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10. Nikita and Harry

Nikita's POV To Harry Baaaaabe, I can't make it. My boss wants me to work overtime From Harry Baaaaabe, it's ok. You'll make up for it tomorrow ;) I giggled as my cheeky best friend made our film festival sound like something totally and completely dirty. I bit my lip and went to the back of the store. I grabbed a soda from the employee fridge and opened it. I heard a loud noise outside in the back. I snatched the nearest object by and opened the back door to see my favorite blonde boy. "Niall? What are you doing?" I whisper shouted. "I had to see my favorite blue eyed, blonde girl," he whisper shouted back. I let him in. "You just described yourself as a girl, Ni.," I said, rolling my eyes. "What's with the bat?" He nodded at what I was holding. "Oh, I just grabbed something. Nobody's really allowed to come back here..." I giggled. "Oh, well. I'll leave. I just dropped in to say hello," he said, smirking. "Which you haven't said," I said, going smart aleck on him. "Hello! Goodbye!" He said, going out the back. "Nikita, someone's asking for you at customer service. Nikita to the customer service," a voice said over the intercom. I sighed and walked over to the customer service area, where a guy stood with a beanie on with familiar brown curls popping out. "Harreh?" I asked. "Noooo, it's Louis. I got a perm," he said, sarcastically. "Haha, what're you doing here?" I asked, rolling my eyes. "Came to see my favorite girl," he said, grinning. "Um, Nikita, Joshe said you can have the rest of the week off, paid," my coworker Kait said. I looked at Harry questioningly. He only shrugged. "Ok, let me clock out. I said running to the back. Harry following behind me. "I've already been clocked out?" I said, confusedly. I heard a chuckle and saw Harry holding my paper thingy. "You wanker! What have you plotted?" I said, jokingly. "I'm throwing a party and your the hostess with me," he smirked. "I don't have any cute clothes," I said, trying to find a reason not to go. "That's why we're going shopping," he grinned. "Ugh! Really? You know how much I hate shopping!" I whined. "Come on," he said, rolling his eyes and pulling me out of Claire's, the store I work in. He pulled me into Hot Topic, where they were doing free piercings. I walked over to where they were standing, waiting. He grabbed my forearm. "I dunno, Nik....what about your parents? What'll they say?" He asked. "I'm old enough. They're not the bosses of me anymore," I said, pulling free of his grasp. "Erm, okay.." He seemed uncertain. I walked over to where they were. "I want my belly button and nose pierced then piercings all up and down both ears," I said, and they told me sit down. They did my belly button first and all I felt was a slight pressure and a bit of pain, but I had a diamond on my belly. Soon, I was all pierced. I smiled at them and blew a kiss at the dude. "Lets go look at a different store, babe," he said, glaring at the guy. He grabbed my hand and we went to Forever 21. I found the cutest outfit. I tried it on and showed it to Harry. "I, erm, I, uh, love it," he kept on stuttering and was blushing the entire time. I changed back and paid for it. I got those clip in red highlights, a lot of them. And bought a curling iron. When we went to leave the mall, but we were surrounded by flashing lights and questions being shouted at us. We had to go back inside and call Paul so he could come pick us up. As soon as he got there, the crowd of paparazzi had parted down the middle. He told us to come on and we went to Harry's Range Rover and Paul followed behind us. We pulled up to his house and went to get ready. I went to the restroom with a label that read "Ladies" and took a shower. I scrubbed my body and hair and got out. I wrapped a towel around me and I started to heat up my curling iron. While I was waiting for it to heat up, I started to dry my hair with a different towel. It took forever, and I gave up. "Haz, do you have a hair dryer?" I shouted walking to his room. "Yeah, let me get it for you," he said, turning away from the mirror and looking at me in the towel. "Ok," I said, and waited for him to get it. He stood there staring at me. "Harold, are you going to get it for me?" "Get what for you?" He snapped out of the trance. "The hair dryer," I said slowly. He blushed and pulled it from the restroom connected to his room. I followed him and watched as he took it out of a drawer. "Thanks," I kissed his cheek and walked away, with him blushing. I dried my hair and clipped the hair extensions in all over, then curled my hair. I turned it off once I was done and did my makeup naturally with golden eyeshadow. I pulled my outfit on; It was skinny jeans, a form fitting long sleeve crop top, line suspenders and a pair of white toms. I walked over to where Harry was waiting in the room next over. "You still look beautiful," he mumbled. I blushed. "I love you, bro! Let me in!" A voice sounded outside. I went and opened it to see Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis. "Hey guys, you weren't invited," I said, rudely. "Your a funny little girl. Let us in," Louis said, pushing past me. I giggled and stepped out of the way for the rest of them. "I'll get the booze. How much do we need?" I heard Louis asking, as I walked into the kitchen with them. "A lot. We're gonna have a lot of people over," Harry said. ***2 hours later*** The party had been going on for a while now and I wanted to get drunk, but I was kinda scared to. What if something happened? "Baaaabe, you need to relax. Have a drink. Have fun," Harry said, drunkenly and handed me a drink. I drunk it and had another. Finally, I was pretending to be drunk as h*ll. Harry was. The party had died down and everyone else was gone. The boys had gone upstairs with Dani, Eleanor, Perrie and some chick we'd never seen before, so it was just me and Harry downstairs. We sat on the couch talking. "Babe?" Harry asked. "Yes?" "Can I tell you something?" He asked, slurring his words. "Sure," I said back, slurring my words as well. "I've always loved you," he said, suddenly very serious. "Really?" I asked, dropping the act. "Yes, really," he said, before crashing his lips on mine. Dedicated to I<3Harry,!!!
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