Gotta Be You

Kate isnt a fan of One Direction, but what happens when her best friends Lita and Gavin drag her cross the country to one of their concerts. After a lot of heart break and betrayal, she finds it hard to trust any of the guys and keeps herself from liking them. When Niall comes along and is nothing but sweet, how long can Kate keep from falling head over heels, truely madly deeply in love with him?
R&&R xx
(Yes, the story is written in script format)


4. Kiss You

Niall: *kicks open the door* Hey guys we're back!!

Kate: *holding on laughing as he staggers around* *Liam and Zayn are seated on the love seat, Gavin Lita and Harry on the bigger couch*

Niall: Clear the runway for landing!!!!

Liam: Wheres the runway? *he asks turning to look at Zayn*

Zayn: *jumps up taking Liam with him as Niall falls where they just were dumping Kate beside him*

Liam: Thanks. You saved me.

Zayn: Sure thing.

Liam: Kate. *she looks up at him laughing* Come here, love.

Niall: *laughing slows watching Liam uneasily*

Kate: *stops laughing and walks toward him carefully*

Liam: *takes Kate's arm and observes her all around* You seem fine. What did he do to you?

Kate: huh?

Gavin: hehe its more like what didnt she do to him!

Liam: *eyes widen and he looks from an annoyed Kate to a flushed Niall and to Gavin* How do you know what they did or didnt do? They went to get Tacos.

Lita: We walked in on them in bed together.

Harry: WHAAAAT *he says like a black girl* Oh no they DIDNT! How was it??

Kate: *shakes her head* That is SO not what happened! First of all, Gavin saw us first. You didnt see anything. You're just going off what he said.

Gavin: And yet you admit I caught you hehe

Kate: I didnt say that either.

Harry: You arent denying it.

Lita: So therefore, something was GOING to happen.

Kate: *doesnt know what to say anymore* No! We went for Tacos and were looking for Gavin and Lita.

Lita: In bed?

Kate: No, you arent listening! I-

Niall: *cuts her off* Kate sings. Shes really good.

Kate: *gives him a look that says thank you* And hes a dirty liar.

Lita: How would you know hes dirty? *giggles*

Kate: *gives her a look*

Liam: *smiles* Thats cool. Do you play an instrument?

Kate: *shakes her head* I tried to learn guitar once. It didnt last long. My teacher was terrible and I was not confident enough to teach myself.

Niall: *eagerly raises his hand* I could teach you. O-Or Liam could, if you w-want... *shrugs and shoves his hands in his pockets*

Kate: *smiles* I will think about it.

Harry: So will you sing for us?

Kate: *smile dissappears* Im not sure about that...

Niall: *looks over* I'll play guitar if you sing...

Kate: *stares at him for a second and sighs before looking to Lita/Gavin* Im gunna need some help.

Gavin: *smiles and jumps up to sit next to her* Kiss You like we practiced? *kate nods*

Lita:Wha-? No!

Gavin: Come on, Lita! We cant do it without you!

Lita: *sighs and sits on Gavins other side* Fine.

Niall: *grabs his guitar and sits beside Kate* Ready? *kate nods to him and he strums the beginning cords to Kiss You*

(all sang):


Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like

We can go out any day, any night

Baby, I'll take you there, take you there

Baby, I'll take you there, yeah


Oh tell me, tell me how to turn your love on

You can get, get anything that you want

Baby just shout it out, shout it out

Baby just shout it out, yeah.


And if you


You want me too


Lets make a move


Yeah, so tell me, boy

All three:

If everytime we tou-u-uch

You get this kind of ru-u-ush

Baby say yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah


If you dont wanna


Take it slow


And you just wanna


Take me home

All three:

Baby say yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah


And let me

Kiss you


Oh baby baby dont you know

You got what I need?


Lookin so good from your head

To your feet


Come on, come over here, over here

Come on come over here yeah


Oh, I just wanna show you off to all of my friends

Makin them drool by their chinny chin chins

Baby be mine tonight, mine tonight

Baby be mine tonight, yeah


And if you

You want me too

Lets make a move


Yeah, so tell me, girl


If every time we tou-u-uch

You get this kind of ru-u-ush

All three:

Baby say yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah


If you dont wanna take it slow

And you just wanna take me home


Baby say yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah

And let me

Kiss you


Na na na na na na na na


Na na na na na na na na


Na na na na na na NA NA


So tell me boy if

Everytime we tou-u-uch

You get this kind of ru-u-ush


Baby say yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah


If you dont wanna take it slow

And you just wanna take me home

All three:

Baby say yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah


Everytime we tou-u-uch


You get this kind of ru-u-ush


Baby say yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah


If you dont wanna take it slow


And you just wanna take me home


Baby say yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah


And let me

Kiss you

*its silent for a minute before they all clap*

Zayn: You guys sound great!

Niall: *smiling at Kate* Amazing as usual

Kate: *blushes trying not to look at Niall* Can you teach me how to play that? *she asks hesitantly*

Niall: Yeah, of course! C'mere. *he takes off the guitar and gestures her over*

Kate: *hesitates before standing and going to him* *he points to the empty spot in front of him* *she stands in front of him able to feel the heat of his chest on her back*

Niall: Here, put it on. *he says holding the guitar strap out to her* *she puts it on and he pulls her against him so shes leaning on his chest* One more thing *takes off his red hat and places it on hers turning it backward* It helps me focus. Okay, here we go. *grabs her hands and places them on the guitar. He guides her fingers across the strings whispering the notes in her ear making her blush* See? Now play it back to me.

