Gotta Be You

Kate isnt a fan of One Direction, but what happens when her best friends Lita and Gavin drag her cross the country to one of their concerts. After a lot of heart break and betrayal, she finds it hard to trust any of the guys and keeps herself from liking them. When Niall comes along and is nothing but sweet, how long can Kate keep from falling head over heels, truely madly deeply in love with him?
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(Yes, the story is written in script format)


3. Little Things

Lita: Ohmygosh! Im so excited! *she says leading Gavin and Kate up the stairs that lead them backstage*

Gavin: Me three!

Kate: ... Can I go home now?

Gavin/Lita: No!!

Kate: *sighs and looks around her face looking bored* *a figure sneaks toward them from behind* *someone grabs Kate's sides and she screams* *they all turn around to see Niall laughing hysterically*

Niall: Hahaha! You should have seen your face!

Kate: *blushes and crosses her arms* that was not funny.

Gavin: hahaha, yes it was!

Lita: Why are you blushing, K? *she asks teasingly*

Kate: Its hot in here, thats why.

Gavin: Sure, sure. In other words, Niall is making you hot. *smirks and grabs her hand and drags her to where the guys are getting ready*

Kate: No, in other words, its fucking hot in here.

Lita: *follows behind them next to Niall who is snickering under his breath*

Harry: *waves* hey, Kate! Hi, Lita!

Kate: Sup, Curly Cue?

Harry: *pouts*

Lita: *walks over* H-Hi Harry!

Harry: *smiles at her and they drone on into a conversation*

Zayn: *smiles cooly* Hey, Gavin. Hey, Kate.

Kate: *nods toward him*

Gavin: *walks over to him and they're speach is now inaudible*

Liam: *waves to Kate*

Louis: *is too busy cuddling with Eleanor*

Kate: *waves back with a smile and then looks back to Niall* They are too cute.

Niall: *looks back to the guys and frowns thinking she means Liam and the other guys* I can hook you up with Liam if you want...?

Kate: What?? No, no. *holds up her hands defensivly* I didnt mean Liam.

Niall: *sighs in relief* Who did you mean then?

Kate: Zebra Boy and his woman.

Niall: Oh, Lou and Eleanor?

Kate: *nods*

Niall: *gets a bit fidgety* So, for the record you dont like Liam?

Kate: *shakes her head* No, I mean, hes cute and all but...not my type.

Niall: *twiddles his thumbs* What is your type, just out of curiousity?

Kate: *stares at him quietly* *Niall looks up at her from under his eyelashes and she looks away a bit flustered* Lets just say its not Liam and leave it at that, okay, Niall?

Niall: *blinks* Yeah sure...*realizes something* Hey, you said my name! *he smiles, and its a cute crooked smile*

Kate: Dont get used to it, Irish boy.

Niall: *chuckles* So...should I tell Liam you arent his type? *raises an eyebrow*

Kate: *looks at him a bit surprised* Was Daddy Direction displaying a bit of interest?

Niall: *shrugs trying to cover up his nervousness* Maybe.

Kate: Well, you can tell Liam that Im not interested. *leans toward him and whispers in his ear* Plus, I like someone else right now.

Niall: *blushing feverishly* *whispers back* Who..? *kate is about to speak but an announcer cuts her off*

Announcer: Please give a warming welcome to....ONE DIRECTION! *crowd screaming*

Kate: *pulls back and smiles sweetly* Sorry, you look a bit busy.

Niall: They can wait *he says eagerly*

Zayn: No, they cant. *grabs Niall by the ear and drags him toward the stage*

Niall: Owowow!

Harry: Zayn, that was bloody brilliant!

*they're voices fade as the crowd grows louder*

Kate: *dreamily watching Niall as he flails around and then looks upset like he might cry and turns away from Zayn* *she smiles when he smiles and gets excited as he turns to wave to the crowd*

Gavin: You are sooooo smitten *he purrs draping an arm around her shoulder*

Kate: Dont touch me *she says still smiling*

Gavin: hehe snappy arent you? *pokes her nose*

Lita: *giggles and walks over next to them*

Kate: *glares at Gavin* I WILL deball you.

