Gay Best Friend - Crushing on a bully

Gaby has had a crush on Jon for a long time. She lets him bully her and intimidate her because she doesn't want to embarrass him. Jon has no idea how Gaby feels. One day, Jon walks up to Gaby and starts a conversation. Did he find out that Gaby has a crush on him? Was he just bullying her to disguise his feelings? Lets find out. . .


1. Chapter One

"You're just a lonely little freak, Gaby, no wonder nobody likes you, apart from that gay friend of yours, oh what his name?"


"Yeah that puff."

"Don't call him a puff, he's my best friend!"


Jon bullied me like crazy. He intimidated me, teased me, laughed at me and lots of other embarrassing things but I didn't care. I liked him. He was handsome, muscular and really popular. Zach always told me that I was blind and didn't realise what Jon was like. Even though he was horrible to me, he still seemed to put a smile on my face.

"Look Jon, whatever I've done wrong I'm sorry about that but I just don't know what you want from me."

"Did you hear that everyone, she thinks I want something from her, the pathetic little cow."

"Why do you keep calling me names, it's not nice."

"There just names for gods sake, it's not as if I'm hurting you, is it?"

"Suppose not."

"Well then."

He walked back to his desk at the front of the classroom. I was the only person in the entire class that he picked on. Sometimes he would say things to Zach but he just lets them go.

Mr Daniels walked into the classroom with a wide grin on his face.

"Now class, today we're not going to be in here for this lesson, we are having an assembly about bullying. If we could make our way down to the hall, that would be great."

As usual, Jon waited until I was the last one out and then he stood behind me, standing on the back of my feet.

"So then Crabby, is it true that Zach and Mr Lyons, you know, had a thing?"

"Seriously Jon, get a life, Zach would never dream of doing anything with his teacher, that is just sick."

"Don't tell me to get a life, skank."

He scowled at me and then pushed in front of the line. Yes, Zach had a little crush on Mr Lyons but nothing more. Anyway, he would tell me if he felt anything else.


At home, Mum and Shaun, my older brother, were looking at photographs.

"Aw Gab, look at this one of you and your brother, god how time flies,"

"Tell me about it mother, I wish I was still that little, I wouldn't have to live my so- called life being the freaky loner."

"You're not a freaky loner babe, ignore that Jon guy, he's just a bully."

It was true. He was a bully. Still, I didn't care. I had the BIGGEST crush on him. God help me.

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