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"I don't know why I lied to you..."

"I just need to get away..."

"We're just moving to fast right know..."

"Yes, no, I don't know..."

'giggle' "You just don't get, making me laugh does not make it all ok..."

"You asshole, how could you do that and not tell me, get away from me you jerk..."

"No, it's not the same as what I did..."

"No I will not calm down..."

"Look, the timing is just not right, right know..."


Just like that it was over, three lovely, settling day of dating over. If it was my fault I didn't care, I had to get away from him and life isn't perfect, is it? But now what, that idiot took my apartment didn't he? Why do I question all my actions all the time? I played his side of the argument over in my head.

"How could you keep such a big secret from me?"

"Well you are going to stay and work it out like your meant to, aren't you?"

"You need to 'get away' this is not cool, not cool."

"We have been dating for three days, three days. We have just met, do you want to move in with me then?"

"Yes, those are the three options."

"Well, if laughing doesn't sort it out, my secret is..."

"Wow it isn't that important to me and it shouldn't be to you. Is it the same as what you did now?"

"Exactly, just calm down, let's talk about this."

"Come on when is the timing right. Never, no I had just enough courage before to ask you out."

He wrapped his arms around me. I ran out to him screaming, "BABY..."

Maybe it was his apartment, but he star... I stopped myself, I can't blame everything on him all the time. I started the argument and I have nowhere to go and because of me I have ruined their lives. I was dating world famous pop-stars and I blew it and always blamed it on them. I am an idiot and a jerk. God he was perfect wasn't he. Ok new life new time, I know that the papers will be all over it but hey ho, here we go, hm Robbie Williams. Let's go!








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