What did I get my self into? ( 1d fanfic)

Imagine your bestfriends with zayn and Louis from one direction. Sounds great right but what happens when you hook up with Louis then with zayn. After that they found out what you did. Also they're making you choose between them, but the worst thing is your on vacation, you are possibly pregnant with whos baby? Life is about to get tough for adriana Ramos.


1. What did I get myself into

       Adriana's pov
I know being friends with one directions Louis and zayn Malik was going to be hard but not this hard. Let me interduce myself, my name is Adriana Ramos, I'm twenty one and I'm Hispanic . Today is the day I'm going to Mexico with one direction, but I need to say goodbye to my family first. Because after this trip I'm moving in with them. So when I got to my childhood home, zayn was waiting for me. How sweet!
Me: what are you doing here?" 
Z: because I don't want to see you hurt"
Me: why would I be hurt"
Z: because it's your last time seeing them for a long time" right he uis holding my hands, facing me. He leans in, but I push him away.
Me: no zayn! I don't like you like that plus in front of my parents on the last day I'll see'em really?!"
Z: you didn't say that when we you know!"
Me: because we were drunk okay I'm sorry I don't like you like that but zayn I like some one else" I walked away and into the house. I looked back at zayn and I could he was sad. All my family was there even my sister!
Cris: hey nana Long time no see!"
Me: yeah but only on web chat"
Luis: how was that guy with you manna(that means sister in Spanish ) 
Me: it was my friend "
Mom: please stay!"
Me: mom I won't be by my self I'm taking the girls too" the girls are my friends and cousins. They are meli,suzie, izzy,and cassy. After all the sad goodbyes it was time to pick up the girls and leave.once I picked them up we headed toward the airport.meli and Liam sat next to eachother. They both haves crushes on each other but they don't know it. Then it was suzie and Harry,and also cassy and Niall sat next to each other. Zayn and izzy sat far away from us, by us I mean me and Louis. We always sat next to each other ,but I really have a big crush on him. Any way with things that I have done Louis kinda makes me feel like I love him ,but zayn is also my friend but I dont know who I like more. Hours later we arrived in Mexico! 
On the cab to cancun it was about one in the morning. We got the hotel and picked rooms and roommates. Me and meli in one room.suzie, cassy and izzy in the other. Zayn, liam, and niall in another.last but not least is Louis and Harry.of course their like dating eachother jk! 
Meli: hey nana who do you like?
Me: why you ask?
Meli: because you might be playing Louis if you like zayn, and if you like Louis your just like playing zayn, well sorta. Meli was right how could I play my bestfriends, but I Really like Louis he always listens and is funny. On the other hand I like zayn too because he's charming and he always makes me feel special.
Me:Mel you promise not to tell?
Meli:yeah why
Me: I like Louis but not like but love ,you know? 
Meli: yeah liam is cute but I'm to shy,Well let's get something to eat before we sleep?
Me: duh!" when we opened the door I couldn't believe what I saw. Louis and zayn were eazdropping! They heard my confession! 
Me: were you two listening!
Lou:nana no it wasn't that it was that umm I got nothing,Zayn?"
Zayn: nana who do you like? Answers now!" oh no zayn will hate me forever. What did I get myself into?


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