What did I get my self into? ( 1d fanfic)

Imagine your bestfriends with zayn and Louis from one direction. Sounds great right but what happens when you hook up with Louis then with zayn. After that they found out what you did. Also they're making you choose between them, but the worst thing is your on vacation, you are possibly pregnant with whos baby? Life is about to get tough for adriana Ramos.


5. Boy or girl

Two months later
( sorry for skipping)recap : liam and meli are dating. Louis and Adriana are still together and four months pregnant. Suzie and Harry are going out on dates like here and there. Cassy and Niall are dating, he even announced in  unique way. Zayn and izzy are confused on where they stand like ate they a couple or not?
                              Louis Pov 
Me and Adriana are on our way to our first altar sound together. Also we get to find out the sex! Hopefully it's a boy then we could name it Chase grey Tomlinson. But then if we have a girl we would name her Paige grace Tomlinson. I'm too excited the boys tweeted me before this. Right now what is baby tommo going to be? Is trending all over twitter. 
Louis: babe you excited cuz I am!" I just couldn't wait. I kept my eyes on the road, but I would look at adriana  every once in a while. Which was like every three seconds.
Nana: yeah just nervous that's all" she says as she puts her hands on her stomach." Lou, I'm getting worried"
Louis: why? Babe every thing is fine"
Nana: well it's cuz I'm huger then a person is at four months!" she has these mood swings very often.
Lou: babe don't be, it's just going to be tall"
Nana: or fat" she is really not into this day at all, in the morning she yelled at me for waking her up. I turned into the pregnancy center and parked the car. 
Lou: come on babe let's find out if it's a dude or a dudet" she started laughing so hard it made me laugh. I got out of the car and helped her out. With our luck the paparazzi was there. We walked into the clinic and checked in. " hello may I help you?" the lady at the greeted us with a smile." ummm yeah we have an appointment for Adriana ramos" she flipped though a few pages before she led us down a hall. " the doctor will be right with you". "thanks so much" I replyed.
Knock knock
Louis: come in"
Doctor: well hello Adriana how are you today?" he just ignored my presence
Nana: fine but really big" 
Doctor: that's fine but by the way I'm doctor Garcia and you must be louis?" handing his hand out
Louis: yeah sorry I'm just so excited for the baby.
Dg: well let's find out what it's going to be shall we?" 
Nana: I think we shall!" she was pumped because we were finding out if it's a boy or girl. He put the jelly on her. Looking at the screen it maded me cry 
Dg: oh uh looks like your having twins!'
Louis: are you sure can you check again.'' oh no I was barely ready for one baby but now two wow was I surprise.
Nana:what are they?"
Dg: umm one is a boy" pointing to the screen in front of me. " and there's a little girl too" double wow! "congrats now I'll go get the pics if that all right?"
Nana: yeah" then doctor Garcia left.
Lou:  wow twins huh? Who would have guessed
Nana: Niall" at first I was like what are you talking about? But then I remembered mexico. He though she was having twins, how sweet!
               "knock knock"
Lou&nana: come in!"
Dg: well here are the pics so you guys can leave have fun!" we got into the car, and drove home every one was waitng to find out. 
            At the apartment( third person)
Niall: guys calm down Louis says they're on their way home"
Meli: thats my godchild your talking about horan!"
Liam: babe calm down every thing will be alright, I promise"
Zayn: who cares about the baby it's not even yours" while he puts his arms up.
Everyone: we do!"
Izzy: hopefully it's a boy then we could dress it like the boys yeah?"
Cassy: if it's a girl we could dress it us girls yeah?"
Suzie: nah buts it going to be a girl"
Harry: yeah girl it looks like it would be, I'm going to buy it lots of chuck Taylor's of every color'
Zayn: so it's going to be a brat is that what your saying?"
Izzy: I think but only cuz Louis is the dad"
     (They come through the door )
Lou: wanna know what it is?"
Nana: just when we walk into the door, let them wait."
Meli: my bestfriend tired of London, how about going to America!" 
Nana: nah I like it here mostly the weather."
Izzy: tell us god dammit!" every body laughed
Lou: well their both a boy and girl!"
Cassy: twins ahhh! How fun umm any one else wanna say something else?"
Liam: double the trouble right guys but you each get what you wanted right?"
Lou: I wanted an alien!" every one cracked up. After every body left Lou and Adriana went shopping! 
          At the mall (Adriana's  Pov) 
Well besides the screaming fans and flashing camera's shopping was a lot of fun. Lou and me went to Burlington coat factory to shop because Lou said" come on they have cute stuff please!" I swear sometimes he such a kid. Well when we went they had cribs. Which we bought in blue and pink with the changing table and the other things I didn't know the names to. We bought some cute baby clothes my favorite was a shirt with a tutu and those socks that look like ballet shoes, it said mommy's little ballerina. Lou bought some boy clothes that looked like a soccer uniform it said daddy's little player. But of course Lou took it the wrong way and bought it because of that. After that we ate some ice cream I got red velvet and Louis got chocolate. While Lou drove home I got a call from my mom.
Me: hey mom" louis turns his head a little.
My mom: hey sweetie I have a question for you?
Me:you do?
Mom: yeah are you pregnant with Louis baby?" oh shoot she found out.
Me: yeah mom but look on the bright side, we are together."
Mom: well how will I be able to help you, I can't fly out there"
Me: I know just listen, I have the girls,Louis, his family, and the boys."
Mom: I know sweet heart but I'm just worried about you, be a good young lady ok?"
Me: moommm   Stop!"
Mom: you know I'm playing with you sweet Heart love you bye!''
Me: love you-" she hung up on me! Her daughter who took care of her when nobody else would. Sometimes people make me mad! 
Lou: you know she loves you" yes but she should never hang up on me like that.
Me: yeah Lou I know" 
Lou: thanks" 
Me: for what?''
Lou: for being there for everything in my life your one of my girl friend you know both of the meanings the girl that's just a friend a the other one"
Me: aaaawwww Louis your too sweet i love you!"
Lou: love you too'' 
Me: I can't wait till their out!"
Lou: why?"
Me: my back hurts and I can't sleep and they kick to much!"
Lou: are you tired babe?"
Me: yeah let's get home?"
Lou: duh! That's why we're driving aren't we?"
Me: dont fight with a pregnant person you'll regret it later" after a few minutes passed by we got to our apartment. I was so tired but I couldnt sleep so Louis cuddled with me on the couch. 
Lou: addriana are you tired?"
Me: of course not I'm just trying to pretend to sleep so you can carry me!"
Lou: wow meanie! I don't like you anymore!" he pouts and I started laughing, then he faked cried and I gave him a peck on a cheek. Yeah he's a handful but, I love him anyways. 
Me: Lou what's the plan for tomarrow?'
Lou: my mom might come to visit, why?"
Me: omg I haven't seen her in so long! It's like years!"
Lou: when the twins were just three years old! Yup a long time" 
Me: can we go to the zoo tomarrow?"
Lou: yeah if my mom comes then they can come along"
Me: and meli too! Pretty please with cheese on top?"
Lou: with cheese! Your such a dork but I love that! And yes she can"
Me: yay! She is going to have so much fun!"
Lou: your such a dork!" arrggh he knows I hate it when he calls me that.
Me: take it back now!"
Lou: no cuz you are one, dork!"
Me: please stop saying that 'boobear" I smirked. 
Lou: are you serious you know I hate that" 
Me: well you know I hate being called a dork." 
Lou: sorry babe I love you!"
Me: love you too" then for the rest of the cuddled on the couch till we fell asleep.

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