Gavin: Well, then... *drops his arm*

Harry: Hey, how is everyone?!

Liam: Thanks so much for coming out tonight!

Zayn: We love you guys!

Niall: We want to dedicate this concert to our new friends backstage! Hope we make a new Directioner!

Louis: Now, without further adou, we give you...


Lita: *sqeauls* ohmygosh!! Did you hear that?!

Gavin: Its dedicated to us!!

Kate: *stares at them not excited* And?

Lita: Meanie! Gavin, celebrate with me? *holds out her hands*

Gavin: *takes them* with pleasure *they both hop up and down freaking out*

1D: *singing* *Kate watches ignoring her friends* And I could lend you broken parts that might fit...

Gavin: *walks over and smiles to her* Likin it?

Kate: *hesitates a bit* They're okay..

Gavin: *smiles brightly* Take it one step at a time, Kate. Take the journey to becoming a Directioner.

Kate: *rolls her eyes and watches Niall*

Gavin: So, you really like him, huh?

Kate: *shakes her head* No...

Gavin: *grabs her shoulders* Dont let Johnny do this to you. He's just one guy. And Niall would be worth it. He'd treat you like a Queen.

1D: If Im louder...would you see me?

Kate: *looks past Gavin to the guys* Would it be a bad thing.... if I really did...?

Gavin: *smiles and shakes his head* No! It would be amazing. I want you to be happy Kate. If Niall makes you happy then so be it. Johnny didnt deserve you.

Lita: *pokes her nose* We love you Kate, you're amazing.

Kate: *smiles and hugs them* Thanks. But... *goes rigid all over as the guys walk but in* no thanks.

Zayn: Gavin! *nods him over*

Gavin: *looks to Kate beggingly*

Kate: *shoves him gently* Go, Im okay.

Gavin: Thanks, K *runs over to Zayn*

Kate: *crosses her arms going back to her usual self* Boy bands are terrible anyway...

Lita: Whats so wrong with liking a boy band?

Kate: hmm well take out the word band

Lita: *sighs* just cause one boy hurt you doesnt mean you have to hate all of them. One Direction isnt that bad. I mean you even said so yourself that they werent that bad.

Niall: *tilts head listening intently*

Kate: One reason

Lita: Why?

Kate: Im not saying. All the things in my mind are so unrealistic.

Lita: Im your best friend. Do you want me to get Gav?

Kate: *looks to him and hes talking to Zayn and she smiles* No. Its just... Okay. *gets quiet* Since you know...THAT happened.... I havent liked guys not even being like "Hey hes cute!" And I doubt that will ever change not.even for a silly boy band that writes fake love songs for unrealistic girls and leaving fans with big expectations.

Niall: *raises his hand curiously and they both look over at him in confusion* Umm, what DID happen that got you all like this?

Kate: What? *didnt realize he was listening*

Niall: What happened?

Kate: what do you mean? With what? *is totally lost*

Lita: *smiles and sneaks away* he he he

Niall: you know, the whole " boys are bad" thing. What happened to make you think that?

Kate: *open her mouth to speak but quickly shuts it* *she shakes her head down sadly* just... A bad past I guess.

Niall: You didn't say anything about your past. Were you talking about a guy?

Kate: one? I wish. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad. It was more like a whole parade... *Frowns down at her feet*

Niall: *looks around awkwardly not really sure what to do*

Kate: *peeks up at him* huh, Lita was right.

Niall: right about what?

Kate: you're really bad at this. *Suddenly laughs loudly*

Niall: *scratches his head somewhat confused*

Kate: sympathy and stuff. Not good with words. *Watches him* Its preeetty dorky.