Kate: *watches as his hands hover over hers and she plays the beginning of Kiss You back to Niall* *she messes up, cursing under her breath*

Niall: Thats alright. Try again, love. *takes her hands and shows her the notes to the part she messed up* Got it?

Kate: I think so. *plays it again without messing up* Okay, you must be a wizard or something.

Niall: Luck o' the Irish, love *winks* Must be a good teacher.

Harry: Maybe his hat is magic?

Kate: *forgot they were there and blushes* Maybe Im just a good student. Anyway...more?

Gavin: hehe...hear that? Shes begging for more!

Kate: *takes off Niall's hat and is about to throw it at Gavin*

Niall: *catches her hand and snatches the hat away* If you mistreat the hat, you cant wear it.

Kate: Sorry, Mr Horan. *smiles when he puts the hat back on her head*

Niall: Just call me Niall, babe.

Kate: *blushes and shifts her weight against him*

Lita: *giggles* Niall, dont call her babe.

Niall: Why?

Gavin: We're from America. In calling her babe, it makes you instant boyfriend/girlfriend material.

Zayn: *laughs*

Niall: oh... *tightens his arms around her* L-Lets go on, yes?

Kate: *smiles a bit* Si!

Niall: *smirks* Si? Muy bien, chica.

Kate: Gracias.

Niall: *chuckles and brings his arms around her waist dragging her back against him and he tunes the guitar a bit* Okay, now the chorus. *he shows her the chorus spacing it out slowly and it sounds nothing like the song* Now play it back and speed it up.

Kate: *nods and does as she is told making it sound like the song and looks up at Niall like an excited child waiting for praise and approval*

Niall: Great! You're doing amazing *smiles and they look into each others eyes where upon it gets awkwardly quiet*

Zayn: *coughs awkwardly*

Niall: *clears his throat and starts to strum the next part but Kate is too busy staring at him*

Kate: *thinks* He's so cute when hes focusing...

Niall: *looks up at her waiting*

Kate: *flushes* I wasnt ready. Show me again? *looks down to their hands*

Niall: *shows her again smiling to himself*

Kate: *watches and then carefully plays it back*

Niall: *leans his head on her shoulder listening*

Kate: *giggles as she plays the chorus* You smell like Doritos

Niall: *chuckles in her ear* I got hungry.

Kate: Now Im hungry...

Niall: I have snack bags in my room. Lets go raid them!

Liam: *does a spit take*

Harry: *now covered in spit take water* Ew, Liam! I already had a shower today!

Louis: *staring in shock*

Kate: *looks at them confused* Umm... Right. *stands up* Well?

Niall: *smiles and leads her off to his room*

Gavin: Did that just happen?

Lita: Yes, yes it did.

Zayn: Oh my god. We're still alive right? The world didnt come to an end?

Harry: *feels up his own chest* Nope, we're okay. Is HE okay??

Liam: He took her to his room AND is sharing food. Do you know what this means?

Gavin: They're hungry?

Harry: Niall's got a crush?!

Lita: *squeals* Yes!!

Liam: *smiles* Does she like him too?

Gavin: DUH!!

Liam: This is great

Louis: Little Ni is growing up! *Kate screams from Niall's room and then she laughs*

Zayn: *looks toward the door* I dont want to know what they're doing in there...

Niall: *walks out with the most serious face leaving the door open* *Kate is lying on his bed laughing hysterically*

Lita: What happened?

Niall: My room is messy and she tried to clean.

Gavin: How is that funny?

Niall: Cause I tried to stop her from cleaning and we tripped... *walks to Zayn and shows him a bruise* I gotta boo boo.

Zayn: Want me to kiss it?

Niall: *fakes crying* Yes!

Zayn: *rolls his eyes and kisses the bruise* There.

Niall: Thanks!! *runs back to the room and hops on Kate making her scream, the door wide open*

Kate: Gavin, help! He's going to eat me!

Gavin: hehe, enjoy! Use protection!!

Kate: Not like that! *blushes and shoves Niall off of her*

Niall: *falls off the bed laughing*

Kate: *breaks out laughing and gets on her hands and knees and peeks over the side of her bed with her butt in the air*

Harry: Im sorry, but thats just asking for it.

Niall: *grabs her arms and yanks her off the bed and onto the floor*

Kate: Ah!

Niall: RAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Kate: Ah, no!! *giggles* Stop, that tickles! I cant- I cant breathe! Hahaha nooooo!

Louis: just kiss already! *he chuckles*

Niall: Okay! *Loud MWAH noise*

Kate: *blushes* Ewww that was wet.

Gavin: He said kiss her not eat her out!

Niall: *sits up wiping his face* I did. I kissed her on the cheek.

Kate: *sits up too wiping her cheek and wipes it on his arm* That was nasty.

Niall: *chuckles and kisses her cheek normally*

Kate: *smiles and shoves him playfully and he falls back to the floor* *she ducks down toward him is gone from site for a minute*

Niall: *moans loudly*

Kate: *jumps up* I did nothing! *stands there and points at him* I didnt touch him at all!

Niall: *laughs loudly still on the ground*

Harry: Close the door if you guys are gonna do that!

Kate: Shut up Manwhore! I didnt even touch him! I kissed his cheek. Boy is trying to make me look bad!

Niall: hahahaha I cant believe that worked!!!

Kate: *kicks him*

Niall: Ow! Hahahah!!

Liam: What are we going to do with them?

Niall: No stop dont eat that! *jumps up and lunges toward her* Ive been saving that!!

Kate: Well its mine now, pervert!

Niall: Nooooooo!!!

Zayn: *laughs* Same old Niall

Kate: Knock it off! Watch where you grab me!!

Lita: Same old Kate

Gavin: This'll be fun...

Louis: Indeed it will.


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