Dreamed of This Before

Lorelie meets the boy shes dreamed of dating since she saw him on X-factor; Zayn Mailk.


1. We Finally Met

   Lorelie went to Walmart to get banannas,sprinkles,and vanilla ice cream for her bananna spilt and bumped in to a boy with a blue hoodie and glasses that look alot like Zayn's."Im so sorry!" Lorelie says. "It's fine,love." "Wait....i know that accsent anywhere! Your Zayn!" "Yes,but dont scream!" "I wont..." "So what are you going to make with that stuff?" Zaynn asks palitley. " A bananna split!" "Can I join in?" "sure!"

                                                                                         At Lorelie's House

Zayn-This is very nice....I didnt get your name,love....

Lorelie-my names Lorelie  Anders.

Zayn-a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!


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