Gotta Be You

Kate isnt a fan of One Direction, but what happens when her best friends Lita and Gavin drag her cross the country to one of their concerts. After a lot of heart break and betrayal, she finds it hard to trust any of the guys and keeps herself from liking them. When Niall comes along and is nothing but sweet, how long can Kate keep from falling head over heels, truely madly deeply in love with him?
R&&R xx
(Yes, the story is written in script format)


1. Pilot

Chapter One: Pilot

(the scene starts out in a nice small house, cozy and comfy)
?: Kate!
Kate: *Wakes up from sleeping to her friend Lita in her face* Im sleeping, Li. What do you want? *shoves her off*
Lita: *yanks at the blankets* Its time to get up, K!
Kate: No it isnt...
Lita: You slept over for a reason! Remember?! One Direction concert! We leave for the hotel in an hour. The tabloids say that they're staying at the same one we are!! *she squeals and jumps up excitedly*
Kate: They're just guys, Li. Whats the big deal? Go walk the school hallways. You'll find a thousand more...
Lita: Big deal because, K, none of them are as HOT and BRITISH as Direction!
Kate: Isnt that blonde one Irish? *sits up on her elbows* Niran or something?
Lita: For a second there I was almost convinced you might be secretly loving on them. But then you said Niran.... His name is Niall sweetie.
Kate: *stares*
Lita: I know you dont care but could you at least pretend you care? This is like the biggest moment of my life!
Kate: *sighs* Okay fine. *she stands up and adjusts her shirt before turning to Lita* Ohmygosh we're meeting One Direction!!! *jumps up and down like a fan girl*
Lita: *takes her hands and jumps up and down too* I KNOW OHMIGAWD ICANTWAIT HARRY IS AMAZING
Kate: Zyrane is better!
Lita: *stops* who?
Kate: isnt that his name? The muslim hottie?
Lita: Zayn?
Kate: *jumps more* yeah him!
Lita: *squeals* YOU ARE SO EDUCATED
Kate: Because you never shut the hell up about the twits.
Lita: hehe you're even using British terms! Im so proud *stops jumping to open her arms and tries to hug her*
Kate: *stops jumping and steps away so Lita falls on her face* Okay I clocked out.
Lita: *THUD* OUCH! K, that was mean!
Kate: *shrugs* food awaits! *runs toward the stairs*
Lita: *giggles and follows her*
Kate: *is rummaging through the fridge her butt hanging out of the fridge. She wiggles her butt a little as she hums*
Lita: *giggles again* Hungry?
Kate: STAAAARVING! You dont have any food though!
Lita: we just went shopping before you came...
Kate: *pulls head out of fridge eating a chicken leg* okay lemme rephrase. No GOOD food.
Lita: true... Hey! You know what One Direction man would be like perfect for you!?
Kate: *rolls her eyes and sits down at the table across from Lita* I could care less, but humor me.
Lita: Niall! You're both blonde, gorgeous, silly, and loooove food!
Kate: *blank stare* who?
Lita: *sighs* Niran.
Kate: Oh. The blonde Irishman. Yeah, hes cute. *is about to take a bite of chicken but looks to Lita shocked at what came from her mouth*
Lita: *dramatic gasp* OH. MY. GOD. You just- OHMYGOD YOU'RE A DIRECTIONER IN THE MAKING! Miss Kate Horan!
Kate: *blushes* I-I am not! I just happen to love blondes and accents are super hot-
Lita: Accents are hot! Do you like British accents?
Kate: Nope.
Lita: *leans forward* Irish accents?
Kate: Sexy! I mean.... Theyre okay... *looks away*
Lita: So you could say.. You're a Nialler!
Kate: I dont know what that is but it sounds like an STD.
Lita: Oh my gosh. Imagine Niall seranading you in the moonlight by Cress Pond! *singing* Oh, I just wanna show you off to all of my friends. Makin them drool by their chinny chin chins. Baby be mine tonight, be mine tonight! *Both swoon and sigh* Ha! Gotcha!
Kate: Oh shut up! He's cute. I wouldnt mind a kiss from him. I just want him in my bed.
Lita: You're gross.
Kate: I recall reading something with you about Harry and how he had a habit of running around naked and you're remark of "oh baby!" and IM gross?
Lita: *blushes* no one asked you, K!
Kate: Lets just go get ready while you day dream about curly cue naked.
Lita: While you imagine Niall in your bed *winks*
Kate: I gladly will. *smirks* there goes his shirt.
Lita: Oh lord *giggles and runs upstairs, Kate following*

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