too*

# Gavin's POV:

I took a deep breathe as Zayn and I made our way down the hall that lead to the exit of the boys' hotel room. A bathroom and a bedroom branched off on each side. I stopped in front of the door feeling Zayn close behind me.

"So, how are you and Perrie?" I asked curiously.

He was silent for a moment. "We kind of broke up." He said.

I couldnt help but smile. I wasnt happy he was heart broken. I was happy because maybe, just maybe, I had a chance now. But it was doubtful. Nothing fell into my favor much. It was a slim chance he was gay. I wasnt gay, but I was bi. And Zayn would be worth it. "Im sorry to hear that." I said honestly.

"Me too. But it was time for a change. I felt bad for leading her on." We had stopped in front of the door now. He jiggled the door handle. "Fuck, its locked."

"Lets go back then." I sighed. But before I could go, Zayn grabbed my wrist and dragged me back. He didnt say anything. "So how do you figure you were leading her on?"

"Because, I dont... I just.. It didnt feel right to be with her anymore. Not when I love someone else." He said, his eyes gleaming in the dark. I blushed at how attractive it was.

"Did you talk to her about it. I mean like, bein honest and all?"

"Yeah! And she was really cool with it and said she was having suspicions. She said she would be there for me and wanted to stay friends." He said sounding very relieved.

"Wait... Suspicious about what?" I wondered.

He opened his mouth to answer but was cut by a scream. Lita's scream. We were both shoving and crashing into each other as we ran. What was happening?! Were my friends okay?!

"Whats going on?!" Zayn yelled.

"Whats going on," Lita yelled as she beat Harry with a pillow, "is he is being a jerk!!" Harry just kept on laughing. I smiled a bit when Zayn laughed. It was too cute....


Gavin: *smiles* sooo would now be a good time to tell you guys we're locked in?

Kate: *walks in with Niall holding lit candles* Wait what??

Louis: *walks in with Liam and two flashlights* Crap I forgot they're electric doors!

Niall: Who makes electric doors in a hotel???

Kate: Apparently Holiday Inn

Niall: *smiles* Good thing we got candles. Come on. *pulls Kate around the hotel room spreading the candles all over and lighting them*

Kate: Pretty. *puts hands in her pockets and heads back to group* So now what...?

Harry: Good question.

Louis: Im going to see if I can manage to make us lunch. Harry, Lita, help?

Harry: I dont want to!

Lita: *jumps up* Sure

Harry: *stands* Fine

*they exit*

Zayn: Oh crap! Gavin, I wanted to show you something. I'll be back! *runs off to his room*

Gavin: *watches after him and sits across from Niall and Kate as they sit* *Liam sits beside Gavin leaving Kate and Niall on the love seat*

Liam: So Kate. Mind if I ask you some questions? It would be nice to get to know you better.

Kate: Sure. whatcha wanna know?

Liam: How old are you?

Kate: Im going to be 18 in April.

Liam: *nods* What are your plans for the future?

Niall: *glares* Are you implying she wont have one?

Kate: *smiles at Niall* Its fine. I want to be a preschool teacher. *her eyes look a bit sad*

Liam: Awesome! Like kids?

Kate: Love em *smiles*

Liam: Ever want kids? Maybe get married?

Kate: Yeah, in time. It would be nice.

Gavin: Did you ever talk to Miss Johanna?

Kate: *looks to Gavin* Yeah. I have off this summer for PTS

Liam: Post Tramatic Stress?

Niall: Why do you have that?

Kate: *stares down at her hands* *lets out a shaky breath* Its a long and sad story...

