Gotta Be You

Kate isnt a fan of One Direction, but what happens when her best friends Lita and Gavin drag her cross the country to one of their concerts. After a lot of heart break and betrayal, she finds it hard to trust any of the guys and keeps herself from liking them. When Niall comes along and is nothing but sweet, how long can Kate keep from falling head over heels, truely madly deeply in love with him?
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(Yes, the story is written in script format)


2. Irresistible

Chapter Two: Irresistible

Kate: *staring out the window*
Lita: *driving and singing along to 1D in her soprano voice* I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah. I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah. I want you to hit the petal, heavy metal, show me you care. I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah!
Kate: *sighs* the only thing I can relate to with these songs is the pain, longing, and heart break... *sings in a beautiful alto voice* I used to think I was better alone... Thats the thing. It always seems like that to me.
Lita: *smiles toward Kate keeping her eyes on the road* So, Johnny was an asshole. There is a lot of those.
Kate: He played me. *scoffs* Im too vulnerable..
Lita: No, hes just stupid. You're so pretty and shes so not. If he wants to make the idiot mistake of marrying the dumb whore then let him. His loss not yours.
Kate: Alright... *lays her head down and falls asleep*
Lita: Kate! Kate! Wake up!
Kate: *yawns and looks around* Hmm..?
Lita: We're here!
?: Boo, bitch, boo!
Kate: *screams* Gav! You scared the fudge out of me! *tackle hugs him*
Lita: Gav, we still have an like four hours before the concert. We're at the Hotel...
Gavin: Rain on my freakin parade why dont you!!!
Kate: Calm down Gavii!!
Gavin: Noooo she killed it!
Kate: Dont make me smack you!
Gavin: *throws arms out and drops weight and falls toward her* CATCH ME!
Kate: Hell no! *he falls on her and they fall* *people outside the hotel are staring at them*
Lita: *laughing like an idiot* This is great! *starts taking pictures*
Lita: *looks around* People are staring.... *steps away* I dont know y'all.
Kate: Get him off!
Gavin: hehe
Lita: Fiiiine. Gavin, come on!
Gavin: *readjusts on top of Kate* Nah Im comfy. I might take a nap.
Kate: I will bite you *glares*
Gavin: hahahah! Sounds wrong.
Lita: Gavin get off or no Zayn
Gavin: *makes a sound like a whale* Fine!!
Kate: *jumps up* Oh my god your crazy. Lets go! *stops* Im hungry!! *holds her stomach*
Gavin: *imitates her* me too!!
Lita: Pizza?
Both: Yes!!!!
Kate: *sighs and they start walking toward a pizza place* *theres a crowd outside* *she points* that there is a problem.. I cant get to my pizza!
Lita: why are they all crowding outside?
Kate: I dont know but they best move. This girl needs food to survive the boy band.
Lita: *rolls her eyes* guys its too crowded. We cant get over.
Gavin: Oh yeah? *looks to Kate*
Kate: *nods* For the pizza! *holds out her hand to Gavin*
Gavin: And Zayn! *fist pumps before taking her hand*
Kate: *giggles and grabs Lita's hand* Do NOT let go no matter WHAT!
Lita: Im kinda scared...
Gavin: Chill girl we got this! *turns them toward the crowd* LOOK OUT CROWDED FEMALES! OUR BELLIES REQUEST PIZZA FROM THAT SHOP! *drags Kate and Lita into the crowd*
Kate: Move it! Excuse me!
Lita: *being dragged* Nooo I wanna go back!!!
Gavin: *starts making more whale noises* AWWOOOOOO MOOOOVE! *they get to the door and a man who is clearly the manager is standing there*
Manager: Go home! They want to eat in peace! Leave before I call the police!
Kate: *yells over the crowd* hey! Mister! Excuse me! *he doesnt hear her* *she cups her hands around her mouth* YO!! *he looks at her surprised* what is going on?
Manager: We are reserved for the night. Please go home. No more room.
Gavin: Bull crap! Theres people in there and plenty of open seats!
