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7. Mayte and Niall

Niall's POV


I stared in awe at Mayte. Her long brown hair, her brown eyes that were framed by black glasses (like Zayn's lol). I wonder if they're prescription? What made her always be so quiet? Is it me? 

"Niall, you have to pay attention," Mayte's soft voice broke into my thoughts. 

"Sorry, er, I was daydreaming," I blushed. 

"Just pay attention and you should pass the test," she said, looking down at the paperwork we were working on. 

~flashback ends~ 

"Niall. You have to pay attention. Your solo passed," Liam said, frustrated.

"Sorry, mate, but that girl over there looks so familiar," I said, talking about the girl that looked like Mayte, except without the glasses.

"Go talk to her," Harry said, flashing a cheeky grin.

"Erm, I dunno...." I said, blushing.

Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me over to where the girl was checking something off on a clipboard and she had a headset on.

"Excuse me, lady. I'm Louis and this is my friend, Nialler. He's being shy and wanted to talk to you. Bye," Louis said, strutting off. 
I looked at the girl and she was blushing and I'm pretty sure I was too.

"I'm Niall," I said, offering her my hand.

"I'm Mayte," she said, quietly taking my hand. 

"I bet you don't remember me...." I trailed off, grinning.

"No. I remember you. You were my afternoon peer tutor that never payed attention," she grinned back.

I felt a shove on my back and I slammed into Mayte, causing the both of us to fall and when we landed n the ground, I was on top of her. Her hair had fallen down out of the clip it was in and was spread all about her head and her clipboard had slid across the room. Her arms were forming a circle above her head and she was breathing hard. 

"Hi, how're you?" I joked.

"I'm fine. A little comfortable, are we?" She asked, wiggling a little trying to get me off of her. Wrong move. I blushed, realizing where she had wiggled. 

"Urm, yeah. Just a little," I said, biting my lip. She giggled nervously.

"C-can I try something? I've always wanted to do this," I said, my eyes casting glances at her beautiful plump lips. She nodded uncertainly.

I leaned my head down towards her and put my lips on hers for thirty seconds before she kissed back. I smiled into the kiss and heard someone yelling.

"Niall, why are you kissing my daughter?" A voice boomed through the room.

I pulled apart quickly and saw Harry grinning and his hands around his mouth to make it sound louder. I flipped him the bird and helped Mayte up.

"Sorry, I fell you," I said.

"It's fine," she smiled.

"Do you want to go grab lunch?" I asked.

"Sure. Let me grab my clipboard that you knocked across the room," she joked and went to grab it. She bent at the waist giving me a great view. I stared at it hungrily and she saw.

She came up to me and whispered into my ear. "Do you want to go to a restaurant or get something different to eat?" She teased.

Dedicated to Mayteonedirection 


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