Gavin: Kate, dont-

Kate: I-Its fine. They want to know... I worked at a preschool this year. Best year of my life. Hands on expierience with a job I love. But a lunatic with a gun broke in. There was twelve kids in the beginning and only one walked out. Two adults out of five survived. Me being one of them. The shooter broke in and the director saw him coming. We all got the kids together and went to hide. My favorite kid ran over to me crying. Cute little blonde boy named Drake. I picked him up and grabbed some other kids and we ran them to a supply closet. Drake and I were the last to run across the hall to safety. But he came around the corner then. *tearing up a bit* and h-he had the gun pointed at us. And Drake kept telling me it would be okay when I cried and begged him to take me and not hurt the kids. I put Drake down behind me and tried to get him to run and the moment Drake ran he the shooter- *breaks off choking back a sob* Drake was the first child shot. I was knocked out and thought dead. I-I woke up later and checked and found a little girl alive and the director. Everyone else was gone. *the tears streak down her face and she places her face in her hands and sobs*

Niall: *rubs her back sadly*

Gavin: *jumps up and grabs Kate and leads her to one of the random rooms* *he closes and locks the door* Why did you do that? Why did you hurt yourself like that?

Kate: Its my fault. I could have saved them!

Gavin: It wasnt your fault. You did all you could *wraps his arms around her and hugs her trying to calm her*

Kate: I should have been the one to die. Not those poor kids... *having trouble breathing*

Gavin: *pulls an inhailer from his pocket and puts it to Kate's mouth* breathe! It wasnt your fault. If you were supposed to die, where would Lita and I be? We'd be so lost without you. So dont you ever talk like that.

Kate: But its true! Their lives were worth so much more!

Gavin: Shut up and stop talking like that to me. I dont want to hear that crap. Drake would be proud to see you taking care of yourself and being brave. He thought of you like a sister.

Kate: He was like my brother. Almost my own son. I-I cant- *shakes her head*

Gavin: You can. Just breathe for me, okay? *takes her in his arms again and hugs her and neither say a word*


Liam: Do you think shes okay...? I feel bad for making her tell that story.

Niall: *staring at the floor* Shes a strong girl. She will be okay...

~4 Hours Later~

Gavin: *walks quietly out of the room*

*all stand and look at him*

Zayn: Is she okay?

Gavin: Yeah I just got her to sleep. No one wake her up.

Harry: Speaking of sleeping, Im tired.

Zayn: Me too. One problem.

Niall: wazzat?

Louis: eight people, three beds and a couch.

Niall: Right...

Louis: I can sleep on the couch.

Liam: Me too. Its has a pull out bed.

Zayn: Gavin and I can share a room unless Niall or Lita want him

Harry: What if I want him?

Gavin: *wrinkles his nose* Heck no, sorry.

*all laugh*

Lita: Nah, I'll stay with Harry or Niall. Its fine.

Harry: Im it! Leaves Niall with Kate.

Niall: *blushes*

Gavin: *looks to Niall* I trust you. If she wakes up either come get me or just talk to her.

Niall: *nods*

*they all make off to their rooms*

Niall: *sneaks in quietly* *stares at Kate for a second before rummaging through his suite case* *changes in pajamas while shes asleep* *he only puts in sweat pants and nothing else* *sighs and tries to figure out how he will get in bed without waking her*

Gavin: *suddenly peeks in*Oh shes a blanket hog by the way.

Niall: Hell now you tell me! *he whispers*

Gavin: *laughs* good luck! *ducks back out*

Niall: *sighs again and sits beside Kate making the bed creak* Fuuuuuck shut up!

Kate: *murmurs and rolls over half asleep*Whats going on?

Niall: Nothing, love, sleep.

Kate: Kay *rolls over and closes eyes* *eyes open and she turns to look at him* Wait what the hell are you doing?

Niall: *feels caught* I was voted to share a bed with you tonight.

Kate: Oh okay. Alright, come on. *makes room for him*

Niall: *smiles and gets in and chuckles when Kate throws the blanket over them to share* I heard your a blanket hog.

Kate: Yeah. Im also a cuddler so dont be surprised if Im all up on you in the morning. I cuddle my pillows at home.

Niall: *raises eyebrows*

Kate: I love pillows. I have a mountain of them.

Niall: Ah. I see. Well we've had a rough day. Go to sleep now, angel.

Kate: Angel?

Niall: For what you did....yes.

Kate: *gets quiet and rolls over*

Niall: *wraps an arm around her and pulls her against him for a hug* Im sorry. It will get better.

Kate: I hope your right *snuggles closer into his chest and rolls to face him again* *she kisses his cheek and snuggles into him her forhead against his chest* Goodnight.

Niall: Good night....


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