Manager: Unless you are a paying customer, leave.
Kate: We are!
Manager: Listen little lady-
?: Hey! She said she will pay. You can let them in.
Manager: *turns* of course, Liam!
All three: *jaws drop* *crowd behind them screams and they're rushed inside*
Lita: Ohmygosh ohmygosh!!! Theyre here!! *whispering excitedly*
Gavin: *looks like he might pass out*
Kate: *stern look* calm down or we will march right back out. They're just guys and Im sure they want to be treated normal. Jeesh.
Gavin: *takes a deep breath* shes right
Lita: *nods* can we sit before I faint?
Gavin: but we need a table in view of the boys *glances around* *a chuckle sounds from behind them*
?: why not just sit with us? *they all turn and One Direction is right behind them*
Gavin: Uh, we werent going to watch you or anything *laughs nervously and tries to be cool and leans on a chair which falls making him fall*
Kate: hahahahaha!!! You busted your ass!
Lita: *laughs too and takes more pictures*
Gavin: ITS NOT FUNNY! *sitting on the floor pouting*
Kate: *sits next to him and hugs him* Haha yes it was. You're so cute!!
Lita: *stops taking pictures and looks at the guys who are watching awkwardly, all but Niall who has his head on the table laughing* and for the record...I wasnt going to faint.
Liam: *smiles* We would catch you if you did.
Lita: *blushes and giggles*
Harry: *smiles a bit*
Gavin: Lita! Kate is being a bitch!
Kate: Thats a mean word! But so true! *hugs him more*
Lita: Kate stop it.
Kate: What did I do?!?
Gavin: HA!
Niall: *falls out of his chair*
Kate: *eyes widen* Um, the Irish one fell!
Lita: *smiles* Thank god she didnt call him Niran!
Zayn: Who's Niran?
Lita: What? I dont know what your talking about.
Kate: *stands* Okay Im gunna be honest. These two *pulls Gavin up off the floor and points to Lita and Gavin* are the Directionees or whatever here. Im not a fan. I just got dragged along to me dismay.
Harry: Dismay? Thats a big word for such a small girl.
Kate: *looks at Harry* So is supercalafragilisticexpialidocious....and flirt with me again and Im gunna shove my fist down your throat *holds up her fist*
Lita: *grabs her arm* No!
*all the guys laugh as Harry slowly turns back around in his chair looking afraid*
Louis: Sit with us! Or near us! This is the most fun we've had all day!
Niall: *stands back up* Please, threaten dearest Harry some more! *smiles brightly*
Kate: *looks at Niall and turns a bit red*
Lita: *giggles and whispers* You cant resist his accent eyes and smile!
Gavin: Can we sit with them? I mean, I will if you guys dont *drags a chair and plops down by Zayn happily*
Zayn: *smiles to Gavin*
Lita: Im in! *drags a chair over and sits by Harry* Kate, the only spot left seems to be by Niall!
Kate: Who?
Niall: *looks up at her like huh?*
Lita: The cute one.
Harry: But my name is Harry!
Lita: *giggles* Kate....the CUTE one...*winks obviously at her*
Kate: stop winking at me and speak woman!
Lita: Oh my god, K! The Irish one!
Kate: *points at Niall idiotically with a quesrion mark face*
Niall: *pouts cutely*
Lita: Yes!
Kate: *grabs chair violently* Why didnt you say so to begin with, Li?! *sits next to Niall* Hello Irish one.
Niall: Hello, American one. *serious face*
Kate: .... Touche.
Niall: *smiles*
Harry: Hey, so what was with the Niran thing?
Lita: Thats what she calls Niall. She doesnt know any of your names.
Kate: *nods proudly* Yep! Im Kate by the way. That smokin boy over there is my best friend Gavin *gestures to him and he smiles like a dork* And thats Lita.
Lita: no cool title or anything *crosses her arms*
Kate: You arent cool honey. But thats why I love you! *makes a heart toward her*
Lita: I divorcing you!
Kate: Okay, I'll crash with.... Um... I'll figure something out.
*they all laugh*
Liam: *leans forward* Im a bit curious. What do you call us all?
Kate: *stares* Curiousity killed the cat. *stands*
Lita: Oh god.