Niall: *pouts and sticks his tongue out*

Kate: *giggles* your face will get stuck like that, Irish One.

Niall: oh shuddup american one *pouts even more*

Kate: Nah, I like speaking. Hey, this is a really stupid question. Do you speak a different language in Ireland?

Niall: No, although I do know how to speak spanish and a bit of french.

Kate: Really? *raises eyebrows* I took spanish and french but I would butcher them. Yo quiero Taco Bell is all I really know *rolls her eyes*

Niall: *chuckles*

Kate: I really do want Taco Bell. Litaaaa- *turns around and she isnt there* Hey! Where'd she go? I dont know how to get to the hotel and she was my ride!

Niall: I thought you were a pizza girl. And I can drop you off if you want, love.

Kate: *blushes a bit* Food is my friend. *nods* I love pizza, but tacos make my tummy smile. *stomach growls and she blushes more*

Niall: Food is my friend too! But I dont see how you have a favorite!! They're all soooo amazing!

Kate: *laughs* then maybe you need tacos to make your tummy smile!

Niall: *without a second thought he gets up and pulls Kate toward the door* WAIT!! *stops and looks back* LIAM where is the nearest Taco Bell?!?

Kate: And be quick about it Landon!


Liam: Calm down, Niall! Its like ten minutes from the pizza shop, a few blocks down the street. Dont get lost and make sure Kate gets home safe-Okay, maybe I should send a chaperone...

Niall: *as soon as he hears the directions he walks out the door pulling Kate with him. He didnt even hear the second part of what Liam said*

Kate: *is being dragged*

Liam: Niall...! Fine then. I-Its on your head if she-! Bloody hell shes doomed...

Niall: *walking* right whrre did he say it was again?

Kate: You forgot already? *walking beside him now her hands in the pockets of her purple skinny jeans*

Niall: noooo...hehe okay, yes!

Kate: Do you know where the pizza shop is?

Niall: *shakes his head*

Kate: Oh boy..

Niall: hehe

Kate: Well lets just get a taxi and then we wont need directions. Unless you like walking. *slows down a bit*

Niall: Lets just go direction *he says wiggling his eye brows smiling*

Kate: Still not a fan remember? But props.

Niall: *frowns and starts walking pulling her with him*

Kate: What? Upset the cool American isnt a fan?

Niall: I didnt hear anyone say you was cool soooo... *peeks at her from the corner of his eyes with a smirk*

Kate: Im cool. And you were thinking it. No need for facts to be said aloud *shrugs and smiles up at him*

Niall: *chuckles* I like you.

Kate: *flips hair dramatically* Who doesnt?

Niall: Well, Im sure theres a list to go by....*he says teasingly*

Kate: meh! *shoves him playfully making him laugh and then she looks around* Where the crap did Landon send us?

Niall: *sighs* You mean Liam?

Kate: Yeah him!

Niall: Just call a taxi *he says in defeat*

Kate: Alright. *hails a taxi thinking it will stop but it almost hits her and Niall drags her back* *she blushes as she is basically up against him with his arm around her*

Niall: BLOODY WANKERS! Are you alright?

Kate: *nods and backs up* *hails a new taxi and it stops and she smiles* *she gestures to Niall as she hops in*

Niall: *follows*

Kate: Hey, so we need to go to taco bell *hands the money over the seat*

Niall: AND STEP ON IT!!!

Kate: *flies back against Niall as the driver slams on the gas*Ouch! Jeesh!

Niall: *blushes catching her*

Kate: *sits up and fixes herself only for the driver to slam on the breaks causing the same results* Im not even going to be alive for tacos!

Niall: *is too busy smiling hugely and blushing*

Kate: *looks over at him questioningly* What?

