What did I get my self into? ( 1d fanfic)

Imagine your bestfriends with zayn and Louis from one direction. Sounds great right but what happens when you hook up with Louis then with zayn. After that they found out what you did. Also they're making you choose between them, but the worst thing is your on vacation, you are possibly pregnant with whos baby? Life is about to get tough for adriana Ramos.


3. Oh no

Melissa's Pov 
Louis and Adriana have been in there for a long time. I'm kind starting to worry.
Me: guys what do you think they're talking about?" yeah why they kissed I left. Zayn was sleeping so I didn't have to block him from coming in.
Harry: maybe she likes him?" 
Suzie: umm I don't think so"
H: then what
S: maybe they're just having a friendly chat!"
Me: guys its about something else hat you won't understand, ok" they are just getting on my nerves. Like who cares what they're talking about. I should tell them the truth, but nana will get mad so nah.
Liam: guys its between them not us ok" Wow Liam is so hot when he's being daddy direction.
Me: yeah can't you leave them alone and Liam, your really responsible"
Liam: thanks, but be quiet zayn is sleeping and if he wakes up he'll just storm in there and ruin everything"
Izzy: zayn won't ruin anything, it's her fault for talking in a closed door ok people!" 
Me: why are you on Zayns side, do you like him or something?" I got up and got all in her face.izzy got up and locked her self in her room. She is so selfish I swear.
Liam: mels that went to far" I really didn't care much all I wanted to do was sleep. All of the sudden the door of the room which Louis and Adriana were in opened. We switched our heads toward it, but they didn't say anything. They walked out the front door.
Niall: well that was instersting and akward!" we laughed because when he said akward he said it in a high pitched voice.
Cassy: I know right, they just ingored us, how rude!" people these days just want in all of other peoples bissness.
Me: I'm off to bed, peace !" I walked into the room and closed the door.
                  Louis's Pov 
Well me and Adriana were off, to talk about the baby in a more private place. Its because we heard them people talking about what we were talking about. Every time I would look back at Adriana, she would be wiping her tears. It made me feel bad cuz I was the reason, and that her mom is going to kill her.
Me: don't cry everything will be alright, ok I'm here and that's all that matters ok?" I was facing her at this point." I'm not going anywhere, because I love you got it" she nodded.
I hugged her to make her feel better, and with the news she gave me I needed one too." please stop crying love it hurts me to see you like this"
Adriana: I ..I  just can't sttop lo ouis"
Me: yes you can think about all the happy times not the bad ok"
Adriana: Louis im so ....so sorry on getting pregnant"
Me: it takes two babe remember you can't only make it, I helped and now....." I held her tight. "im going to raise it with you" I kissed her on the lips, she looks tired and about to break down.
Me: babe wanna go home?" I love calling her that it just feels so right.
Adriana: you mean the hotel?" freaking smart one 
Me: haha smart one very funny" 
Adriana: of course let's do this" she smiled, but not very meaningful like a fake smile. I called a cab, and on the way home we talked about the baby.
Me: how far along are you?"
Adriana: well, me and meli went to the doctor before we came to cancun and they said I was two months"
Me: well now we now I'm the farther!" I just can't wait seven more months, to see it.
Adriana: I really really want a girl" of course she wants a girl.
Me: well love it's going to be a boy do to bad!" 
Adriana: Tomlinson shut it"
Me: Ramos nope" 
Adriana: well that's rasict"
Me: how?
Adriana: I'm Mexican and your calling me by my last name wow!"
Me: are you hungry baby" I said it in a baby voice, to get her mad.
ADR: yeah why?"
Me: well I'm hungry and I know you haven't ate so shall we" I told the driver where to go. When we got there I noticed it was a little bakery with cupcakes. I ordered one with a carrot on top, while Adriana got a cookie monster icing crazy.
Me: want some? She takes a look and shakes her head. I put some icing on my lips."now you want some"  me and adriana started laughing so hard i choked. After I stopped choking she leaned in and kissed me. We kissed for a long time, but when we pulled apart there where flashes. " dammit the papz, let's go" I grabbed her hand and ran out of the bakery. The paparazzi kept asking who is she? Is she your girlfriend? And other stuff. We got in the taxi told the person where to go.
Adriana: do you remember when we met?
Me: yeah do you?
Adriana: tots I had a lot of fun that day" 
Me: yeah running around singing the weirdest songs
Adriana: no remember when I lived near you"
 Flash back 
I was sitting on my swing in the back yard thinking about the girl I saw yesterday, when my mom called me to meet the new neighbors. There was the girl I saw a couple of days ago at school.
Me: hi I'm Louis and who are you"
As mom: sweet heart tell him your name" the girl looks up at her mommy.
Adriana: my name is Adriana but you can call me nana"
Me: let's play in the backyard we have swings!
Nana: cool lets"
Me: let's " I don't remember clearly what age I was but I was like five. For about three years she lived in Doncaster, the her parents spilt up, and she moved to Bradford. We always called and texted Skyped when we could. Then the xfator came and she moved to America with her mom. Well we were in the finals I invited her but she said she all ready had tickets. I was excited to see her! Me and zayn found out that we both invited the same girl so that was great. Then we started to fight for her and zayn would make me feel like the bad guy all the time so he was always with her,and I stopped trying and then I met Eleanor. I interduced her to everybody, but nana never really liked her. So after a while me and Eleanor broke. And so so on 
       End of flash back
Me: I really do love you" I looked at her and said it. 
ADR: I love myself too!" That Little.
Me: I'm serous"
ADR: sorry"  a few minutes of awkward silence past by until we got to the hotel. We got inside our suite we saw some one left the tv on. Is at there to see what they're talking about.
??: spotted eating cupcakes with Adriana Ramos, Louis Tomlinson is out and about in cancun. Are Adriana and Louis dating, well it sure looks like it" it showes a pic of me and her kissing.
Adriana: oh no this can't be happening " 


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