What did I get my self into? ( 1d fanfic)

Imagine your bestfriends with zayn and Louis from one direction. Sounds great right but what happens when you hook up with Louis then with zayn. After that they found out what you did. Also they're making you choose between them, but the worst thing is your on vacation, you are possibly pregnant with whos baby? Life is about to get tough for adriana Ramos.


2. I love .....

       Louis's Pov 
Ughhhh she caught us. This isn't the worst part, when she was saying who she was in love with Niall freaked out cuz he was super hungry,and we didn't hear her.
Z: nana answers now!" I saw it in her face she didn't feel like telling but we all had to know.zayn for being loud made every one come to see what was happening.
Me: leave her alone zayn, maybe she likes another person ok!" every one was staring at me, but I think it's because they all know I like her.
Adriana: I  I I'm sorry I just cant tell" and like that she runs in the room crying. I looked at zayn then at meli, but I could tell she was mad.
Meli: way to go assholes" she walks into the room and locks it. 
Izzy: wow guys can't you leave her alone" why did I do that my best friend is crying because I'm an asshole and demanded to know who she liked.
Liam: I think izzy is right and you two have to say sorry tommarrow got it' liam said pointing to us
Me&Z: alright" 
Suzie: let's get some sleep shall we?"
Harry: I'm down !"
Cassy: can we eat first?''
Niall: she is right lets eat "
Zayn: guys I'm going to sleep but you can, so peace!"
Me:guys you know I'm sorry right?" i looked down at my feet. How could I do that to the love of my life.
All: we know" a door slammed and meli came out and grabbed two oranges and two water bottles. She didnt even say hi. 
Meli: Louis we need to talk come on"she whispered in my ear. I nodded.
We go in the room and Adriana is on the bed wiping her last tear. 
Me: I'm sorry boo"
Nana: Lou why I told I would tell you when the time comes, but no you guys are always trying to get it out of me!"
Me: so you still mad?" she smiled and came up to me and hugged me. Oh I love this girl. 
Nana: no Lou happy as can be" I hugged hr tighter. Then she just kisses me like nothing."umm I have a confusion"
Me: what is it?"
Nana: ive slept with zayn" I can't beleive him and her. My bestfriends.
Me: after me or before" 
Nana: it was after you but it es a mistake, we were drunk plus I sorta maybe, kinda,like you" She said it she loves me but was that really a confusion.
Me: I love you too!, maybe we can go on a date,like at the zoo or maybe a walk in the park!"
Nana: oh Tomlinson I love you so much" we kissed but it ended as a makeout session. 
Me: hey would you be my uumm" I scratched the back of my neck. I've never been so nervous my entire life."would you be my girlfriend"
Nana: of course" seeing her smile made me smile."umm one more confession"
Me: now what"
Nana: I'm pregnant" Oh no this can't be happening but it could be Zayns right he's done it with her too."and it's yours" omg I'm dead, my mom is going to kill me.

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