What did I get my self into? ( 1d fanfic)

Imagine your bestfriends with zayn and Louis from one direction. Sounds great right but what happens when you hook up with Louis then with zayn. After that they found out what you did. Also they're making you choose between them, but the worst thing is your on vacation, you are possibly pregnant with whos baby? Life is about to get tough for adriana Ramos.


4. Trouble in mexico

     Adriana's  Pov 
The next morning me and Louis woke up surrounded by every body. It's was really awkward. I looked at meli before she and the girls dragged me off.
 With Adriana and the girls
Suzie: so nana looks like you and Louis are so in love" 
Me: we just fell asleep on the couch!" I said nervously.
Cassy: sure you did..." I swear these girls just want in on every thing of my life. "on the news it showed you and Louis kissing at a bakery!" my god she really wants me to tell her something.
Me: guys can I tell you something but don't get mad?" I was playing with my hands and not even looking at them.
Girls: ok what?" ok just breath in and out in and out.
Me : I'm pregnant and it's Louis's baby" the girls faces made me giggle.
Meli: well at least you told them now"
Izzy: congrats who going to be the god parents, me yeah or me!"
Me: it's meli, because she has been my bestfriend since we were in diapers,she knew since forever"
Izzy: how rude I've always was there for you and you pick her you b*tch hopeful Louis won't support you" and then she left like that. At this point I'm in tears why would she do that,and the words she use were horrible. 
Suzie: have you told louis?" she sat next to me and hugged me.
Me: yeah he supports it and pretty happy for the baby'' 
Meli: group hug? Anybody?"
Me: course" and with that we all hugged. 
      With Louis 
The girls were quiet at first then there were yelling people storming out and crying then giggling. Sounds like high school to me.
Liam: Lou.. Louis..... Louis Tomlinson.... Louis willam Tomlinson! Earth to Louis"
Me: what!" I was shocked that I spaced out. I never space out only when I'm guilty or something's on my mind. Well it was both
Niall: what were you going to tell us" oh I was going to tell them about me and Adriana.
Me: umm I'm having a baby with adriana" I had to scratch the back of me neck so it wouldn't be awkward.
Zayn: you a**hole! You got her pregnant, her life is ruined now, hope your happy" Dam I've never seen zayn so mad the boys had to hold him down it was scary." hope you have fun playing house cuz your not ever be a good dad as I could have been to the baby, are you sure it's even yours?" that little piece of poop
Me: shut up zayn your Jealous that she loves me better then you, she always loved me more, why do you think we went out last night! Oh and by the shes now my girlfriend" by the look on Zayns face. Im pretty sure I won.
Zayn: no she loves me why do you think she did it with me after you? So she could forget that your bad!" that's it I threw a swing at him,but missed.
Adriana: guys stop it's not worth it just stop!" I saw she was disappointed in me, by the way her lips curled and that her hand s are on her hips.
Me: I'm sorry nana, you know what zayn I'm sorry"
Zayn: you know what I'm not" he walked up and punched me right in the stomach.
Adriana: zayn what the hell! This is not about you, it's about the baby you ass" zayn grabs her hand and leads her into his room and locked it. I tried to get in there but it was locked and the door was hard. 
Meli: guys we have to get in there Zayns mad and you know what he does when he's mad he hits and she is pregnant!"
Me: I know, Liam do you have the card to swipe us in?''
Liam: yeah its right here" he diggs into his pocket to find the card. I took the card and swiped us in. To find Adriana holding red swollen cheek. Zayn walkes out of the bathroom really mad. He pushed me do I push back. Then I punched him in the jaw. He was going to punch me but adriana gets in the way.
Adriana: guys stop it's dumb and you guys are making us look bad for the hotel!" 
Zayn: shut up bitch" he slapes her then pushes her out of the way. 
Louis: don't you ever lay a finger on her ever again and don't you see she is pregnant smart one" I was pissed so I punched him in the stomach over and over again until Paul broke us up. I looked over at everybody else. Adriana's cheek looks so swollen she can't even smile which sucks cuz she has a beautiful smile.
Paul: Louis what happened you and zayn were cool until now why?"
Me: he touched her Paul!"
Paul: who did he touch louis" I looked at Adriana who was talking to Niall
Me: Adriana my girlfriend" Paul was about to say something when I finished " she is pregnant and he slapped her two times" Paul looked like he was about to cry, well he has a daughter and he could imagine the pain i went through.
Paul: you did the right thing Louis, but violence is never the answer you can go" then he went to talk to zayn.
Me: hey cutie" i told adriana as I wrapped my hands around her. " what were you guys talking about?" 
Niall: she was telling me how far along she is" he sounds excited, but she looks nervous.
Me: Niall what do you think itll be?"  I asked him looking at adriana.
Niall: twins!" Adriana brushed out laughing " what you asked didn't you"
Adriana: he meant like boy or girl"
Niall: girl it looks like its going to a girl"
Adriana: how I'm not even showing!" she looks at her shirt how cute!
Niall: you look like your going to have girl that's why"
Me: you guys are silly but awesome!"
Adriana: can we still go to the zoo?" she looks at me before she kisses me  
Cassy: hey no kissing around the Niall" now I started laughing
Liam: no we can't you need to rest and Louis and zayn have to make up"
Meli: wow going daddy direction on their butts are you?" 
Liam: Uhh ummm I ...I... I mean of course...............They are such kids"
Harry: kiss already you know you want to!" they look at each other for a bit then lean in slowly and bam they're making out.
Paul: guys stop all of you are going to London tommarrow, you guys can't handle it anymore so there now start packing!" Paul opens the door but waits for zayn and izzy they walk out with suitcases. I bet they're leaving early."bye guys see ya in London"

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