Gay Best Friend - Crushing on a bully

Gaby has had a crush on Jon for a long time. She lets him bully her and intimidate her because she doesn't want to embarrass him. Jon has no idea how Gaby feels. One day, Jon walks up to Gaby and starts a conversation. Did he find out that Gaby has a crush on him? Was he just bullying her to disguise his feelings? Lets find out. . .


3. Chapter Three

After school, I waited for Jon to walk out the gates and say goodbye to his friends, so he was on his own. 


"Jon, can I talk to you for a second? Don't worry, I won't keep you."


"Well if it isn't Gary, what do you want?"


"It's Gaby, I just wanted to tell you that Zach saw what you did to his locker and one of your friends decided to intimidate him in class, can you just please tell them to back off?"


"I know he saw it but he can't exactly say we've done anything to him, can he? If my friends say anything to him, that's not my problem, sort them out yourself okay, fat ass."


"Excuse me? Did you just call me fat ass?"


"It happens I did."


"Whatever. You and your disciples had better back off Zach, he's been through enough, you're making his life a living hell so think about the repercussions."


"Fine. I'll back off him, but don't think you're being left alone Gaby."


"Is that a threat?"


"No, it's a warning."


I just laughed and walked off. Jon shouted something to me but I wasn't talking any notice, the only words that came out of his mouth were vile and insulting. 


When I got home, mum was sat at the table in the kitchen, shaking. I had never seen her like that before. I hoped that it wasn't anything to do with dad, or my brother.


"Mum, you're shaking like mad, what's happened?" I was already panicking inside. It had to be something tragic.


"It's your father, he's-,"


"No, he can't be mum, please tell me you're joking."


"For god's sake Gaby, let me finish first will you? You're father's not dead but he's been rushed to hospital. I don't think you'll want to know why."


"I do. Tell me what happened to him."


"He was on his way back from work and he was on the motorway, this lorry came speeding past him, came too close, your father must have panicked and went straight into the hard-shoulder, he's lucky to still be alive Gaby."


"Mum, can you take me to the hospital, I want to see him, what if he does die?"


"Don't say that Gaby, think positively about this, he's going to be fine."


"We don't know that for certain though, so take me to the hospital or I'll just get Zach's mum to take me."


"Fine, I'll take you but I've already been there and they said he can't have any visitors at the minute because they need time for him to become conscious enough to hear."


"Thanks mum, if they don't let me see him, I'll just start shouting to make them let me in."


"Don't be so childish Gabriella, now come on."


I didn't want to speak to mum on the way because she was acting like everything would be fine, but how the hell would she know. It wasn't like she was that worried anyway, I know her and dad were on the verge of splitting up, they think I have no clue. Dad is always going for walks at about 3 in the morning and he always sleeps on the settee or in the spare room. Now that was definitely a sign that something was wrong. 

As soon as mum pulled up in the car park I was up and out before she could say 'We're here.' The smell of hospitals was the best. My favorite thing I liked to do there was walk up and down the corridors, making out I was in an american high school, trying to find my way round. I got to the main reception and had to ask the woman where my dad was being kept.

It took me about 10 minutes to find his room but I eventually got there. Luckily enough, no nurses were around so I had a chance to sneak in and see dad.

He looked so lifeless. Quietly and slowly, I opened the door and gently shut it behind me. There were no chairs by his bed so I silently lay beside him, tears trickling down my face. After about 5 minutes, Mum came in and told me that I had to get out because the nurses needed to come in and check him. I told him I loved him and then I ran out, all the way down the long corridor, out of the hospital entrance and straight to the car. I wanted it to be me in that hospital bed. Or even Mum. I know that sounded selfish and cruel but it was true. Dad treated me nicer. He got me everything I ever wanted. Mum just stuck her nose up at anything I ever showed her in shops we went in.


At home, my brother was waiting outside the front door because had probably forgotten his door key. My brother was 2 years older than me. So he had left school and was already in his second year at college. His name was Jarrod. He was gay, like Zach. Mum hates that Jarod isn't like other boys. She says it's a shame he's not normal. He is normal, he's as normal as anyone else in the world. Just because he likes boys. I haven't got a problem with it, he's my brother at the end of the day, nothing else matters.


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