Kate: *walks to Harry and puts a hand on his shoulder* I called him Hagrid for a while. Now hes just Curly Cue. *walks in a circle to Louis* Lark the Zebra. *walks to Liam* JB WannaB Landon. *walks to Zayn* Zyrane the muslim hottie. *walks to Niall and pats his head* and Niran the Irish cutie. *bows and sits down*
Harry: I think Zayn and Niall were the closest.
Kate: Lemme try and get the real names. Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall?
Louis: Oh there you go!
Kate: Yay me! Li! Your nonstop chatter worked!
Lita: *fakes wiping a tear* Im so proud!
Gavin: That was deffinitly MY doing, thank you! She hangs out with me more.
Kate: Thats true but Li calls me everyday. I go to your house.
Gavin: I have more rights!!!
Lita: Jerk!
Kate: HEY. There is enough Kate to go around! *slams hand on table*
Gavin: *gasps and it gets silent* That was mahogeny!!
Kate: *giggles*
Lita: *stares around realizing they still havent eaten* I'll go order some pizza.
Gavin: Woohoo!!
Kate: Gavin! We need to have an eating contest!
Gavin: You're right! I wanted a rematch!
Niall: *is watching Kate*
Zayn: *looks from Niall to Kate and smirks* A girl who eats hardcore? Sounds like someones female counterpart.
Niall: *glares at Zayn who laughs*
Kate: *ignores their remark* Im gunna beat you Zayn lover! *slams her hands on the table and stands, challenging him*
Gavin: You're on! *slams hands back and stands* Katey Watey!
Kate: *glares* You know I hate it when you call me that. *slowly circles around the table and he stays parrallel to her*
Gavin: Thats why I said it...*waits until he is standing behind Niall and Kate is in his full view*
Kate: *glances down at Niall then back to Gavin her cheeks flushing* I believe its called a Nialler.
Niall: *laughs and blushes a bit*
Gavin: *stops* Ohmygod! *runs over to Kate and hugs her* Daddy is so proud!!
Kate: *throws arms up* What is this?! You're touching me! And you arent my father! This would be considered molestation!!
Gavin: We're rubbing off on you!
Kate: No yall arent!
Lita: *comes back with the pizza* Yes we are!
Gavin/Kate: *stare at her blankly*
Lita: I can hear yall from across the shop. And are soooo a Nialler!!
Kate: *crosses her arms* Whatever you say *grabs a slice of pizza and takes a bite* OHMYGOD HOT!!!! *flails around for a second looking for somewhere to spit the pizza out* Owowow! *finally just swallows it* Oh my gosh that hurt!
Gavin: *laughs* Wow, way to go!
Kate: Shut it! *drops the pizza on an empty plate*
Lita: *giggles* You love pizza. You would marry it, wouldnt you?
Kate: I wouldnt go THAT far...
Gavin: hehe, you need a hat, pizza girl!
Kate: *points at Gavin* Good idea, but your pizza will probably be late.
Lita: Thats true. She'd probably get lost.
Gavin: The pizza wouldnt make it to us! She would eat it all!
Lita: She doesnt eat it, she inhales it.
Gavin: Hehe that sounded wrong!
Kate: *glares at Gavin* Thats not true, I-
Lita: *suddenly jumps up* OH MY GOD! We have to go! We only have an hour before the concert!
Niall: Thats weird, our concert is in an hour. *all look at Niall, waiting* Ohhhh! You're going to our concert!
Gavin: Yes we are! *runs off*
Kate: No, I cant leave!
Harry: *smiles at her* Like us that much, hmm? *winks*
Kate: Oh hell to the no! I just didnt get my pizza!
Gavin: *runs back with a pizza box* Pizza to go anyone? *winks at Kate*
Kate: *smiles* You're a life saver! I almost had to stay here.
Gavin: With them? *gestures to the guys*
Kate: *nods*
Gavin: I would be doing you a favor in destroying this box.... *holds the box like he will crush it*
Kate: Dont you dare... *narrows eyes*
Gavin: hehe *hands her the box*
Kate: Thanks! *loads the box with pizza and turns back to the guys* Well... Ta-ta for now! *hands Lita the box and grabs Gavin's hand and puts her othet arm around Lita's waist and they leave*

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