Niall: Nothing nothing *looks away smiling*

Kate: *cant help but smile too* Okay then. Lets go! The tacos are calling us! Thanks mister! *she climbs over Niall and out of the taxi*

Niall: *follows after her and grabs Kate's hand and drags her inside and starts ordering huge amounts of tacos getting odd looks from customers* *drags her to a table and sits and begins to eat*

Kate: *standing there staring at him*

Niall: Hurry up and eat!! You're lucky Im sharing cause Niall Horan usually doesnt share his food! Just ask Zayn. I almost ate his hand cause he stole a chip.

Kate: *rolls her eyes and joins him* Cannibalism is illegal in the US. Im not sure about Ireland... *he glances up from his taco to give her a look and she smiles brightly*

Niall: Anyway... Uh, tell me about yourself.

Kate: *picks at a taco suddenly nervous* What do you want to know?

Niall: Anything *he says with a mouth full of melted cheese*

Kate: *blushes and thinks* How can he eat like that but still manage to look cute...? *shakes her head to get rid of the thought* Um, well I draw and write a bit, I love penguins. Ive always wanted to go to Germany. I am clumsy. And I sing a bit. Im not sure what else there is. Oh and Im pretty random.

Niall: Sing something *he says easily*

Kate: *chokes on a taco* No no! I cant.. I mean- *shakes her head violently*

Niall: oh cmon. Please? For me? *he looks up at her from under his eyelashes*

Kate: *blushes* W-We're in p-public!

Niall: okay then *grabs her hand and pulls her outside* Now siiiing!

Kate: *sighs* Pick a song.

Niall: *thinks* Little Things

Kate: *sighs and stands a little straighter* *she takes a deep breath before she starts singing* Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me. But bare this in mind, it was meant to be. And Im joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me. I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, you've never loved your stomach or your thighs. The dimples on your back at the bottom of your spine, but I'll love them endlessly. I wont let these little things slip out of my mouth. But if I do. Its you. Oh its you, they add up to. *slows down meeting his eyes* Im in love with you, and all these little things. *lets out her breath waiting for the worst.*

Niall: *eyes widen* That was amazing!

Kate: *covers her face* Liar!

Niall: *takes her hands and pulls them away from her face* No Im not lying. You really did sound amazing.

Kate: *blushes* You think so...?

Niall: *nods* Maybe there will be a sixth to One Direction.

Kate: A girl? Im sure the fangirls will LOVE that *laughs sarcastically but is smiling*

Niall: If they dont then fuck them *smiles back*

Kate: Im sure they'd love that too.

Niall: So you wanna hang out with the boys or do you want me to drop you off at your hotel?

Kate: *actually thinks about it* *looks a bit dissappointed* Lita is waiting for me at the hotel. She might be worried.

Niall: *a flash of dissappointed crosses his face but quickly dissappears as quickly as it came* Alright I'll call a limo. *starts calling*

Kate: What hotel are yall staying at? *she asks curiously*

Niall: Um Holiday Inn *he says as the limo pulls in*

Kate: Really? *blinks* Thats weird.

Niall: how so? *opens the door and helps her in*

Kate: We are staying there too. We were supposed to stay at Lita's aunts *she says sitting back* but she got sick last minute.

Niall: Awesome! Maybe you can hang after all.

Kate: I will have to get Gavin and Lita though. They will think I betrayed them if I dont *makes a face*

Niall: I wouldnt be surprised if your friend Gavin is already with the boys. He and Zayn hit it off pretty well. But if I get replaced as Zayn's best, Im going to have to kill him.

Kate: Hit it off? As friends?

Niall: Well yeah, obviously.

Kate: *frowns worrying about Gavin*

Niall: What? Something wrong?

Kate: Im just thinking about Gavin. *she blurts out not thinking how it might sound*

Niall: oh. So you like him?

Kate: *looks up* What??

Niall: Well you said you were thinking about him and you guys are pretty close. I wouldnt be surprised if you had a little crush on him. *smiles it off though he is really hoping its the opposite*

Kate: Hes a cute kid but its not like that. *shakes head* better wording for it is Im worrying about him.

Niall: Why are you worried about him?

Kate: He likes Zayn and as a best friend Im worried for his heart. *shrugs* I dont want to see him broken *looks down*

Niall: So? I like Zayn too. I dont see how hes gunna end up heart bro- *eyes widen a bit* Ohhhhh. I get it now.

Kate: *nods* Im just worried. Im sure he will see its not like that for Zayn.

Niall: *looks out the window silently realizing they arent moving* Hey we are here.

Kate: *jumps out and stares down as she walks toward the entrance* *realizes shes being rude and stops to wait*

Niall: *catches up to her standing close behind her as she stares down* Is there something you're not telling me...?

Kate: Sorta but it doesnt matter *walks again*

Niall: *frowns and follows* Alright...

Kate: *goes right to the desk and finds out what room shes in*

Niall: Do you still wanna hang with the boys?

Kate: *turns and smiles* Yeah, sure. Lets stop by and grab Lita and Gavin, if he isnt already with the guys.

Niall: Right *gestures for her to lead the way*

Kate: *leads him to their room*

Niall: cool. Even on the same floor.

Kate: I guess fate likes throwing us together *she looks up at him pulling out her key*

Niall: I guess so. Get your friends *smiles*

Kate: *fumbles to unlock the door and drops the key* *they both reach down to get the key at the same time and bonk heads* ouch! *holds her head*

Niall: fuck! *picks up the key and hands it to her holding his head* *she grabs the key but he doesnt let go* *they stare at each other for a second before laughing* Sorry.

Kate: Yeah yeah *opens the door* HEY Y'ALL

Niall: *chuckles watching after her*

Kate: *its quiet for a second before she peeks out* You can come in if you want.

Niall: Sure *nods and walks in*

Kate: *walking around* Hello? Guys? HELLOOOO? *looks under a bed* Where are you?!

Niall: *looks at her with an eyebrow raised* Did you really just do that? *standing so close to her theyre almost touching*

Kate: *stands up* Uh... Maybe. *jumps on the bed hoping she jumps on someone but its only a pillow and shes tosses it pouting*

Niall: What? *tilts head to the side*

Kate: They left me here!

Gavin: *walks in* Bitch, we were looking for- *eyes widen as he sees Niall standing over kate as she lies on the bed* What were you about to do?!?

Kate: *turns super red* G-Gavin! *jumps up* I was looking for you!

Gavin: *turns and is yelling as he walks out the door* LITA! KATE WAS TRYING TO GET NIALL IN BED! SEE I TOLD YOU! WHERE IS MY TEN BUCKS?!

Kate: I was not!!!

Lita: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! *runs in* KATE YOU WHORE *jumps on her* His shirt is still on though!

Kate: Lita! Shut. Up.

Gavin: I wont the bet, Li, so gimme ten bucks!

Lita: You did not win! His shirt is still on! Doesnt count!

Kate: *her face is red as a tomatoe*

Gavin: YES it does. I bet ten bucks that she would try or succeed in getting in bed with him! THIS. STILL. COUNTS.

Niall: *laughing his ass off*

Kate: I wasnt trying to get him in bed, I was looking for yall! Trust me, if I wanted him in bed it would have happened by now and for the record, he would have been in bed first, not me. *crosses her arms like its no big deal that hes right there*

Niall: *turns red*

Kate: *smirks*

Gavin: Well whatever. Im still the uncle of your future irish children sooo Gavin is out! PEACE! *walks out holding up a peace sign*

Kate: *giggles and runs after him and hops on his back* Giddy up!!

Gavin: Blehhhh! Off woman!


Gavin: No no! Go ride Niall you whore!

Kate: Fine, Im sure hes better anyway!! And good on taking that sexual. *walks over to Niall*

Niall: *kneels down in front of her* Well, hop on!!!

Kate: *smiles and hops on* YAY!!

Niall: *chuckles and starts toward his room*

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